Choose a snowplow for a motoblock

Motoblock - an indispensable assistant for the ownerprivate suburban housing. The presence of such equipment makes it easier to clean the infield, processing the land in the country and in front of the house. However, with the onset of cold weather does not necessarily send a manual tractor for storage. Instead, you can install a snow plow on the motor-block, which will allow cleaning the home territory from snow and ice.

Principle of operation

snowblower for motoblock nevaThe snow-picker on the motor-block joins the shaftpower takeoff. During movement on the site, the auger installed in the bucket of the device breaks the snow into small parts. Further, the ground mass is thrown aside by the air flow generated by the powerful fan. The distance to which the release of snow occurs depends on the degree of its compactness and humidity.

Buying the most functional snowploweron the motoblock, the user, as a rule, has the opportunity to adjust the angle and range of snow scatter during cleaning of the site. At the same time, there are fairly simple designs in the form of brushes and ordinary buckets, which will be discussed in more detail below.


snowplowIt is the simplest snowplower onmotoblock, made in the form of a bucket. Such adaptations benefit not only during the winter period. They can be successfully used for leveling soil and gravel, cleaning debris, and leaflets.

The width of the blade varies from 80 to 150 cm. Therefore, the user has the opportunity to choose exactly the design, the dimensions of which correspond to the type and power of the existing motoblock. For the lightest hand-held tractors, buckets with a width of no more than a meter are designed. Really powerful motoblocks can be equipped with heavy-weight designs of maximum width.

The edges of the shovel-blade contain a rubber coating,which protects the surface from damage during snow cleaning. Such snowplows allow you to adjust the angle of rotation and tilt of the bucket. As a result, the user has the opportunity to expose the blade in the optimal position when performing certain work on the backyard or suburban area.

Snow blower with a brush

rotary snow thrower for motoblockManufacturers of components for motor blocksoffer several options for attachments for snow removal. One of the easiest to handle and effective solutions is a device with a rotating brush. Such adaptations are indispensable for cleaning surfaces that contain expensive decorative coating.

The snow-picker with a brush is attached to the rotating shaft of the motor block. During one pass, a technician equipped with such a device is able to clean the track more than one meter wide.

When using a snow blower with a brush, there isThe ability to adjust the grip of the snow cap in several directions, due to the displacement of the structure forward, to the right or to the left. The stripping height is also adjustable.

Rotary snow blower

snow thrower for a motoblockIf cleaning small amounts of snow cancope, using attachments in the form of a bucket or brush, then to clear really high marks will only allow a rotary snow plower for the motor block. Such mechanisms have the highest performance in comparison with all the above options. On average, a rotary mounted snowplow for a motor block takes a snow fence to a depth of about 25-50 cm.

The main structural element of such a nozzleAuger appears that contains paddle wheels. The rotating device captures the snow cap, which moves upwards, passes through the bell and is thrown out beyond the cleared area.

Snowplower for motoblock "Salute"

hinged snowplow for motoblockAttachment to the motor block of the brand is intended for clearing snow from even areas at an ambient temperature of 5 to -20aboutC. The device is manufactured in several separate modifications, which differ according to the method of connection to the hand-held tractor.

Snowplow is a prefabricated weldedconstruction. The main functional element is a screw auger. During its rotation, the snow mass moves in a direction from the edges to the center. Movable blades of the device ensure the advance of snow to the nozzle. The direction of ejection is regulated by the rotary screen. On both sides of the body there are support plates, by means of which the height of snow removal is corrected.

Snowplow characteristics:

  • length - 60 cm;
  • height - 82 cm;
  • width - 64 cm;
  • grip - 50 cm;
  • the possibility of harvesting a snow cap with a thickness of up to 17 cm;
  • frequency of revolutions of the screw to 2100 rotations per minute;
  • the weight of the snow-picker is 60 kg.

Snow-picker for the Neva motor-block

snowblower for motoblock saluteAttachment for hand tractorThis brand is presented in the form of a welded body, in the middle of which is placed a screw rotating mechanism. There is also a coupling device, drive elements, which provide connection to the motor block shaft.

What characteristics does the snowplower have on"The Neva"? Motoblock, equipped with such attachments, allows you to capture a snow mass of 60 cm wide and about 50 cm high. As a result, it becomes possible to effectively use the device not only when cleaning the infield area, but also cleaning up from replacing impressive production areas.

Snow-picker for motoblock "Neva" needscareful care and timely maintenance. To extend the life of the device, before every start of work it is necessary to check the reliability of the fasteners, the quality of the belt and bolted connections. Fastening of fasteners is required after every 5-6 hours of continuous operation.

Snow thrower for motoblock own hands

To assemble a self-made snowplower tomotoblock, it is enough to get a powerful engine that can be extracted from an old hand-held tractor. As a basis for the manufacture of auger of the future device, roofing sheet metal is suitable. Sidewall can be made of plywood with a thickness of 10 mm.

For welding frame construction of self-madesnowplower enough to take a metal corner. The handle will serve as a tube half an inch in diameter. From the ¾-inch pipe, it is possible to make a screw shaft, in the middle of which to create a saw for fastening metal blades intended for ejecting snow.

To prepare the auger from the roofing material, the electric jig needs to cut the conveyor belt in the form of four rings. The diameter of each of them should be about 30 cm.

The engine is mounted on a platform thatConnects to the snow scoop bucket with welded corners. The transmission can be a belt connection, which will transfer torque to the shaft of the screw.

The design is most convenient to put on skis,because the wheels will often get stuck in the snow. This, in turn, will create a whole host of inconveniences in the operation of a self-made snow-picker.

For the manufacture of a trough, throughwhich will be thrown snow mass, it is enough to take a plastic sewer pipe of impressive diameter. The latter is fixed to the auger body. In the end, it remains only to give the snow-picker a presentable appearance, treating the surface with paint.


homemade snow-sweeper for motoblockAs can be seen, with the help of a snowplowerjust to mechanize manual labor. Today the market has a wide variety of hinged attachments to the motor blocks. However, if you want, you can make a practical device yourself. To assemble the unit, it will take only a few expenses for the purchase of materials, as well as the allocation of several days for the execution of work.

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