Celebrities looking like two drops of water

Many celebrities have doubles or just people who are incredibly similar to them! Looking at photos of some of these celebrities, I really want to delve into the history of their families. What if they are relatives and do not even suspect about it? We offer you a photo selection of similar celebrities - both foreign and domestic.

Jolie and Ooh!

Is it worth arguing that Angelina Jolie is an ideal of beauty? Not only men agree with this, but also many of the fair sex. Many fans not only collect films with the participation of this Hollywood diva, but also try to copy Jolie. Someone is looking for Brad Pitt himself, someone is acquiring a huge family, but for someone enough external resemblance. As soon as Victoria Bonya appeared on the TV screens as part of the TV project “Dom-2”, the audience immediately noticed an incredible similarity with the famous actress. And even though Bonia herself saysthat all comparisons are absolutely groundless, the audience can not be fooled, because these celebrities have a similar type: they are both owners of slender figures, plump lips, long hair and green almond-shaped eyes. By the way, Victoria called her daughter the name Angelina. Yes, we also believe that this is just a beautiful name.

Angelina Jolie and Victoria Bonya

Among the Russian celebrities on the Jolie are also similar DJ Aliya Nureyeva, socialite Julia Konovalova, model Alena Yesipova and Ekaterina Smirnova.

Another double of Jolie can be called Lina Sands. A young and very promising model from Spain is now studying acting in London. Fame girl brought a video that she posted on YouTube. The similarity is simply incredible: subtle facial features, almond-shaped eyes, full lips ... Even facial expressions are strikingly similar to those of a world star! But what to say, it’s better to see Lina with your own eyes once!

Kharlamov and Damon

Kharlamov himself has repeatedly spoken about his striking similarity with the famous actor Matt Damon. Moreover, Garik laid out a photo in his Instagram! In general, the viewer can immediately understand that the Russian comedian is very proud of this similarity.Of course, Garik Kharlamov is not as popular and rich as Matt, but he has incredible charisma! In general, Kharlamov confesses in his conversations with journalists: it is pleasant to be like a man who is now at the peak of fame.

Garik Kharlamov and Matt Damon

By the way, viewers note another interesting similarity: Garik Kharlamov is compared to the famous comedian, screenwriter and producer Jim Carrey. However, most likely, the point is not so much in external similarity, as in the same psychotype.

Damon and Wahlberg

The similarities between Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg also confuse the fans. This is not at all surprising - these stars resemble each other like siblings! Moreover, this similarity is manifested not only in the appearance of the actors - they seem very likely to give themselves, and their characters have a striking similarity.

Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg

Mark and Matt are very expressive, both have a great sense of humor, joking at the partners on the set. Probably, it is these qualities that make these men extremely similar even on the screen. The roles of Damon and Wahlberg, acting and manners have a lot in common.

Kovalchuk and Parker

Russian fans of Yulia Kovalchuk are convinced: if the series "Sex and the City" were filmed in Russia,the role of Carrie Bradshaw would certainly have been given to Julia! Still would! After all, these celebrities are like two drops of water! This becomes especially noticeable when the Russian singer and TV presenter Julia does a similar styling. Common to these women and a delightful sense of style. By the way, in 2011, when Parker came to Moscow for the premiere of the film, in which she played the main role, Sarah and Julia finally met!

Julia Kovalchuk and Sarah Jessica Parker

Introduced the famous beauties Russian TV journalist Andrei Malakhov. It should be said that he did not miss the opportunity to notice the incredible similarity of Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Kovalchuk - he said so:

Sara, meet, this is Julia Kovalchuk, Russian Sarah Jessica Parker!

American similarity actress very surprised. Sarah happily hugged Julia, kissed her, and even exchanged a few words.

It is worth saying that some similarities between Kovalchuk and the fans of the former “The Brilliant” are also noted with Jennifer Aniston.

Rutberg and Sviridov

Only an extremely inattentive person can probably not notice the similarities between Alyona Sviridova and Yulia Rutberg. These charming smiling blondes look like they are twin sisters! But this is exactly how the singer fans thought for many years! In fact, of course, they are not relatives.

Alena Sviridova and Julia Rutberg

It may seem that Julia and Alain deliberately emphasize their similarities. For example, for several years now these stars have dyed their hair in one color. Yes, and they have a very similar style.

By the way, Alena Sviridova is often compared to Sam Taylor-Wood, the famous British artist, producer, director and screenwriter. And sometimes the fans of the singer say that she looks like an Australian actress Tony Collette. They compare Alain with Annie Lennox, Irina Bogushevskaya and even Max Pokrovsky!

Jovovich and Dance

Another pair of celebrities who look alike is Mila Jovovich and Lada Dance. Indeed, the similarity of these celebrities can be seen with the naked eye: the elegant shape of the lips, slightly slanting eyes, a sharp nose. Lada itself is flattered by such a comparison, because Mila is one of the most beautiful women in the world! In an interview with Lada Dance said:

All my life they say that I resemble someone: then Mila Jovovich, then Linda Evangelist, then someone else. Especially when I'm with dark hair. Now I am blond and also remind someone to someone. I like that I look like the most beautiful women. I'm glad that people see this similarity, for me this is a compliment.How do I look like Mila Jovovich besides looks? All my life I am engaged in sports, martial arts, even a little Japanese sword.

Lada Dens and Mila Jovovich

Tkachenko and Brody

It is impossible not to notice how celebrities Artem Tkachenko and Adrien Brody are alike. Defenseless open look, eyebrows, the shape of which as if speaks of constant surprise, the face of a kind and trusting guy ... Of course, these two handsome women are always lucky with the opposite sex. This is not surprising - after all, it is simply impossible to resist Adrien or Artem.

Artem Tkachenko and Adrien Brody

The fans of the American actor go crazy with his images in such films as "The Pianist", "The Thin Red Line", "King Kong" and many others. Russians, in turn, warmly love Artem Tkachenko for his work in the projects "Drunk Firm", "Devil Hunt", "Red Queen".

Udovichenko and Streep

Among celebrities, similar to each other, Larisa Udovichenko and Meryl Streep. Both actresses have large facial features, they have the same piercing and deep look. Even the shape of the nose and lips are similar.

Larisa Udovichenko and Meryl Streep

By the way, Udovychenko herself repeatedly admitted: she is extremely pleased with this comparison, because Meryl is an incredible hard worker and a great professional.

Guseva and Tolkalina

Among the Russian celebrities can be identified theater and film actresses Ekaterina Guseva and Lyubov Tolkalina. These beauties have extremely similar smiles, as their fans say, with a mouth full of dimples. Often, actresses are even confused!

Ekaterina Guseva and Lyubov Tolkalina

By the way, the third person often appears in this pair - Tolkalin and Guseva are often compared to Evangeline Lilly, a talented Canadian actress who gained popularity after the release of the TV series “Lost”.

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