Car loan in Alfa-Bank: conditions, interest rate, application

To carry out all the planned cases, regardless of the schedule of urban transport, will help personal car. The consumer needs to choose a reliable credit organization offering car loans. Alfa-Bank has long established itself as a stable bank, renowned for simplicity and not imposing excessive demands. For car loans here is a special approach.


Alfa-Bank has the status of a private organization and ranks first in its segment.

Alfa-Bank started its activities since 1990, during which time it earned the trust of millions of people. Initially, the organization was created in the form of a limited liability partnership, but already in early January 1991, it received a license from the Central Bank to conduct banking activities. After a year and a half, the bank received the right to work with currency.

Alfa-Bank has the status of a private organization and ranks first in its segment, among the top ten largest banks in terms of assets.

Financial institution is engaged in servicing individuals and legal entities. For almost 30 years of operation, Alfa-Bank has acquired 14.2 million private and 380 thousand corporate clients.

Features of a car loan in Alfa-Bank

Buy a vehicle on credit in two ways. In the first case, the car will act as a pledge, the owner does not have the right to sell or donate it, often the PTS also remains with the lender until the loan is repaid. This type of lending is targeted; it is concluded in a bank, but you can also draw up an agreement at a car dealership or a dealership that cooperate with a credit institution.

alpha bank car loan for a used car

It is possible to take a car loan in Alfa-Bank without a car pledge, in fact, the borrower receives an ordinary consumer loan, which he sends to buy a car.

Such loans have several advantages.

  1. The interest rate on consumer loans below.
  2. The purchased vehicle does not act as a pledge, it can be sold, donated, etc. If there are problems with the payment of a loan, the lender can demand the recovery of the car only after a court decision.
  3. Unlike the standard program, a car loan at Alfa-Bank does not require a minimum down payment.
  4. The vehicle owner decides whether he needs a CASCO policy and what insurance company he wants to receive it. Insurance of the loan itself will be a voluntary decision.

Credit terms

The conditions of the car loan at Alfa-Bank differ depending on which category the borrower belongs to.

  • The loan term under this program is the same for all clients, it is a period from 12 to 60 months.
  • The minimum credit limit starts from 50 thousand rubles, the maximum limit for those people who fall under the standard conditions is 1 million rubles. For corporate clients, 1.5 million rubles, and for people receiving payroll on the Alfa-Bank card, the limit reaches 3 million rubles. The total approved amount is calculated individually.
  • The interest rate in Alfa-Bank on car loans is influenced by the category of the client who applied, but there will also be a significant difference on the size of the loan.

If the client is an employee of a company that has partnerships with Alfa-Bank, he has the right to count on 15.99-22.49% with a sum of 50 thousand to 250 thousand rubles. Over 250 thousand and up to 700 - from 13.99 to 19.49%. Over 700 thousandinterest rate varies from 10.99 to 19.49%.

Provided that the borrower receives a salary on the Alfa-Bank card, he will be offered interest rates: from 50 thousand - 13.99 to 22.49%, over 250 and up to 700 thousand rubles - 12.99 to 19, 49%. If the loan amount is from 700 thousand rubles, the loan rate will drop from 10.99 to 19.49%.

For all other categories of citizens, the interest rate with an amount of 50 thousand rubles and up to 250 thousand will be: from 16.99 to 22.49%. The amount above 250 thousand is accompanied by a rate from 14.99 to 19.49%. A loan of 700 thousand is issued with an interest rate of 10.99 and up to 19.49%.

  • Under this program, you can get a car loan in Alfa-Bank without a down payment.
  • The loan product is untargeted.
  • Guarantors or collateral are not required.
  • There are no fees for issuing a loan and servicing the account, regardless of which category the client belongs to.
  • You can purchase a vehicle both from individuals and Alfa-Bank partners. Car loan for a used car or a new one does not differ conditions.
Alfa-Bank offers many ways of repayment under contracts.

Requirements for borrowers

  • Russian citizenship.
  • Age from 21 years.
  • Official work on the workbook.
  • Experience at the current place of work of 3 months.
  • Registration in the village where there is a branch of the bank.
  • Accommodation and employment in a city where there is a branch of Alfa-Bank.
  • Those who want to get a car loan in Alfa-Bank must also provide their mobile phone number and landline worker.
  • Official income after deducting all taxes, should be from 10 thousand rubles.

The loan under this program is not granted to individual entrepreneurs and persons working for them.

You can apply for a loan at the bank office, and then wait for the decision of the lender.


The package of documents is standard, there are slight differences depending on the category of client.

  1. All borrowers are required to provide a passport of the Russian Federation.
  2. A document confirming the income of the consumer. This item does not apply to people who receive wages on the card of Alfa-Bank.
  3. Additional document. This may be: a driver's license, passport, certificate of registration with the tax, SNILS, a card of any bank, on which money flows regularly.
  4. Individuals receiving a loan under the general lending program will be required to submit a second additional document to choose from: a copy of the documents for the ownership of the vehicle, a copy of the employment record, an extract from the account with at least 150 thousand.rubles, a copy of a passport with the presence of marks of travel over the last year, a copy of the hull insurance policy, etc.

The bank has the right to ask for additional documents with any credit product.

In the Alfa-Bank PSC

How to apply?

You can apply for a car loan in Alfa-Bank in several ways.

  1. In the office of the bank. To do this, you will need to collect a package of documents suitable for a specific category of client and contact the nearest branch. After filling out an application for a loan, the questionnaire will go to the review, where the specialist will evaluate her and the borrower's credit history. Most often, the bank gives an answer within 1-2 days.
  2. Modern technologies allow the borrower not to waste time waiting in line. There is a time-saving way - filling out the application through the site. It is necessary to indicate complete and reliable data in the application form for obtaining a car loan in Alfa-Bank. A loan can only be approved by people with a positive credit history who previously fulfilled their financial obligations in a timely manner. In a special form, data about the borrower, his contact information, registration and address of residence, place of work and average income, education, family status, etc. are entered. After receiving the questionnaire, specialists will contact the client to clarify the information.Based on the submitted data, the lender will give a negative or positive preliminary decision, which will be notified to the individual in the message. After that, the borrower must submit all the necessary documents in the office of Alfa-Bank. If everything is in order, and the documents correspond to the specified data, the consumer will receive final approval. After signing the contract, a person can withdraw their money on the same day.
  3. Employees of Alfa-Bank's partner organizations, participants in the payroll project, as well as those people who work in state structures, can leave a request by calling the financial institution's hotline.

Repayment options

Maximum loan amount

Like any modern bank, Alfa-Bank offers many ways to pay off contracts.

  1. Through their ATMs or ATMs of partner banks. To withdraw money under the contract, it is necessary to place an amount sufficient to pay the monthly payment on the credit account.
  2. Take advantage of online banking. Without leaving the house and at any time of day, the user can transfer money between his accounts.
  3. Through the mobile application is allowed the transfer of money from debit to credit.
  4. It is possible to pay a loan from the card of any bank if the client knows all the details of the credit account / card. The downside will be the commission for the transfer.
  5. Employees of partner companies and people who receive a salary on the Alfa-Bank card can make a statement in the accounting department of their place of work, according to which the amount of the monthly payment will be automatically withheld and forwarded to the creditor.


The borrower undertakes to fulfill its obligations under the contract every month in annuity payments. Funds must be located before 23:00 Moscow time no later than the date of payment. If the repayment day falls on a non-working day, then the payment is made on the next day after the non-working day, the subsequent schedule does not change after that.

The bank must receive the full amount of the payment, without any charges and taxes. If payment is not received on schedule, fines are charged at a rate of 0.1% of the amount of overdue debt. Sanctions will be applied until the repayment of the arrears.

Purchase a car

Early repayment

At any time the borrower has the right to repay the debt ahead of schedule or partly ahead of schedule.There are no sanctions or commissions for this.

Partial return of borrowed funds is possible only on the day of payment according to the schedule. Before that, you need to make a statement indicating early repayment, then replenish the account with the desired amount.

In case of full early repayment, the amount of the remainder is known in advance; it will be reduced by shortening the period of using the loan funds. You can clarify the debt in the bank’s branches with the managers, through the ATMs of the lender, as well as using the Alfa-Consultant service.

Full loan cost

The full cost of the loan (CPM) includes all payments to repay the loan body, interest payments, and other payments provided for by the contract.

Under this program in Alfa-Bank, the CPM reaches a minimum of 10.990%, a maximum of 24.813%. UCS depends on the personal rate and is calculated individually.

Reviews of auto loan "Alfa-Bank"

Future car owners carefully weigh all the nuances of car loans, choosing between the offers of different banks.

People who use the product of Alfa-Bank, note its convenience and ease of design.The absence of the need to use the car as a guarantor, as well as the ability to dispose of the property at its discretion, attracts new customers.

Among the negative features is the fact that the target car loan in other banking institutions allows you to receive large amounts, up to 5 million rubles, and for longer periods.

If you choose a bank to apply for a large amount, then it is better to apply to institutions that are in the top 10 in the country. Large banks due to the turnover of funds allow themselves to lower interest rates and special programs for certain categories of customers.

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