Car Volkswagen Transporter T5: characteristics, description and reviews of the owners

Volkswagen Transporter T5 - a car thatis a follower of such a minivan as Käfer, which was previously produced by the same concern. This mini bus has become very popular due to its features and technical characteristics, so that they should be told more in detail.

volkswagen transporter t5

The idea of ​​creating

The Volkswagen Transporter T5 project was conceiveda man named Ben Pont. In 1947, he saw an automobile platform, which was built by Volkswagen workers on the basis of the "Beetle". The importer decided that it would be nice to create a car for the transportation of small loads, considering that such vehicles will become popular. In general, and the idea was born to create a car "Volkswagen Transporter". And then, when production began, different models began to appear.

This model does not know compromises. It is both comfortable and practical. And the principle of manufacturers is to create such a Volkswagen Transporter T5, so that the load in it always falls on the bridges evenly, regardless of how the car is loaded, partially or completely.

volkswagen transporter tdi t5

The cheapest version

The most "modest" version of this modelis considered a Volkswagen Transporter T5 1.9 TDI LWB L2H1. Now such a car in good condition can be purchased for about half a million rubles. This machine has quite a lot of possibilities. The model is supplied with both a double cab and a standard cabin. In all versions, you can choose the type of platform. For example, the "pickup" side and overhangs are equipped with easily openable latches, due to which you can approach the platform from three sides. The awning along with the frame is provided as additional equipment. The version with a double cab easily puts six people in it.

The engine is mounted 84-strong, 1.9-liter, with a maximum speed of 133 km / h. The cost of the city is about ten liters. In general, the characteristics are modest, basic, but many and such are enough.

The most powerful pickup truck

The new car became a followerVolkswagen Transporter TDI T5. This pickup boasted very powerful technical characteristics. Under its hood is installed a 235-hp 3.2-liter V6 engine, which accelerates this car to 182 km / h. The pickup in 100 km / h pickup can reach in 10.7 seconds. The peculiarity of this pick-up truck is distributed fuel injection, as well as in a six-speed gearbox. The front suspension is independent (McPherson), and the rear is equipped with a telescopic shock absorber and a helical spring. In general, this is a powerful and rather fast car, which for many people has become a real assistant in the transportation and travel.

volkswagen transporter t5 characteristic

Minivan T5 2.5 TDI 4motion SWB L1H2

It's a completely different Volkswagen Transporter T5. Its characteristic is also different, because it is a passenger variant. And with a fairly rich equipment. Its basic equipment can boast a good security system (cushions are installed for both the driver and passengers). In addition, the car is equipped with ABS and MSR. Also this car has independent suspension and an improved, modernized chassis with the original transmission, due to which the model has got excellent handling.

So, with regard to technical characteristics, this4-door minivan with a 131-horsepower engine, equipped with a turbo. The fuel supply system here is a diesel with direct injection. Very economical and profitable option. The motor runs under the control of 6-speed mechanics. The maximum speed of the minivan is 160 km / h, and up to a mark of 100 km the speedometer raises the arrow in 16.4 seconds. Another advantage is disc ventilated brakes. And a comfortable salon. The latter is especially important.

Volkswagen Transporter T5 reviews getexclusively positive due to the comfortable interior. Because the driver, as well as the passenger, spend time inside the car. Comfortable soft seats for proper landing, plenty of space both in the legs and above the head, a pleasant environment - all this is noted by the owners of this minivan. However, this is not the most popular version yet. On more well-known "Volkswagen" is worth telling more.

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The most luxurious version of the car isVolkswagen Transporter T5 Multivan Business. At home, in Germany, the car costs about 120,000 euros. Its standard equipment can boast bi-xenon headlights, GPS navigation system, automatic climate control, electric sliding doors, a refrigerator, a table and various entertainment systems. In general, all that is necessary for true comfort.

Since the middle of 2007, this multivalentwith an elongated wheelbase of 5.29 m. And in 2010 the model was completely modernized. It was decided to change the lighting equipment, to transform the hood and renovate the cabin. Others became bumpers, front fenders, side mirrors with radiator grilles also changed. Plus, the gamma of motors has changed. Absolutely all engines are produced in light with a volume of 2.5 or 2 liters. There are both diesel and petrol options. The number of "horses" is different - there are versions more powerful, there are also weaker. For the first time, a system like biturbo appeared on minivans. In general, the modernization was very successful. The car was improved to such a level that it became a vivid representative of the new corporate style of the concern.

volkswagen transporter t5 specifications

Four-door chassis from VW

I would like to say a few words about thisvariant of Volkswagen. This model differs streamlined body shape, a transformed front lining and a fairly powerful and massive bumper. Also visible are new optics and wheels. Plus, the developers completely reworked the cabin, making it more comfortable and attractive.

The new range also boasts a significantimproved performance and reduced weight. This is very important, especially for cars that are already large. Its weight is 2.6 tons (minimum). The maximum mass reaches 3.2 tons. Plus, it's worth adding a lifting capacity, which is a maximum of 1.4 tons. In all, the car exists in 67 different executions. And if you take into account all sorts of options, then there are a few hundred! Impressive figure. Custom-built minivans are equipped with a four-wheel drive, as well as two glazed swinging rear doors. There are options with one hinged. It also needs to add windshield wipers, new halogen headlights, electric windows, heated mirrors, adjustable steering wheel and an additional passenger seat in front. This and many more are in vans made to order. Many people buy such options, as "Volkswagen" produces really good mini buses.

volkswagen transporter t5 reviews

Interesting Facts

Few people know that the Volkswagen Transporteroften appeared in the movies and in cartoons. "Destroyers of Legends", "Cars", "Futurama", "Scooby Doo" (the most famous van), "Riding the Pool", "Back to the Future", "Staying Alive" (cult series), "Night of the Living Nerds "," Angels and Demons "and even a clip of Ich will by the popular band" Ramstein "- in these and many other video series participated the described car. Many critics suggest that this also played a significant role in increasing the popularity of this machine.

By the way, there is one concept car, which is oftenuse with the "Transformer" model. And this Volkswagen Microbus Concept. It is made in retro style and really it is something similar to "Transporter". There are several other models that are often confused with this Volkswagen: Volkswagen LT, Volkswagen EA489 (Hormiga) and Volkswagen Crafter. But in fact, these are completely different cars.

2.0 BiTDI 4motion Double Cab L2

Talking about the Volkswagen Transporter T5,I would like to note the model 2.0 BiTDI 4motion Double Cab L2. This is the closest "relative" of T5, which has become very popular. He, as well as his predecessor, is available in four different bodies. The first is an all-metal van. The second is for passengers. The third body can boast a chassis with a double or single cabin, and the latest version - a pickup.

Unlike their predecessors, this minivanbecame very expressive. If we talk about external changes, they touched mainly on the radiator grille, optics and the front bumper. In the interior, everything is almost the same as in T4. The form of the instrument panel changed, white illumination appeared and edging of scales from chromium. And the developers have done so that the panel displayed the recommended speed. This Volkswagen Transporter T5 specifications are excellent - everything meets the modern requirements for this class of cars. Therefore, it is not surprising that the car became popular.

 volkswagen transporter t5 multivan

About security

This car belongs, like all Germanmachines, to the category of reliable. In such a procedure as repair, the Volkswagen Transporter T5 does not need, as it is a solidly assembled machine. It can last a long time. By the way, this model is also safe - for pedestrians, children and passengers. This was clarified in the process of Euro NCAP text. Airbags, various systems (anti-lock, anti-slip, etc.) and, of course, high-quality materials used in the assembly and production of the machine. All this is in this "Volkswagen". Because the fact that it is still very popular today is not surprising. If we talk about the most popular minivan in the world - it will definitely be German "Volkswagen". Millions of owners around the world are proof of this.

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