Dangerous Moscow taxi

Want to be healthy and alive? Then remember the most important rule when using a taxi in Moscow. Some of my friends have forgotten about him, and unfortunately, have paid with their health.
At a meeting of friends, they discussed the work of a Moscow taxi (who uses which application, etc.) and came to disappointing conclusions. Already three mutual friends got into strong traffic accidents (all were in hospitals) after traveling by taxi in Moscow.
The main reason - drivers fall asleep at the wheel. I thought that companies somehow limit the stay of drivers on the line in time, but sometimes entire car parks are connected to the application, where several drivers can work on the same car at once, supposedly in shifts. Again, some tricky drivers use several applications at once: half a day is one (for example Yandex-taxi), half a day is another (Uber), and thus also bypass the restrictions on the time spent driving. And in pursuit of the ruble, some work day and night. It turns out, no one will give you a guarantee that your taxi driver will not fall asleep while you are lucky.Therefore, the only way out is to talk with the driver!
Do not think that I inject. Googled, news about the accident with a taxi in Moscow and Moscow Region are released almost every day, you can check it yourself (only yesterday, a lethal event). Another important factor - in the case of an accident in a taxi, you will get tired of paying damages from the culprit. The photo was taken by me during the trip by taxi.

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