Diet on rice and chicken

Looking slim is every woman's dream. I would like to do nothing to lose weight, but it does not happen. We must make an effort and have patience. Various diets and physical exercises come to our aid. But the recipes offered so much that you can get confused. We propose to consider ways to lose weight with rice. This product perfectly removes toxins, salts and harmful substances from our body. What is a diet on rice and chicken, we describe below, but first you need to learn some of the rules.

  • Constantly "sit" on diets can not. It is very harmful for our body.
  • Before starting a diet - consult with your doctor to check if there are any problems with the digestive organs.
  • Only an absolutely healthy person can “go on a diet”. Even if you have a "mild" cold, first get cured.
  • Do not be able to withstand a diet more than the specified time.

And now tell about the diets themselves.

Chinese diet

The Chinese diet is considered the most rigid for our organism. It must be observed within three days (not more). The next course can be started only in a month.And so, in the evening, we take a glass of unrefined rice and fill it with water. Boil in the morning, but without spices, sugar and salt. We divide all rice into small portions. It is advisable to calculate so that meals are every 2-2.5 hours. We wash down the rice with orange juice. In 3 days you can lose up to three kilograms.

Chicken rice diet

This diet has many options. For example, the recipe of Margarita the Queen. Diet: rice - chicken - apples. It is designed for 9 days, per day we lose from 0.5 to 1 kg.

  • The first three days only rice. In the evening soak glass product. It is best to use unpolished, wild or black rice, they are most useful. In the morning boil or steamed. Salt, spices and sugar are prohibited. We will get about 800g. Divide into small portions, 5-6 receptions. Dinner should be 2 hours before bedtime. It is recommended to drink green tea or black coffee, but without sugar. The amount of fluid consumed per day should be about 2 liters, if a little more, not scary. You can drink plain water or mineral water, but not carbonated.
  • The next three days we eat chicken, approximately 1.3 kg per day. It also should be boiled or cooked in a double boiler. Fat and skin must be removed.Divide into portions and eat throughout the day. Do not forget to drink 2-2.5 liters per day.
  • And the last three days, only fruit. Prefer better to green apples. On the day eaten up to 1kg. Do not forget about the water. You can drink mineral water or green tea.

There is also a diet: rice - chicken - vegetables. The first 6 days we eat as written above, but in the last three days we eat vegetables. They can be consumed not only raw, but also steamed or boiled. The most suitable products are zucchini, cabbage, carrots, onions, beets, greens. You can even make a salad or a salad, but only in olive oil, and that a drop.

Do not forget that the 3d rice diet - 3 days chicken is a serious injury for our body. After its completion, it is necessary to more carefully monitor what we eat. If a person lasted for 9 days, and then began to eat everything, after a while those extra pounds would return, but not themselves, but “taking” with them a couple more. Therefore, remember simple things: you need to eat regularly, not in large portions. At least 1l of liquids should be consumed per day. Less lean on sweets and flour, refuse to soda and fatty foods.And of course you should not forget about sports. It is not necessary to visit fitness centers, it is enough to walk about 2 km per day.

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