Do I need Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

Do I need Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

In our country, these exercises are called “Tibetan hormone gymnastics,” although no one checked the hormone levels before and after class. The effect on the endocrine glands is confirmed by the effectiveness of the manifestations, well-being. All those involved are rejuvenating signs, both in appearance and in their mood and vitality.

This type of morning exercise has spread from the Tibetan monastery. Workers from the USSR helped stretch a branch of electricity to the monastery walls. In gratitude, the monks presented a set of exercises with the condition that the effect should be assessed after twenty years.

Indeed, it turned out that the hormonal gymnastics of Tibetan monks makes it possible to get rid of many chronic diseases, preserve activity, mobility and a clear mind in old age, and increase the life expectancy by 25 years.

Do I need Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

Rules for classes

The monks have the requirements for the implementation of exercises and lifestyle:

  • It is best to do until six o'clock in the morning.
  • You can do exercises in bed immediately after waking up.
  • Never take alcohol, do not smoke, do not use drugs.
  • You must have a positive attitude for the day ahead, discard negative feelings (anger, envy, suspicion).
  • If you study in bed, you should take care of a hard surface or lie on the floor using a rug.
  • Need to do every day.
  • Exercises must be memorized and performed in turn, sequentially.
  • Care should be taken to control breathing, depth and frequency.
  • There are no age limits, you can teach children.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics has one contraindication - a sharp exacerbation of chronic diseases or acute infections. Occupations are necessary in such cases to interrupt.

The effectiveness of the exercises is manifested in six months. The symptoms of different pathologies accumulated over the years of life disappear. Possible temporary increase in pain, other signs of illness. Tibetan hormonal gymnastics allows you to take medicinesbut do not stop classes.

Description of the complex

The starting position for all exercises is supine. We recommend to watch the video, there everything is described in detail about this gymnastics, a detailed performance technique is also shown.

Do I need Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

No. 1 - Tibetan hormone gymnastics begins with the rubbing of the palms of each other with dense movements 9-10 times until the sensation of warming. In this case, you can control the body: normally, your palms should become hot and dry. If the skin is not warmed and moisture is felt, there may be irregularities in the blood supply system, a decrease in vascular tone.

No. 2 - put heated palms on the eyeballs, do light pressure in the rhythm of seconds, only 30. For eye diseases, after performing, leave the palms in a slightly pressed state for 2 minutes. So you can improve vision, enhancing the nutrition of the eyeball, delay the development of cataracts. The Chinese believe that the exercise still prevents gray hair, restores hair color.

No.3 - we close our ears with palms and press rhythmically 30 times. There is a massage of the auditory canals and biologically active points of the ear. This is good hearing support, deafness prevention.

№4 - we clamp 4 fingers in an incomplete fist, the thumb is straightened and strongly sticking out. Place the final phalanx of the thumb in the hole under the ear. We carry out "tightening" of the skin and muscles of the face from the chin to the temples. The fingers move from the bottom up along the cheekbones to the temples 30 times. Face slightly pinking. Swelling disappears, lymphatic drainage improves, the muscles responsible for maintaining the oval face are tightened.

№5 - put the right palm on the forehead, left above. Perform 30 rubbing of the forehead from one temple to another. Exercise affects the pituitary gland, eliminates inflammation and clears the paranasal sinuses.

No. 6 - palms are folded one above the other, are located close to the crown, but do not touch the head. Perform 30 movements from the forehead to the back of the head and back, without disengaging hands.

№7 - the same position, the movement is carried out from the right ear to the left and back, without touching the head, only 30 times. These movements are designed to enhance the blood supply to the brain. The last 2 exercises restore mobility of the shoulder joints, normalize blood pressure.

No. 8 - with the right hand to reach the lower part of the neck (a projection of the thyroid gland), with the left palm to hold 30 movement movements along the body from the right palm to the navel. At the end of the left palm pressed to the right and gliding down on his stomach.

No. 9 - the right palm is located on the stomach, the left top presses the right. We make circular movements clockwise around the navel with both hands, produce moderate pressure on the stomach. Only 30 laps. The intestines are stimulated.

No. 10 - the hands are raised up, we make circular movements in the wrist joints 5 - 6 in one direction, then the same in the other.

No.11 - holding hands over yourself, shake hands well for 1-2 minutes.

No. 12 - to raise the legs at an angle of 90 degrees, to conduct circular movements in the ankle joints 5 - 6 in one direction, then the same in the other.

No. 13 - by holding the legs over one another, shake the feet finely for 1 to 2 minutes, Tibetan hormonal exercises guarantee the prevention of varicose veins for those who perform these exercises.

The following two exercises may be performed lying or sitting, as comfortable.

No. 14 - the right hand is clenched into a fist, the left one holds the foot of the left foot, we carry out a dense rubbing of the surface of the sole of the left foot with a fist, you can first apply cream or oil. Pay special attention to the central fossa on the foot. Here are located important biological points that enhance the work of internal organs. Rub both feet alternately, changing hands. There may be slight pain.They pass as you continue to massage the feet.

No. 15 - stroke with both hands the legs with movements from the feet to the knees, 30 movements.

No. 16 - rubbing the knee joints with circular motions 30 times from the inside outwards.

№17 - we mass the hips with movements from the outside inwards.

For all the exercises you will spend 5 - 6 minutes of time. Absolutely insignificant loss, in comparison with the received acquisition. In conclusion, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm ordinary water to cleanse the digestion.

Do I need Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

Application Reviews

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics fully awakens the body and adjusts to the work of the coming day, the nervous and immune systems are activated, the heart and blood vessels are brought to a “waiting” state.

Existing reviews are full of positive emotions, thanks. Cease headaches, restore mobility of joints, normalize blood pressure.

Pensioners write about the obvious rejuvenating effect, increasing activity (including sexual), improving vision.

Young people point to the removal of fatigue, increased immunity, the termination of frequent viral infectious diseases.

Scientific data on the growth of the number of long-livers in China only emphasize the difference with European countries. In the East, confidence in their own forces is much greater. The need to endure daily stress without medication causes people to exercise. Gymnastics on the basis of Tibetan has already become an essential requirement of life.

Any actions, according to the philosophy of Tibet, require thanksgiving of nature, the higher forces that govern us. After completing the complex of exercises, everyone should thank his God for the opportunity to live this day.

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