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Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning (Hannah Dakota Fanning), actressHollywood, model, was born on February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia. Dakota's father, Stephen Fanning, a former baseball sportsman, played for the St. Louis Cardinals team. Mother - Joey Fanning, in the past a professional tennis player. Rick Errington, grandfather - also a professional athlete in the past, footballer-quarters of the team "Philadelphia Eagles". Despite such a stellar sports composition of the family, Dakota did not follow in the footsteps of her parents and did not become an athlete. The girl from early childhood was drawn to art, at the age of four, she showed artistic ability. Parents noticed this, and when Dakota was five years old, her mother took her to a children's theater studio, located near the house. Classes there were conducted by young, but experienced enough actresses. Children independently put on performances, learned roles, mastered scenic speech. There was a real creative process. Perhaps this children's studio of theatrical art gave direction to a five-year-old girl in the big world of cinema, and Dakota Fanning, whose biography opened her main page here, enthusiastically played her first roles on the stage of a children's theater.

The first agent

The natural artistry of the little Fanning wasimmediately noticed the head of the studio. She met with her parents and advised them to hire an agent for the girl, which was done literally the next day. The agent turned out to be quite an experienced person, he appreciated the creative potential of the child and immediately found a large advertising project for Dakota. She was to take part in the advertising company of detergent powder "Tide". Filming took place in Los Angeles, and Dakota together with her parents went to California. Back to Georgia, the family has not returned.

Dakota TV series

In Los Angeles, the capital of the UScinematography, it's hard to hide talent. Dakota was noticed by the agents of several studios, and the girl was invited to shoot the TV series "First Aid", in which she played Dalia Chadsey, a rather complex character, besides with a tragic fate. Six-year-old Dakota was imbued with the image of Dalia, injured in the accident, so deep that half of the crew cried. After the "First Aid" the little actress appeared in several television series: "Crime scene", "Spin City", "Practice". And in the series "Show Ellen" and "Ellie McBeal" Dakota played the main characters in childhood. The director did not demand from her reincarnation, the transfer of the character of an adult woman, but the girl tried to do it on her own initiative.

dakota fanning

Debut in the big movie

In 2001, Dakota Fanning, whose filmographycontained only telefilms, debuted in a big movie. She played the lead role in the film "I'm Sam" directed by Jesse Nelson. In the main male role was made by Sean Penn, his character - father Lucy (Dakota Fanning), slightly delayed in his mental development, Sam Dawson. The painting brought several awards to Dakota in various nominations. In 2002, the girl played Ellie Keys in Steven Spielberg's stolen television movie "Stolen", this role brought Dakota two more nominations: "Best Actress in the TV series" and "Best Young Actress in a TV movie." The next significant film in the actor's fate of the little actress was the action-directed detective "Wrath" directed by Tony Scott, shot by him in 2004. In the center of the story is the abduction of Lupit Ramos, the nine-year-old daughter of a big businessman, and the long process of her release, during which all the characters die one by one. The picture also brought Dakota two nominations.

Steven Spielberg

Next year, Dakota Fanning again receivedan invitation from Steven Spielberg to participate in the fantastic thriller "War of the Worlds" based on the novel by Herbert Wells. Dakota played the role of Rachel Ferrier, the daughter of the main character. Her acting skills were again marked by the nomination "Best Young Actress". Then, in 2006, actress Dakota Fanning starred in the touching fantasy film "The Web of Charlotte," where she played the lead role, Ferne Arable, the daughter of the farmer Mr. Arable. The film brought Dakota victory in the category "Best movie star" and two nominations: "Best Actress" and "Best Young Actress". In late 2004, Fanning played Cale Crane in the psychological drama "Dreamer" directed by John Gaitins. The girl lives alone with her father under one roof, but there is no spiritual intimacy. But loneliness draws together, and when Cale asks his father to help with the treatment of his favorite horse, a miracle happens: the souls of the father and daughter become one. Later actor Kurt Russell, the performer of the role of Ben Crane, father of Cale, will say that in his whole life he did not have a more sincere and deep partner. And that he would very much like to have such a daughter in real life. As if in confirmation of his words, Dakota Fanning was soon awarded a prize in the nomination "Best Young Actress".

Membership in the Academy of Cinema

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In 2006, the twelve-year-old Dakota Fanning wasoffered membership in the Academy of Cinematography, which she enthusiastically accepted, although at heart she doubted her merits. Nevertheless, her membership was unprecedented in terms of age criteria, the girl became the youngest representative of the Academy in its history. In the same year, the Forbes magazine drew the public's attention to the fact that the little Dakota baby was able to earn four million dollars in 2006, without thinking about money at all. As a result, she was on the fourth place in the list of the most successful girls up to age 21. About who took the first three positions, the magazine kept silent and hinted that this information is easy to obtain, you only need to buy the latest issue of "Forbes" in the nearest kiosk.


About talented young actress spoke allAmerican film critics. The newspapers were full of articles full of enthusiastic reviews, glossy magazines were preparing for the photo placement Fanning on the covers. Famous film critic Tom Shales wrote several articles on Dakota Fanning, which were printed from room to room on the pages of The Washington Post. And Dakota meanwhile continued to withdraw. In 2007, the film "Sprouted" directed by Deborah Campmeier was released, in which the young actress played the main role. The picture with a ridiculous budget of 3 million dollars could not become a masterpiece of motion picture art, but the main role is still the main role. For the thirteen-year-old Dakota to play a major role in the film was the limit of dreams, and she superbly played Louellen - a girl living in hard conditions, in a rickety shack, the only consolation for which were the songs of Elvis Presley.

Career development

In early 2008, the shooting of the film "Flight" beganthe length of a life "directed by Rowan Woods, in which Dakota Fanning played Anne Hagen.The picture did not have success, critics' reviews were either evasive or negative.

Another major role Dakota Fanning played in thepainting "The Secret Life of Bees". The film was shot in 2008 by director Gina Price-Bytewood. The character of Dakota is Lily Owens, a girl with a difficult fate. At four years she accidentally shot her mother, and her whole life goes on under conditions of constant psychological stress. The year 2009 began for Dakota with the fantastic film "The Fifth Dimension" directed by Paul McGuigan. She got the role of seer Cassie Holmes. The character required a more mature artist, but the director considered that the youth of Dakota is not a hindrance, since it is serious beyond the years and will play a convincing enough role. So all also has left.

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Kristen Stewart

The tape of 2010 "Runaways" is a youth film inThe production of the Canadian director Floria Sigismondi. In the center of the story are three girls: Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart), Sheri Carrie (Dakota Fanning) and Sandy West (Stella Maiev). In the course of the script - music, creative aspirations, personal experiences and drugs. A usual set for simple little girls and boys. Critics did not notice the film, and moviegoers who looked at the picture until the end, then for a long time discussed the kiss, which allowed themselves in accordance with the scenario of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. And then they translated the role of tenderness to real Kristen and Dakota, writing them almost to non-traditional orientalists.

Dakota Fanning Role

Shooting and school

In 2011, Dakota Fanning, whose filmographywas already quite extensive, took a time-out to calmly finish the school. The final exams were to be held, and the girl wanted to get better prepared. Since the beginning of 2012, when all the unrest associated with the graduation was over, the actress returned to the bosom of the cinema. Her first film after the break was a picture of director Ola Parker with the symbolic title "Now is the time", in which Dakota played the main role - a girl named Tessa, who was suffering from leukemia. The budget of the film did not exceed five hundred thousand dollars, and, probably, there is nothing more to add here. Nevertheless, magnetism of the status of the main role again worked, and the actress took part in the shootings. Dakota Fanning, whose role in the majority were of a secondary nature, has not yet learned how to choose scenarios for herself, as many Hollywood stars do.

Ann James and Lilly Berger

Right after the film, Ola Parker was followed by a picture"Life in a Motel" directed by Alan Polski. Dakota Fanning played Ani James, a secondary character. In the next film of 2013 under the promising title "Very Good Girls", Dakota starred as Lilly Berger. Under the scenario, two girlfriends go to New York to fulfill their dream - to part with innocence. But, as it turned out, it is very difficult to do this in a megalopolis, especially since they had one guy for two.


Dakota Fanning, whose filmography has about 50 paintings, starred in the period from 2005 to the present in the following movies:

  • Kristen Stewart and Dakota FanningYear 2005 - "Dreamer", directed by John Gates. Dakota in the role of Cale Crane.
  • Year 2006 - "Charlotte's Web", directed by Gary Vinic. Fanning in the role of Fern Arab.
  • Year 2007 - "Driven", directed by Deborah Kampmeier. Dakota as Luellen.
  • Year 2008 - "Flight of a lifetime", directed by Rowan Woods, Fanning in the role of Anne Hagen; "The secret life of bees," directed by Gina Price-Baytwood, Dakota as Lily Owens.
  • Year 2009 - "The Fifth Dimension", directed by Paul McGuigan, Dakota character - Cassie Holmes; "Twilight Saga: New Moon," directed by Chris Weitz, Fanning as the vampire Jane.
  • Year 2010 - "Runaways", directed by Floria Sigismondi, Fanning in the role of Sheri Carrey; "Twilight Saga: Eclipse," directed by David Slade, Dakota in the role of Jane.
  • Year 2012 - "Now is the time", director OlParker, Fanning as Tessa Scott; "Twilight Saga: Dawn", directed by Bill Condon, Dakota character - vampire Jane; "Life in a motel," directed by Alan Polski, Fanning as Annie James.
  • Year 2013 - "Very good girls", directorNaomi Foner, Dakota as Lilly Berger; "Effie," directed by Richard Laxton, Fanning in the role of Gray; "Night Movements," directed by Kelly Reichardt, Dakota as Dana Bauer; "The Last of Robin Hoods", directed by Richard Glatzer, Fanning - Beverly.

dakota fanning growth


Currently, Dakota Fanning, whose growthis 163 cm, and the figure can serve as a standard of female beauty, cooperates with the agency IMG Models, which includes such top models as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen. The weight of Dakota Fanning also fully meets the requirements of the podium, it does not exceed 52 kg. In past years, the model Fanning represented the spring-summer collection of clothing by American designer Mark Jacobs, and in March 2011 was the main character in his advertising company perfume Oh Lola. Dakota Fanning, whose private life takes away from the girl is not too much time, is ready all day to defile into IMG Models.

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