Cute sticks of crab sticks

Monotony, both in life and in the diet canboring everyone. Many will argue that in order to introduce something new and interesting, it will require unforeseen costs (financial and temporary). Not always! It is possible to prepare original, budgetary, tasty dish from the usual ingredients and decorate it beautifully. At this time, it will take less than half an hour. The main thing is to have the mood and desire to please loved ones.

For those who are interested, I will open the veil of secrecy -We will prepare rolls of crab sticks. It is clear that crab sticks - not the most useful product, but as an alternative to the usual salad crab rolls will do.

They can also diversify the composition of snacks for a home mini-buffet, or prepare your beloved husband for beer.

Required ingredients

We need 200-300 grams of crab sticks,it's about 12-15 pieces. When choosing the main component of our dish, pay special attention to the size (they should be large) and the degree of possible unfolding. That is, those that can later be easily deployed without damaging the product. These initially contain less starch.

Also take a package of mayonnaise, 200 grams of any hard cheese, 2 cloves of garlic, parsley, dill. For decoration, you may need a couple of cucumbers.


Recipe for rolls of crab sticks suggestsa fairly simple process of preparation. You just chop the garlic with a crush, grate cheese on a large grater, finely chop the greens and mix all the ingredients with the necessary amount of mayonnaise. Separately, cut into thin pieces of cucumber.

Gently unfold the crab stick. Do not particularly zealous, let a couple of millimeters with the edge will be rolled up. Now we put on it a canvas cooked stuffing in a small amount, a very thin layer. Top a piece of cucumber. Then carefully turn the crab stick back.

Now the crab stick is slightly thickerof the original sizes. It remains to glaze off the edges with a mass for the filling, so that the crab sticks look cute. And in order to cut them it was more convenient, we put the prepared dish in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.


After the rolls of crab sticksa little stood in the refrigerator, they can be cut into small pieces. One roll can be divided into 3-4 pieces. They need to be nicely laid out on a dish, over the leaves of the salad and decorate with thin slices of cucumber, twigs of greens.


Rolls of crab sticks allow a lotvarious variations. You just need to change the stuffing a little and get a new treat. For example, in a mince you can add a couple of hard-boiled eggs.

Or there is an alternative filling recipefrom canned fish. You will need: a bank of sprats in oil, 2 processed cheese, a bunch of greens, for dressing - mayonnaise. All the ingredients are chopped and stuffed with crab sticks.

If desired, you can prepare a multi-colored forcemeatfor crab sticks. To do this, separately to boil large carrots, medium-sized table beet. Each of these vegetables should be grated and combined with mayonnaise and garlic. In the same way, you can get a paste from a fresh cucumber. As a result, we get rolls with yellow, green and red fillings.

Also in the filling you can use any fish orinstead of cucumber wrap up pieces of avocado. Your imagination can tell you many more variations. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of components and make rolls of crab sticks even tastier.

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