Denis Kokarev - world champion

Denis Kokarev - hockey player, who for hisThe sports career has experience of victories at the club championship, and also in the national team. This striker accumulates a large number of points for many seasons. It is through this that Denis plays in the most prestigious European league.

The beginning of sports career

Denis Kokarev was born on June 17, 1985 in the cityKalinin. At an early age, this striker began to learn how to play hockey at a local school. There he was taken by his father, who leads a healthy lifestyle. This talented striker in 2003 for the first time came out to play for the local professional team "TKhK Tver", which performed in the highest hockey league. In his native club, he spent one season. In it, he played 53 games and scored 10 points. Denis Kokarev with his efforts proved that he is able to play in the most powerful Russian league of the country. This hockey player was invited to speak for the team "HC MVD." At first, in the new club, it was very difficult for him to reveal his talent. In the Super League, players of a higher class play. Therefore, Denis took time to adapt to the new club.Denis Kokarev

Going to "Dynamo"

Since the 2008-2009 season, Denis Kokarev has becomethe true leader of the HC MVD. Fans of Russian hockey, as well as hockey experts, began to pay attention to this player. Next year Denis together with the team spent the best season in the history of the team. "HC MVD" managed to reach the final of the Gagarin Cup. But the sensation did not happen, and Kokarev, along with his partners in the finals, was defeated. After a great season, this Moscow club ceased to exist. Many talented players were left without work. Many of them signed the hockey club "Dynamo". Denis Kokarev (hockey player) also moved to this Moscow team. In the "Dynamo" was assembled an experienced and masterful team. Not surprisingly, the club "Dynamo" won the Gagarin Cup twice. Denis was an important player for the team. He had good performance indicators, and also was the leader in the locker room.Denis Kokarev hockey player

International career

Denis Kokarev with his game proved that hecan strengthen our international team. For the first time for the national team, he played in the 2011-2012 Games Eurohockey. The tournament for him was unsuccessful. For nine games played, he scored only one goal. The next time Kokarev was invited to participate in the World Championships, which was held in 2012. At this tournament, our team confidently replayed the opponents. His first goal for the team Kokarev scored in the game against the team of Finland. He helped our team to go to the next stage and win the championship. Thus, this striker has made progress not only in the club, but also in the international arena. In 2013, Denis also performed at the World Championships, but to achieve last year's success, the national team failed.Denis Kokarev personal life

Personal life of an athlete

World champion Denis Kokarev was born in a working classfamily. The salary was barely enough to contain three sons. All of them first played football, but after Denis went to the ice rink with his father, he realized that he likes hockey more. The other two brothers stayed in football, but professional athletes failed. Denis Kokarev, whose personal life is always a secret, is still free. This athlete is not yet married, so that the fair half has chances. Denis Kokarev thanks to his diligence from an unknown player has become a real star of Russian hockey. Especially this player is warmly welcomed in the city of Tver. After winning the World Championship, the governor personally awarded awards to athletes.

Denis Kokarev is a Russian striker, who many leading European clubs want to see in his team. This hockey player has experience of great victories.

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