Dan Balan: biography of a young star

At the top of the charts now more oftenthe name of a young performer named Dan Balan is found. Biography of the artist is interested in both fans and music critics, because unordinary performances and bright individuality always attract attention. About the place where the young performer was born and what path was passed to the musical Olympus, read in this article.given balance of biography

Dan Balan: Biography

Nationality of the popular singer and composeroften becomes an object of debate among fans. Some consider his name a simple stage pseudonym and refer the artist to the Russians. But in fact, Dan Mihai Bălan (Dan Mihai Bălan) has Moldovan roots. Born February 6 in 1979 in Kishenev, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Dana's parents are public people: father is diplomat Mihai Balan, mother is TV presenter Lyudmila Balan. From a young age, the boy showed interest in music. At the age of 11 he was given the first musical instrument - the accordion, and he happily played his first compositions on it. He graduated from music school, and at the age of 18 he had already created his first band, for which he himself composed music. It was 4 years before the world knew who Dan Balan was.given balance photo biography photo

Biography of the group O-Zone

The real glory came to the artist after the creationtrio O-Zone. The band was born in 1999, Dan wrote songs and was the producer of the band. In 2001, the trio was re-formed, and in 2002 Balan signed a contract with the Romanian recording company. The songs from the first album, which was called "Number 1", became hits in Romania and Moldova. The second album pleased the listeners with the hit "Dragostea Din Tei", which brought the boys a real glory. They were loved all over the world - Europe, Japan, America danced under an incendiary composition (Dan Balan also became its author).given balance biography nationality

Biography of the artist after the dissolution of the group

2005 was the year of the collapse of the group.All participants began to build a solo career. Dan Balan assembled his team, named her Balan and moved to Los Angeles. But despite the fact that he was already recognizing thanks to O-Zone's acclaimed success, it was not easy for him to realize a solo project, it took him several years. In parallel, the artist worked in two directions: Balan sang in the style of rock, Crazy Loop (second stage name) - in the style of an electric dance. But all this was managed by one person - Dan Balan. The biography of the young performer shows that this is a single-minded, talented, versatile and selfless artist. Otherwise, he would not have become what he is now.

The first solo successesGiven the balance and faith of Brezhnev

Composition "Chica Bomb", released in early 2010year, has become a real hit dance floor. In the summer of the same year, a second song was titled "Justify SEX" in Moscow, and it immediately hit the top of the Russian charts. Autumn 2010 gave the audience a song "Petals of Tears" - a duet work with Vera Brezhneva, and again the leader of the charts was Dan Balan.

Biography (photo of the first duo presented inarticle) already counts several joint works with famous performers of the world stage. And this is already a good achievement. And the artist is not going to stop there.

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