Children's Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule

Teaching schoolchildren to the railway businessChildren's railway is amazing. Kemerovo boasts a childish route in bright comfortable cars to the station "Red Lake", where the game zone is located.

Children's railway Kemerovo

Important Opening Day

In 2007, on October 12, at the initiative of A.G.Tuleyev - the governor of the region - in Kemerovo opened a real railway town. It consists of two high-grade stations, paths, a length of about 4 km, mini-trains and a training center.

On the opening day, there was no end to visitors. Despite the cold weather, due to which it was necessary to dress warmly, over 1000 small passengers swept the rails.

The main railway park is composed of two convoys.Each consists of a diesel locomotive and three trailers, designed for 36 seats. It is planned that later the role of not only guides, but also the drivers will be performed by the students of the training center opened on the basis of the Children's Railway. Of course, to manage the train, where people are, will be an adult, but the assistant to the driver fulfills all the functions assigned to him independently.

timetable for children's railway Kemerovo

The main purpose

The structural subdivision of the West Siberianrailway section - Children's Railway (Kemerovo) - aims to professionally orient teenagers in choosing a specialty. For this, the "Road of Childhood" offers:

  • training in theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the railway business on real trains;
  • training in all the necessary skills for admission to the relevant institutions of higher learning;
  • development of children's interest in socially useful work and obtaining knowledge of basic occupations related to the carriage of passengers on rails;
  • riding children on special trains along an interesting route.

mode of operation of the children's railway in Kemerovo

In addition to the specific knowledgestudents, they are given more in-depth material on physics, chemistry, mathematics and other technical disciplines required for training in specialized universities.

Children's entertainment center

The Children's Railway (Kemerovo) was not very popular after its discovery. This was due to its remoteness from the city's infrastructure and the difficulties in accessing it.

But the city grows every day and there, where the ball of the outskirts and the wasteland has recently appeared, there are residential sectors, cultural institutions, and public transportation has been launched along the route.

If the kid after watching cartoons is dreaming aboutthis train "from Romashkov", you can safely go on the road. Kemerovo Children's Railway offers skating on the present, though mini, train, on "real" rails, even twice as much, and by starting smoke clubs from the steam locomotive tube.

Bright coloring of cars, their comfort andshort-lived path, leave positive emotions and memories for each child and his parents. During the journey, which takes 25 minutes, the windows of the train offer a picturesque view of the watery surface of the Red Lake. A locomotive whistle, turns the journey into a real, fabulous adventure.

While parents admire the views from the window, the kids can freely move around the car, touch all the interesting things. For the safety of children all provided, so adults can not worry.

Kemerovo Children's Railway

When organizing children's leisure,that the operating mode of the Children's Railway in Kemerovo provides for the movement of trains only in the summer. Ride with the breeze will be from June 1 to September 1.

Bright formulations - special pride

When the Children's Railway (Kemerovo) was designed, two trains and six wagons were also being prepared. They were manufactured by the Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant.

For the attractiveness and special chic for each composition set up a sham boiler, simulating a real steam. Literally before the opening of locomotives were delivered to Kemerovo.

The cars were a little behind them. They, by the way, completely repeat the style of the corporate train, which follows the route "Kemerovo-Moscow". In September, without superfluous eyes and extraneous observers, trains have passed the first way on new rails. The road takes 3.8 km. It starts from the Pioneer Boulevard and goes along the Red Lake.

Visitors to the note

Before planning an interesting holiday is betterspecify the schedule of the Children's Railway. Kemerovo is in a rather harsh climate, therefore, as already mentioned, the compounds work only in the summer. Serving visitors, the staff of the center are ready five days a week, starting from Wednesday.

Compositions go with a regular periodicity - the gap is 40 minutes. Prices are also quite democratic - they are affordable for any family budget.

Children under three years of age and left without careparents, in the framework of organized groups, visit the Children's Railway for free. In addition, on holidays, such as June 1, June 12 and others, all children may not take a ticket for travel on an amazing train.

In addition to driving on a locomotive, you can visitA unique museum, located directly under the open sky, where exclusive exhibits of railway equipment are presented. Here, looking at the transport, you can imagine all the stages that the modern railway passed.

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Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule Childrens Railway (Kemerovo): working hours and schedule