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Bering StraitBering Strait: geography

For many thousands of kilometers (for someone, perhaps, even closer) in the far east and almost the same distant west is the edge of our continent. It is separated from the American continent by a wide strait. It also connects two oceans - the Arctic and Pacific. It is about the Bering Strait. Its delta was known as early as the middle of the seventeenth century, but it was officially opened in the first half of the eighteenth (1728) by a Danish navigator with Russian roots. His name was Vitus Bering. In honor of the famous geographer and the strait is named. Previously, its width changed greatly - over time, large areas of land emerged. Now the Bering Strait has more or less constant dimensions. Thus, the shortest distance between the continental Russian Federation and the United States of America is approximately eighty-six kilometers. Within its water area there are two land areas - the island of Ratmanov and another one - Krusenstern. The first is larger.It belongs to Russia, and the second is smaller, and it is owned by the United States.

Bering Strait, DeltaBering Strait- a place to lose a day

There is a very important lane between these islands - the date change line. Since the western and eastern hemispheres border here, time zones are connected in this place, and time differs by almost a day. Sailing from one island of the Bering Strait to another one does not need to translate the hands of the clock backwards or forwards, but rather turn over the sheets of the calendar. So, if you cross this line, moving from Russia to America, then you save a whole day, and if you go back, then, on the contrary, you lose. The date change line runs from the North Pole through the Bering Strait and goes further south to the Antarctic Pole through the Pacific Ocean, dividing the islands very close at times.

Projects of connecting two continents

Ever since the end of the nineteenth century, ideas began to be expressed on how to build a huge bridge across the Bering Strait and thereby link America with Russia. Since that time, a large number of bridge projects have been developed, many proposals have been made, dozens of international meetings and conferences have been held.Through the Bering Strait railway tunnels and highways were designed. Proposals were discussed, postponed and rejected. To date, the project is not fully developed. The difficulties of its implementation in Russia are associated with the insufficient development of railways in the north of the country. And in order to build a bridge or a tunnel through the strait, it is necessary to lay more than three thousand kilometers of rails on the territory of the country to ensure an approach to it.Bridge over the Bering StraitFor some time, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the question of connecting America with Russia was abandoned. However, it was raised again in 2010 in connection with the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, which significantly hampered air traffic between the continents. This natural phenomenon reminded that the railway transport is almost independent of such adverse situations. Issues of the project, financing and (especially) the construction of the bridge have not yet been resolved, but it is known that this will be a comprehensive highway, including a railway for passenger and freight trains, a highway, a massive transmission line and communications.

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