Crochet tracks: charts and description (photo)

In cold weather, the feet warm the associated slippers-crochets. Schemes and descriptions of these products are diverse. Each needlewoman can choose the technology of knitting and yarn for herself.

Crochet Pattern Slippers and Description

The rinds are short socks

They will need one hank of woolen threads(250 meters by 250 grams) and in the tone of yarn with 64% mohair for strapping. The work should be done with the help of a hook at number 8. So you get elegant slippers-traces (crochet). The diagrams and descriptions below are for size 38-40, that is, the length of the foot 25 cm.

The work comes from the toe of the rifle. Close the three hinges in the ring. On it to connect 5 columns without a crochet. In the next circle, each loop has two bars already.

The third circle assumes knitting of columns with alternation. In one loop - one, in the next - two. As a result, 15 columns without a crochet should turn out.

The next three rounds of crochet crochet tracking (with descriptions and diagrams easier to cope with the work) continues without adding.

Seventh: add one bar in each third loop. It turns out that the series will consist of 20 columns without a crochet.

Continuation of knitting - circles without adding up to a length equal to 13 cm.

From this moment, knitting continues with straight and reverse rows. The length of the product should be equal to 25 cm. Make a seam along the rear wall of the ridge. Thread and fasten the thread.

Continue to knit crocheted (the charts and description will help you in this) in a circle from above, start from the toe. The height of knitting by crochets without crochet should be 11 cm.

Then the work goes on in rows. In the first, do not tie the last bar. In the second, too, leave the last untied. Third row: complete all the columns without a crochet.

Replace the thread with the one that is with the mohair, and tie one row of columns without a crochet. The last row is composed of a picot of three air loops. Decorate the stitch with a pompon made from mohair yarn with a diameter of 5 cm.

crochet slippers

Traces with imitation of elastic bands on spokes

Begin crochet crochet tracking (with description andschemes) you need from the soles. In order for the product to be of the 40th size, the initial chain must be a length of 32 loops. Then perform the work according to the scheme below. It should be guided, but not repeated. The number of rows can vary depending on the thickness of the yarn and the width of the foot.

track crochet slippers and knitting needles

Then the top of the tail is knit. First, make a row of columns with a crochet, made before work, that is convex. The second and subsequent rows require a decrease in the nozzle of the tail. To do this, the central five columns 1, 2 and 3 must be linked unfinished. In the 2-7th rows the columns should be alternated: before and behind the work, that is, convex and concave. It will be an imitation of elastic bands on spokes.

By the way, you can associate such tracks-slippers with crochets and knitting needles. Schemes, a description for them will be similar. For example, the sole is crocheted, and then go to the spokes and perform an elastic 1x1.

The eighth row is supposed to knit without subtraction. But again, be guided by the thickness of the thread. Perhaps, there will be less rows.

If you want to make a semblance of a slipper, you will need to tie a lapel. It consists of straight and inverted rows and is knitted with the same elastic band.

track crochet slippers and knitting needles

How to tie tracks from square motifs?

It will take six motives fortrack (crochet). Schemes and descriptions can be chosen according to the taste of the needlewoman. For warm ones, a simple grandmother's square from the crochet stitches is suitable. Dimensions of the motifs should be such that, located on the foot, they completely cover the toe.

Fold the two squares together and connect them on two sides. It's the socks of the track. Split them, you get an envelope. In each groove sew one more motive. They will go to the side parts of the track.

In the groove between the last two squares sew a motif. It will be the continuation of the sole. To him, as for a spout, to sew the last motive. This is the heel.

They are convenient to store, because they fold like an envelope.

crochet crochet with description and diagrams

Simple traces of columns without crochet

Start with a ring of three loops. Knit on them columns without a crochet (5 times). Gradually increase the number of columns so that the addition goes smoothly. Bring the number of columns to such a value that the toe of the foot completely clings to the leg. Knit in circles until the middle of the foot. You can finish knitting in a circle before. But the trace will be more reliable on the foot.

Now the work is going on in rows. The same columns without a crochet fill the entire sole and sides of the ridge. They need to be completed as soon as the product reaches the end of the heel. It remains only to tie the back. To do this, make a rectangle on the middle part of the columns, gradually attaching to the side.

Decorate the product with a lace trim at the top edge.

crochet circuits and description

Knitted on the spokes

Knitting goes from top to bottom. Dial 56 loops on the spokes. The canvas is made of garter stitch, that is, odd ones are made up by facial loops, and even ones are made by purl loops. Bind 14 rows. And on each side of the central loop in each odd number to do one at a time. In odd numbers, these nakidy need to be done with a back loop.

Then two more rows without adding. The middle 14 loops will be the beginning of the sole. Seventeenth row: tie one sidewall without 7 soles of the sole. Then work is performed on only 14 central loops.

At the beginning of each row, take one loop, knit twelve along the pattern, two loops together. Turn the work and knit the next row as well. Continue to the end of the sole.

Then make a backdrop. It is formed from 16 rows of garter stitch. On each side attach them to the side edges of the trace.

Option decoration: a row with pico and pompon

Pico is an element of knitting, which is formed by three air loops and a connecting column in the base of this chain.

You can alternate them with one connecting,half-column or column with a crochet, depending on the basic pattern of the tracks. The distance between the picos can be increased. In any case, the crocheted tracks, diagrams and descriptions of which are given in the article, will turn out to be neatly decorated.

To make a pompom, you need to cut the yarnon the strips. Their length should be equal to the diameter of the future ball. In the middle, firmly bind them with a double thread. Then the pompom can be tied with the same threads to the top of the ridge. There is a recommendation to glue it with an adhesive gun. Then he keeps denser.

Variant of finish with a flower

It will take a silk ribbon. It needs to be folded into a double rectangle. Sew on the back. Collect the thread in the middle in the bow. Sew it to the track. On top of it, place a flower from the yarn of the main product. Here, too, knitting crochet is useful. Slippers-tracks, schemes and descriptions of which are understandable to any master, will become elegant.

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