Copper sulfate crystals

Copper vitriol with a characteristic beautiful bright blue color is most suitable for growing a crystal at home. Unlike a crystal grown on salt, a crystal of copper vitriol will be sparkling, transparent and bright. This will require:
- Copper sulfate
- Woolen thread
-Metal wire
-Water (boiling water)
Copper sulphate water thread

For a cut glass with a capacity of 250 ml. it will be necessary to take about 300 grams of copper sulfate. In a glass of hot boiled water pour the bluestone, stirring it with a spoon. The hotter the water, the faster the vitriol will dissolve. Add vitriol until the solution becomes saturated, i.e., until the vitriol dissolves. The sediment at the bottom should be 3-5 cm high.
You can grow an ordinary solid crystal, but to make it more beautiful, we will give it shape. To do this, take a metal wire up to 10 cm long and wrap it with wool thread. Remember that the crystals will be half transparent, so it is better to take the thread thinner so that it is not noticeable.Give the wire the desired crystal shape: a circle, a square, a star or a heart. Place the wire in a glass with a saturated solution of copper sulphate in a dark place for several days, depending on the size of the crystal you are going to grow. For small crystals, one week is enough.
put in a glass of vitriol

Small growths of crystals will begin to appear on the second day. The glass is once again better not to shake. As soon as you begin to notice that the liquid gradually evaporates, add a little warm water to the glass. The crystal pictured in the photo was grown for a week. Agree, this idea of ​​growing crystals at home is the most original and unique!
crystal grown from blue vitriol

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