Celebrities who have been diagnosed with HIV

No one is immune from HIV, not even celebrities who seem to be protected from all evils by an aura of glory, universal love and wealth. Here are 11 famous people, faced with a terrible diagnosis in their prime years.

Freddie Mercury

The frontman of the Queen group (the main photo) is perhaps the most famous victim of HIV. It is believed that before the illness of a musician brought the life formula of his generation - "sex, drugs and rock and roll." The fact that the singer is sick, the press began to guess in the 80s. Then the reporters got the information that Mercury passed an HIV test. In 1989, the infection began to affect his physical condition: he lost a lot of weight and even for some time could not tour with the group. The musician hid the diagnosis from the public until the end of his life. Mercury for the first time officially announced that he was sick, on November 23, 1991. He admitted that he did it to stop the rumors and protect the peace of loved ones.The singer also noted that the press should focus on helping the sick, and not on their persecution, because often these people are not guilty of being infected. Freddie Mercury died the day after his confession. He was only 45 years old.

Rudolf Nuriev

deadlyThe famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev found out that he was HIV positive in 1983. After being examined at a clinic in Paris, it turned out that the infection had been developing in his body for about four years. At the insistence of doctors, Nuriev began a course of experimental therapy. The medication was administered to the artist daily in the form of injections, but he quickly got tired of such a rhythm. After several months, he refused therapy, citing a busy schedule. In the next few years, the disease did not manifest itself, but in 1988 Nuriev was forced to again seek help. This time, he was prescribed a course of a new HIV drug, Azidothymidine. Contrary to expectations, the drug did not work, and in the summer of 1991, his condition deteriorated sharply. A year later, it was the time of the last stage. Rudolf Nuriev died on January 6, 1993 at the age of 54.According to doctors, the artist died quietly, without suffering.

Jacob lekheto

starsJacob Lekheto played for Lokomotiv Moscow from 2001 to 2004. In Russia, the South African footballer was given the nickname Yash. Jacob spent 116 games and became one of the most prominent legionnaires in the history of the club. He ended his career at Lokomotiv due to the fact that he was diagnosed with AIDS. The footballer hastily left the country, explaining his departure with the illness of his wife. In February 2007, it was rumored in the press that Lekheto was killed in a car accident, but it soon became clear that this information was erroneous. Footballer died a year later at the age of 34 years. According to Russian media, the cause of death of the former Lokomotiv star was AIDS. It is worth noting that official confirmation of this version has not been received from South Africa.

Ofra Haza

infectionIsraeli singer Ofra Haze was diagnosed with HIV in February 2000. The star was admitted to the clinic with pneumonia, frolicking against the backdrop of AIDS. It is noteworthy that she knew about her status even before hospitalization, but due to her upbringing she did not want to betray him to publicity - the singer was ashamed of the illness. The situation was aggravated by the fact that her husband, Doron Ashkenazi, was responsible for the incident.He died 14 months after the death of his wife from a drug overdose, in any case, this was the official version of the cause of death. Whatever it was, the doctors later said that if Ofra had appealed to them earlier, they would be able to prolong her life.

Eric Wright

deadlyAmerican rapper Eric Wright (aka Eazy-E) found out that he was sick with HIV in February 1995. Then he was taken to hospital with suspected asthma, but the diagnosis was much more serious - AIDS in the late stage. March 16, Wright made a public statement about the disease, and died 10 days later. The rapper did not have time to complete work on his latest album. It was released a year later unfinished.

Isaac Asimov

infectionAn American science fiction writer became infected with HIV in 1983, during a heart surgery. Isaac Asimov was diagnosed with an illness only 6 years after what happened. This happened by chance, during a medical examination before re-operation. Azimov did not make the diagnosis public, so as not to injure the admirers of his work. The 72-year-old writer died on April 6, 1992 from heart and kidney failure, which developed against the backdrop of AIDS.The true cause of Azimov’s death became known 10 years later thanks to a biography written by his wife, Janet Jeppson.

Jia Karanji

deadlyGia was one of the first supermodels in the world. Thanks to the ability to get used to different images, she quickly achieved loud success and solid fees. With the advent of money, the girl became a frequenter of the most popular clubs in New York and soon began to abuse drugs - first cocaine and then heroin. With her addiction, Jia actually wiped out her career and lowered herself to a social bottom. In 1985, the former star of the modeling business began to engage in prostitution in order to earn a dose, and in 1986, during the treatment of pneumonia, she was diagnosed with AIDS. The last days of her life, Jia almost could not speak, her body was covered with ulcers and almost began to decompose. The girl left the world at the age of 26 November 1986. The deadly disease so badly disfigured Jia that it was decided to bury her in a closed coffin.

Rock hudson

starsRock Hudson was one of the first movie stars to die from AIDS. In the 50s, this actor had the status of a sex symbol and the reputation of a notorious smoothie.Hudson’s health deteriorated unexpectedly in 1983. Then he was diagnosed with Kaposi's sarcoma, which is one of the symptoms of HIV. Subsequently, the terrible diagnosis was confirmed. The actor hid him from both the public and from loved ones, including his lover Mark Christian. The world learned about Hudson’s fatal illness only in July 1985. The actor died in a dream three months later, on October 2. The last with Hudson was Tom Clark, with whom he lived seventeen years. He put Roca in bed and asked if he wanted to drink coffee. The actor replied: "I think not." These words were the last in his life.

Nadia Benaissa

Nadia Benaissa is a popular German singer and former lead singer of the band No Angels. The star found out about her illness in 1999, during pregnancy. In subsequent years, she had several sexual partners who were not intentionally informed about her HIV-positive status. As a result, one of them became infected, after which he wrote a statement to the police at the singer. In 2009, Nadia was arrested and charged with causing grievous harm to human health. At trial, the girl pleaded guilty and expressed remorse.In 2010, Nadia was sentenced to two years of probation and three hundred hours of correctional labor. At the end of the trial, she left the No Angels team.

McGaugho Mandela

starsThis is the eldest son of former South African President Nelson Mandela. McGaugh died of AIDS at 54 years of age. In the last days of his life, the man suffered greatly from the manifestations of the disease and was in an extremely serious physical condition. After the painful death of his son, Nelson Mandela called on the country's population to begin the fight against HIV.

Arthur Ash

starsAmerican tennis player Arthur Ashe fell ill with HIV in 1988, during a blood transfusion. When an athlete learned about the terrible diagnosis, he came to grips with the fight against the virus. Ash founded the Foundation for HIV Prevention and the Institute of Health. In 1992, he organized a press conference at which he told reporters that he was ill. Tennis player left the world a year later at the age of 49 years.

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