Dress up your blonde

It is difficult to say now who loved to play with such a toy more, but there is a suspicion that American boys often dragged an album with the sex symbol of the era from the sisters. You cannot discern the figure in all details, however we see elongated beautiful legs, small or medium-sized breasts and a commensurate waist.

As for growth, Grace Kelly fits perfectly in the type - 169 cm.
Beautiful and inaccessible, the Hollywood star and the princess, the popularity of her paper doll was predetermined.

Old publications from Merrill (USA) are a whole series of vintage albums dedicated to paper dolls. Hollywood divas were chosen as the heroes of these albums. The album is copied from real costumes created for Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and several other screen stars.

All films are famous and have become classics of Hollywood - they can be revised endlessly. Magnificent films and magnificent costumes for them became part of museum collections. I want to share with you this find.

Accompanying photos are selected from this period of life and the roles of Grace, trying to find costumes that may have become the prototypes for paper dolls and their wardrobe.

For a start, a little biographical note about Grace Kelly, although most likely, many of you know enough about her to skip this part. But let it be the introduction to this album.

Grace Patricia Kelly (Eng. Grace Patricia Kelly, November 12, 1929 - September 14, 1982) - American actress, since 1956 the wife of Prince of Monaco Rainier III, the mother of the now reigning Prince Albert II.
Grace Kelly has Irish and German roots, although she was born in America in the family of a wealthy industrialist John Kelly, who was engaged in construction, last Olympic champion in rowing. She was the third child in the family. Grace had an older sister, Peggy, brother John and a younger sister, Lizanna. Her mother, Margaret Mayer, was a model in her youth, and her uncle, George Kelly, was a famous playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner. The Kelly family lived in a luxurious mansion in Philadelphia. Since childhood, Grace gained access to high society. However, she sought to succeed in another fascinating world, different from the one in which her parents existed.
In Religious College Rainhill Grace received a strict Catholic education.It was there at the age of six that she first appeared on the stage in the role of the Virgin Mary in a dramatized Christmas performance. After moving to New York, Kelly began working as a model and simultaneously studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Art. She auditioned for many roles in various plays, but received only contracts for advertising - from cigarettes and beer to hats and vacuum cleaners. In 1949, she finally managed to break through on Broadway, and she played in Strindberg’s play Father. From 1950 to 1952 often appeared in various television programs. In 1951, she was invited to a cameo role in the movie "14 hours". She has a little more than 10 films, but there is one Oscar, and the glory of the highest-grossing actress of her time.

Not all "paper" dresses turned out to find analogues. Probably, the artists who painted these albums added their own ideas for the costumes of the future Princess Grace or simply did not find photos from that period on the net.

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