Copper colored hair. Features of staining and care

Sometimes you really want to change, add something new to your image. The first thing that comes to mind for most girls is a change in hair color. And shades of red, copper, gold are quite worthy of this goal. Bright, "fiery" curls - an intriguing and spectacular sight due to the depth and rarity of this color. As you know, on the planet only 2% of people with a natural copper shade of hair.

copper hair color

Who is copper hair color?

Stylists say that if you want to add to your image of sensuality, sexuality and brightness, then choose any shades of red. How to determine the right nuance of such a multifaceted color? First of all, copper contains a lot of yellow pigment, which means that the color itself is warm. It perfectly “warms up” all skin tones and will suit most women. Warm tones advantageously emphasize appearance, refresh and rejuvenate. There is a classification by color types, but in practice it has long been known that in their pure form, types are almost never encountered.In addition, there are quite a few exceptions: for girls with cool eyes or skin color, warm tones are perfect, including copper hair color. In general, there is such a tendency - for those with freckles, pale skin, delicate honey shades, sunny, warm, calm redheads. Who has skin with a pinkish tinge, the nuances of a cold, red-copper or saturated red color will be good.

copper hair color dye

Features of staining

Making the decision to be painted in bright tone, consider already available color. If you are a blonde and decided to change, you should not make a choice in favor of the classic copper nuances. By themselves, they are very saturated, and the bleached hair dye will fall in such a way that you get a bright, unnatural color. If you need a more harmonious tone, you can choose a mixed nuance, say golden-copper color. The hair will be filled with natural golden pigment and will have a pleasant amber-copper tint. Please note that it will be very difficult to return the light tone, so be sure to be ready for such experiments. If you have dark brown, chocolate, black hair, you must first make the lightening to medium-blond level, and then begin to dye in the selected color.

light copper hair color

What color to choose?

The palette of red shades is extensive: from light copper to deep dark brown. The natural red color is very light, it looks like copper, very delicate, delicate and feminine. It can try on a girl with pale skin and naturally blond hair. Strawberry or light copper hair color is also good in these cases. The medium-red shade is a nuance dominated by an orange pigment. For this reason, it is great for girls with freckles, peach skin and green, blue eyes. It gives a rich shine, keeps well enough on the hair, reflects the light, therefore it looks very brilliant. Ladies with this color look catchy and spectacular. Auburn suits girls with olive or dark skin. He creates a refined and sophisticated image. It is easy to care for him, as the saturated tone lasts up to 6 weeks and requires minimal care.

coppery hair color

Proper care

Copper hair color is considered the most fastidious. Care for him should be daily, because no other tone is not vulnerable to external influences in the same way. It can easily fade in the sun, under the influence of chemical procedures can fade, easily loses shine.Those who dye their hair in red color, it is recommended to use products for dyed hair. They prevent leaching of pigment and care. In summer, copper-colored hair needs additional care in the form of products with UV filters. They are applied to clean hair after applying the balm and are not washed off. Ideally, it is good to use products designed specifically for red or bright nuances. A good addition to this would be the lamination or keratin care procedures.

golden copper hair color

Copper hair color: dye or henna?

To achieve a quality shade at home will be difficult, especially if the hair was previously painted. Choosing a dye, focus on proven brands: Matrix, Wella, Schwarzkopf and Estel. Each of them has a unique palette in which each girl will find the color of her dreams. For example, dyes from Schwarzkopf are considered to be very persistent, paint gray hair well and are known for their rich copper shades. Estel's palette provides a selection of colors from peach-copper to deep red. The dye is not very resistant, but it can be an advantage for those who like to change shades often.

Many women, wanting to get a coppery hair color, are painted with henna. You need to be careful with her. It may well lie on the curls, but it is a strong natural dye that penetrates deep into the hair structure, and it is almost impossible to wash it from there in the future. In addition, cheap henna from bags dries hair very strongly.

How to remove the red color?

Someone specially paints hair in a copper shade, and someone has a redhead as a side effect after washing out chocolate, gold and other shades. It is very difficult to solve the problem of undesirable tone radically without professional help. There are critical situations when radical measures are required - washing or bleaching. But sometimes it’s just enough to pick a color that contains a tone that neutralizes copper. This is a dye with ashen or pearl nuances (they are based on blue color). For a more lasting effect, use shampoos and masks for cold hair shades. Do not be afraid of copper tones, be bright and spectacular!

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