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Here comes the end of the large-scale tour "Discover Russia", in the framework of which I have covered a total of more than 45,000 km by land and air. It was possible to personally experience the endless expanses of the largest and most beautiful country in the world. And today, the story about the largest city of the Kemerovo region - the city of Novokuznetsk.

In Novokuznetsk, the most powerful enterprises of the coal industry of the country, metallurgical giants, who became famous since the Great Patriotic War, concentrated.

The industrial city is located on the right and left bank of the Siberian river Tom. As throughout the country, in the city of fashion on the bike paths-)

The historical center immediately attracts the attention of tourists with magnificent architectural ensembles of the 18th and 19th centuries - there is something to see for lovers of Russian architecture.

The main attractions of Novokuznetsk are concentrated in the center of the city: these are, first of all, the Boulevard of Heroes, Local Lore and Art museums, Victory Square and a number of other interesting places.

As a result of the development of heavy industries, Novokuznetsk is environmentally polluted, with the city being lucky with the posh nature in the vicinity.

A few hours drive from Novokuznetsk is Sheregesh ski resort, because of him all the tourists go to the airport Novokuznetsk.

Sheregesh is one of the best ski resorts in Russia, which attracts tourists with its soulful atmosphere, high mountains and unreal soft and “puffy” snow.

Sheregesh - the largest ski resort in Siberia. The geographical position and microclimate created favorable conditions for a long snow cover.

In Sheregesh unique snow. A certain combination of humidity, height and temperature creates a special soft "puhlyak."

In addition to sloping tracks, there are many “puffy” fields in Sheregesh, both within walking distance and remote from civilization.

Sheregesh is an unusual resort for our mentality. There is no sea and sandy beaches, no exotic fruits and Asian smiles.

But this does not interfere with returning home with a contented burned face in January, does not interfere with riding in a bathing suit in March in the multimeter layer of snow,does not interfere with rejoice, smile at each other in the queue at the lift, make useful contacts and fleeting romances for 15 minutes on the chair.

Excellent resort service, fresh air, amazing nature and a special atmosphere of relaxation await you at any time of the year! Recommend!

Novokuznetsk was the last city I visited as part of a global tour of our wonderful country, "Discover Russia." Today, the stock runs out, she showed us that each city is unique for Russia. Our huge country is beautiful and amazing! A memorable event took place thanks to taste Baltika 3, which brings together Russia! He wants to express gratitude for the opportunity to open a Russian city with the unusual side. Posts from the series "Discover Russia" are available here.

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