Carabiner "Vepr-308 Super": photos, specifications, reviews

The global arms market is represented by a wide range of different rifle models. In the United States, the Winchester.308 carbine is very popular with hunters. In Russia, a very popular similar weapon is the Vepr-308 Super carbine chambered for 7.62x51 mm. Due to the structural features of the weapon is suitable for use at very low temperatures. Judging by the reviews of hunters, "Vepr-308 Super" has a robust design that provides high shooting efficiency. In addition, this rifle model in the Russian market is relatively inexpensive. Information about the device and tactical and technical characteristics of the "Wild Boar-308 Super" is contained in the article.


This weapon was developed by the weapons designers of the Vyatka-Polyansky machine-building plant “Molot.” “Vepr-308 Super” is a self-loading hunting carbine (JOC). The Kalashnikov light machine gun (PKK) became the base, the elements of which were used by the creators of the carbine.Due to this, the JCC has high reliability and excellent combat performance.

wild boar super 308 reviews

About design

In the 90s, the number of government orders at weapons enterprises sharply decreased. Therefore, they were forced to seek new sources of income. As a result, the manufacturer reoriented to the needs of the civilian consumer: work began on the creation of rifle models for Russian hunters. Some weapons were made to order for export to other countries.

One of these manufacturers was VPMZ "Hammer". Using the robust PKK system, the design team (P. Mokrushin, V. Lyamin, A. Kabatchikov) created the Vepr carbine. As a munition for this model was provided 7.62 mm cartridge. In the technical documentation, the rifle unit is listed as "Vepr-308" SOK-94. Created weapons specifically for hunting roe deer, elk and bear. A modification of the carbine chambered for the 7.62x51 mm sample was soon released. The modified carbine is known as the SOK-95.

What is the difference between the Vepr-308 Super and the standard sample?

In order for the new rifle unit to qualify as a hunting, not a combat weapon, the designers had to make a number of changes to some of the technical units.According to experts, the system of shooting mode was changed in the JOC. Thus, it became impossible to fire bursts of carbine. It has a whole box, which is made of beech or walnut wood. In addition, the developers changed the design of the box, with the result that the rifle unit became more like a hunting one than a combat one.

Using the longitudinal valleys in the design of the weapon, the creators succeeded in reducing the mass of the carbine to 3900 g. In an effort to make shooting more accurate and more efficient, the SSS 308 Super trunks are more powerful. Dulno-braking compensator is used as a flame arrester. Due to the structural solutions taken in the carbine "308 Super" significantly reduced return. Judging by consumer feedback, when operating hunting weapons at night, the blinding of the shooter is minimized to the maximum.

In SOK "308 Super" fasteners for optical sights designers installed on the gas chamber. As a result, reduced sighting line. On the case there are no sharp and catchy elements that complicate the process of hunting. Instead of a safety lock for a carbine "Super.The 308 "button was designed above the trigger guard. As a result, the activation and deactivation are much quieter. To press the button, the arrow does not have to be removed from the butt. cartridge stores.

About the external design

The "Vepr-308 Super" SOK (the photo of the hunting carbine is presented in the article) has much in common with the legendary Kalashnikov machine gun. According to experts, in both rifle models there are similar vapor systems.

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In all other respects, the engineers took advantage of their work. In the carbine butt is made of wood. For the thumb in the butt of the JUICE there is a special groove. The rear part has become a place to accommodate a rubber shock absorber.

The "wild boar" is equipped with a pistol grip. The end of the barrel is equipped with a flame arrester and a muzzle brake compensator. In an effort to increase operational life, the chamber and rifled barrels in carbines subjected to the procedure of chrome plating. Wood is used to make the bed.

Super Boar 308

About ammunition

Ammunition is supplied from box stores.Their capacity can be 3, 5, 7 and 10 rounds. Some owners enjoy handicraft shops. Capacity of such homemade products reaches 20 ammunition.

According to the owners of the carbines, the replacement of stores is easy. The weapon is equipped with a special mechanism that is triggered when unlocking the clips. In the event that there is no magazine, in order to charge the carabiner, the arrow needs to take the bolt and put the cartridge in there.

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How does it work

The self-loading carbine is equipped with the same firing mechanism as the 74th model of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. However, weapons engineers of the plant "Hammer" in the device of the hunting JUICE were made some structural changes. As a result, it became impossible to fire a carbine in automatic mode.

Powered trigger mechanism due to the energy created by the powder gases and the recoil fighting spring. During the shot, the output of powder gases from the barrel channel in a special gas chamber. At the same time the mechanism is retracted. As a result, the spring is compressed. Thus extraction of the spent sleeve is carried out.Then the compressed spring straightens and sends a new cartridge from the cage.

About sighting devices

The Vepr-308 Super is equipped entirely, which provides effective shooting at a distance of up to 300 m. In addition, the carabiner is equipped with special dovetail mounts for riflescopes. Place for fasteners was the left side of the receiver.

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About ammunition

JUICE was created specifically for the cartridge of 7.62 mm caliber. Carabiners are equipped with two types of ammunition:

  • 7.62 x 39 mm (Russian version).
  • 7.62 x 51 mm. This ammunition is a foreign equivalent.

About fine-tuning

According to the owners, in spite of the high quality of performance, the carbine can be made almost perfect by a little intervention. In hunting weapons there may be flaws in the joints of the barrel boxes with butts. Judging by the reviews, the screw in the shank may slightly reduce accuracy.

To fix this problem, the owner needs to drill a hole in the butt. It is important that it turned out. Then you need to insert a screw into it and, using a conical washer, install the butt. It is not uncommon for the parts in the trigger mechanism not to be processed sufficiently well, which has a negative effect on the accuracy of shooting.

To fix this flaw can be using sandpaper. Owners of carbines need to gently clean the place of clinging hooks and hammers. According to experts, the result will be much better if you work with a diamond file. According to numerous reviews, the replacement of butts, beds, and internal mechanisms is quite common. The owners are refining and improving their hunting weapons in a variety of ways: equip with devices for silent shooting, optical sights and other accessories. Various weapon elements are commercially available.

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About the tactical and technical characteristics of the JUICE

The weapon in question has the following features:

  • With a full ammunition and without a telescopic sight, the carbine weighs no more than 4.1 kg.
  • Shooting is carried out with 7.62 mm ammunition.
  • The total length of the carbine is 1105.5 mm, the trunk - 590 mm.
  • Shooting model produced since 1995.
  • Aim shooting is possible at a distance of not more than 300 m.
  • Store supply

On the strengths of weapons

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, "Vepr-308 Super" has the following advantages:

  • Due to the high accuracy you can hit the target at a distance of 300 m.
  • With the cartridges used in the “Vepr-308 Super” rifle model, you can successfully hunt medium and large animals.
  • The carbine has a high accuracy of combat, which does not decrease even after seven shots fired in a row.
  • By increasing the sighting line, the manufacturer has significantly improved the accuracy of the Vepr-308 Super carbine. Consumer reviews indicate that optics can be additionally installed to the basic sighting mechanism.
  • During the shooting there is no recoil, which has a positive effect on the accuracy of the shot.
  • Judging by the reviews, "Vepr-308 Super" has a high operational resource.
  • The rifle model operates stably in very cold climatic conditions.

About weaknesses

Despite the presence of undeniable merits, "Vepr-308 Super" is not without some drawbacks. The disadvantages of this rifle model include:

  • Great mass. In addition, the carbine is quite dimensional.
  • Judging by some consumer reviews, the Vepr-308 Super has poor balancing.
  • Insufficiently processed wooden parts.
  • Owners have to spend a lot of time on disassembling gas chambers of carbines and cleaning pistons.
  • If the weapon is dropped on a hard surface, an open sight may break.

How to care for JUICE

Many owners appreciate the quality of automation. Carabiners have a fairly high operational resource. According to the hunters, after completing 500 shots, the JOC mechanics function properly and do not misfire.

carbine boar 308 super chambered

Experts advise every time after use to thoroughly clean the gas piston. This recommendation is due to the fact that after the time has elapsed, it will be problematic to remove carbon deposits.

The barrel channel is also made quite high quality. However, according to some hunters, there are cases when, after 200-300 shots, the protective chrome layer begins to flake off. This can be prevented by regularly cleaning the barrel. To use the factory ramrod, which is equipped with a carbine, according to the hunters, it is inconvenient. It is best to purchase a ramrod separately. It is desirable that he had a rotating head.

It is easy to remove dirt and soot with white cotton tape, which isolates the windings in the electric motors. First, the tape must be cut into several strips. Then they are wrapped with a ramrod.The barrel channel can be considered clean if the color of the tape remains consistently white.

Experienced hunters do not recommend using too many lubricants. Mechanical knots of a carbine are processed with a clean cloth moistened and carefully wrung out. This is especially important in those cases if the weapon is planned to be used at minus temperatures. If you have to shoot in the summer, then you can put less grease on a rag. Clean carbine best oil, which is intended for diesel engines.

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