Dominica Island in the Caribbean: description, sights, photos

Everyone knows about the Dominican Republic. However, there is some confusion regarding two different countries with similar names. Known as a resort on the island of Haiti and occupies only the eastern part. Dominica Island is a completely different state, the official name of which is the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is about him will be discussed in the article.

Island geography

Where is the island of Dominica? To avoid confusion, let's define the geography of the island nation. Dominica Island is the largest of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. The Commonwealth of Dominica covers the entire island, an area of ​​754 km. sq. It has a volcanic origin and, according to scientists, the youngest of the Antilles archipelago. The highest point in the region is the Dyabolten volcano, which is 1,447 meters above the ocean. It is believed that there are no active volcanoes on the island.But still, the presence of geysers and active hot springs indicates that processes are taking place deep in the depths. On the territory of the country there is a unique lake with ever-boiling water, which is the second largest in the world.Dominic Island

All island lands are covered with tropical forests. An interesting fact is that the animal and plant world of the region has remained in its original state for a long time. Surprisingly, on the island of Dominica preserved such plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. The coast is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and is covered with black volcanic sand, but yellow sandy beaches are less common.

History of the country

Dominic Island (Caribbean) was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. And since this event happened on Sunday, the navigator decided to name the new land by the day of the week (in Latin). So the island got its name. But later he safely forgot it for a hundred years. However, in 1635, France laid claim to the land. But literally 25 years later, the territories were again at the disposal of the Caribbean Indians.dominica caribbean islands

But France still had an impact.In 1763, the island of Dominica departed Britain. As in the other colonies of the United Kingdom, slavery flourished here, which was abolished only in 1834. At one time, the island was artificially inhabited by the inhabitants of Africa, so even in the government there is a large part - black people. In general, the country remained a colony for many years. It gained its independence only on November 3, 1978. This day is considered a national holiday.


Now the country is an independent state. According to the form of government, the Commonwealth of Dominica is a parliamentary republic headed by the president. The state has its own green flag with the image of a rare parrot to a sesser living only on this island.dominica island photo

The figure of a parrot also adorns the coat of arms of the republic. Monetary unit of the country - the dollar, however, East Caribbean. The entire territory of the state is divided into parishes, named after the saints, a total of ten.

Island population

Populationislands of dominicais about 73 thousand people. For the most part, the local population is the distant descendants of Africans.But the Caribbean Indians who lived on these lands initially, make up only less than three percent. There are generally few white immigrants from Europe, less than one percent.

It is worth noting that most of the country's population, about 70%, lives in cities. Although agriculture plays a big role in the country's economy. The capital of the state is the city of Roseau, which is not at all like a metropolis. But at the same time it is the largest on the island. Its population is only 18 thousand people. The official language is English, but in the villages people usually speak Patois. Such a dialect in its time appeared due to the influence of the French language.

Climatic conditions

Dominica Island (photogiven in the article) is located in a tropical tropical climate. Throughout the year, temperature indicators vary between + 25-27 degrees. In the western part of the island there are dry areas. But for the most part, rain is a frequent occurrence. There are only two distinct seasons in this region. Beautiful weather is characteristic for the period from November to March. At this time, the rains are not so often and they go at night.Precipitation is short-lived. It is this time on the island is the tourist season. It is not recommended to visit Dominica from July to September, as during this period hurricanes rage in this region. For example, typhoon "Erica" ​​in 2015 caused great damage to the country. Dominica Island in the Caribbean

And yet the nature of the region is incredibly beautiful and picturesque. The mountainous terrain is completely covered with jungle. And near the sea stretched beautiful sandy beaches. Animals live in forests and plants grow that are not found anywhere in the world. And the coast of the island is full of fish, so tourists are attracted here by fishing.

Cultural heritage

Dominica Island in the CaribbeanIt has some cultural peculiarities, since representatives of completely different ethnic groups live on its land. At that distant time, when the Europeans first appeared on the coast, only two tribes lived here - the Arawak and Kalinago. Much time has passed since then, and the island’s population has become quite motley. Naturally, this affected the local culture. Dominica is a country of a large number of festivals, because dance and music are an integral part of the life of the local population.Every tourist should try the local cuisine. Residents prepare meat with delicious spicy sauces. And for dessert, they always consume a lot of fruits, which grow in abundance here.

Tourist area

The basis of the country's economy is the cultivation of cocoa beans, bananas, coconuts, tobacco, mango and citrus. Another important component is tourism. In recent years, the authorities have been paying close attention to the development of this area. One of the most pressing issues likeget to island dominica. Of course, by plane.island dominica where is

Near the capital of the island is built an international airport called Melville Hall. In Dominica, it is far from everywhere you can pay with a card. Such an opportunity is only available in the city of Roseau and in the resorts on the west coast. Tourists arrive on the island, usually in the winter. They are attracted by their beautiful beaches and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The east coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Surfers come here in pursuit of the waves. Tourists are attracted not only by the beaches, but also by the beautiful nature, streams and waterfalls.

Local beaches

ByDominica Island Reviews- This is a great place to relax. Local beaches are washed by clear waters. On the west coast the sea is calmer. However, in the east there are quieter parts of the coast, protected from the waves by reefs. In general, the island has many beautiful places for swimming. On the south coast is an unusual beach "Champagne". It has a pebble coating. In its shallow water hot springs come out. It is because of this that the beach got its name. The coast in this place is perfect for snorkeling, because there is a coral reef nearby. On the north coast is famous beach "Crimson Turtle", which is good for a fun holiday. Not less popular are Napiers, Mero and Coconut Beach.

Attractions of the resort

Despite the small size of the island, there are interesting places. There are not so many historical sites in Dominica. Yes, and their significance is small. Among them are the fort Catholic Cathedral and Shirley. According to tourists, more interesting are the natural attractions. You should definitely see the real Boiling Lake. No less interesting and "Emerald Lake".Also worth seeing are the waterfalls and the villages of Galion and Voton Veiv.dominica island how to get

Among the tourists is very popular national park called Morne Trois-Piton, which is located in the south of the coast. It is interesting in the animal world. More than 50 species of butterflies, 20 species of boas, and tree frogs live on its territory.

Guest reviews

Dominica is an interesting place not only for a beach holiday. According to tourists, you can have a great holiday here. The island has not only beach resorts, but also among tropical forests and in mountainous areas that specialize in eco-tourism.dominica island reviews

For tourists organize rafting tours, foot crossings and jeep trips. The local coast is of great interest for scuba diving. Underwater landscapes are no less fascinating than the terrestrial. Volcanic processes have formed caves and arches with coral thickets.

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