Car DVB-T2 Tuner: overview, types, features and reviews

Modern man spends a lot of time on the road. Therefore, many car owners are trying to equip your car as convenient and comfortable as possible. The accessories installed in the salon, such as navigators, radio tape recorders and compact televisions, are not surprising to anyone.

To watch your favorite programs on the road or standing in traffic jams, you must purchase a car TV tuner. This accessory is already widely used by drivers. However, until recently, analog models were more actively used. But with the advent of new digital television in cars, DVB-T2 digital tuner is increasingly being used.

Why do I need a tuner in the car?

The use of television tuners in the car will allow you to broadcast live television and at the same time enjoy watching interesting programs. This is especially true if there are often children in the cabin who are difficult to make for a long time sitting in one place.Car DVB T2 tuner will allow them to spend more interesting time traveling, as well as during long trips.

Car Tuner T2

The TV tuner will provide an opportunity to watch TV channels by connecting it to the current system of your mobile video device.

Having a television set in your car that is equipped with a digital tuner will allow you to receive even more broadcasting, and the digital capabilities of this device will reduce interference and improve image quality. In addition, a digital tuner will contribute to obtaining images with a resolution of HD and FullHD.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of all variants of car TV, you can determine the following:

  • An analogue tuner will not provide normal signal quality, but it is relatively inexpensive;
  • a digital tuner will give an excellent image, but since it works on DVB-T technologies, it can not be used everywhere, and the tuner is quite expensive;
  • The DVB-T2 tuner is not too expensive for analog, and it can broadcast all available channels in excellent quality throughout the entire coverage area.

Choosing a TV tuner for cars

First you need to decide on the type of equipment for TV.The tuner can be external USB, stand-alone or integrated. Internal connects only to the PC, so it is not suitable for the car.

Car tuner

Among the external emit autonomous accessories, which consist of separate blocks. They are installed between the antenna and the monitor in the car. Such a device works even without being connected to a computer and it maintains a sufficiently high resolution. And if the car interior is equipped with an LCD monitor, with such a tuner it will be almost a full-fledged TV at a relatively low price.

DVB-T2 tuner with USB port works in conjunction with a tablet or laptop. But this method of connecting does not suit many people, since the presence of the main device is necessary, and there is not always a place in the car for its installation.

Main advantages

In their reviews about car tuners, car owners call a number of great features and benefits.

  1. Comfort for passengers and driver. Always available favorite digital broadcasting - TV shows and movies, children's channels for young travelers, TV shows and much more.
  2. For remote control - external infrared receiver. Can drive as a driver, that and passengers of a car.
  3. The coding of the tuner in accordance with the requirements of the standards of Russia, CIS countries and European countries.
  4. Almost imperceptible outside antennas that provide convenient reception.
  5. Your car will become more comfortable and prestigious for comfortable movement.
  6. The affordable cost of connecting and installing a digital tuner to the head unit.
Digital tuner

Specifications and features

Car DVB T2 digital tuner is absolutely universal. It can be connected to:

  • regular tape recorder;
  • substitutes for native radio;
  • rearview camera screens;
  • ceiling monitors;
  • headrest monitors;
  • rearview mirrors with a monitor.

In other words - to any device equipped with a screen and video input. The tuner itself is installed secretly. And the remote sensor remains in view of the remote control. Depending on the type of car antenna is installed either outside or in the cabin.

Install, connect and configure car DVB-T2 tuner, preferably in a specialized service center. According to numerous reviews of car owners, do not trust this work of artisanal craftsmen. They often do not have enough knowledge, do not have the appropriate tools and devices.Specialists of the service center will carry out high-quality and quick installation, debugging and tuning of the tuner, and if there are any failures in the work, they will diagnose the failure and repair it.

To ensure stable high-quality operation of the tuner, both in the winter cold and in the summer heat, the internal circuit board of the device is processed with special materials. The best signal reception is when the car is not moving. But, according to the owners of such devices, many say that the image of acceptable quality is maintained even when driving at a speed of 50-60 km / h.

Digital TV tuner


This RS car accessory is the best DVB-T2 tuner on the market for digital analogs of this format. This new generation device works fine while driving at speeds up to 150 km / h. This was made possible thanks to the two highly sensitive antennas included in the package and two built-in highly sensitive amplifiers.

In the package you will find everything you need to install the tuner in the car.

  • manufacturer - Taiwan;
  • file system - FAT 16/32, NTFS;
  • playback from USB photos, music and video;
  • photo format - BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF;
  • audio format - WAV, ASF, MP3, AAC;
  • video format - MKV, DivX, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, FLV, DivX Plus;
  • image size - 16 x 9.4 x 3;
  • image resolution - 720 pixels;
RS DVB-T2 HD Tuner


  • TV tuner;
  • TV antenna (2 pieces);
  • set of installation wires;
  • remote control panel;
  • instructions for installation and operation.

Prology DVB-T2 Tuner

Compact digital TV tuner DVB-T2 is developed by Prology specifically for use in cars. Unlike many similar models, this one ensures reliable signal reception even at a speed of 100 km / h.

This tuner can be installed with any multimedia standard device that has a composite video input, or a monitor. Included - two active antennas.

The embedded media player in this DVB-T2 tuner allows you to use it as an additional AV source in a hidden installation.

The device supports playback of USB files in AVI VOB, 3GP, FLV, MPG, WMV, MKV, MP3, WAV, BMP, PNG, FLAC, JPEG formats.

  • frequency range: 177.5 - 226.5 MHz, 474 - 858 MHz;
  • food: 10 - 15 V;
  • connectors: audio output 2 x RCA, USB, two RCA video outputs;
  • antenna type: external active.

Car tuner World Vision

This new World Vision T129 digital tuner from a well-known manufacturer will allow you not to be bored in traffic jams and travels, it will give you a good picture quality.A feature of this model is the power supply of 12 V, which provides the possibility of connecting it in the car using a special adapter, purchased separately. This receiver is made on the basis of a powerful processor, has 64 MB of RAM and 4 MB - built-in. The maximum screen resolution is 1080 pixels.

The device supports popular video formats - MP4, MKV, AVI and others, which are successfully read directly from external drives via USB.

Dvb t2 tuners

The back side of this car accessory is equipped with special outputs for connecting to the receiving antenna of a TV tuner DVB-T2 for a TV.

Graphic menu made in an intuitive and beautiful style. For ease of use provides a remote control. The tuner is made in classic black color from high quality plastic.


  • dimensions mm: 115 x 70 x 20;
  • RAM: DDR II 64 MB;
  • processor: Montage;
  • Built-in memory: 4 MB.


  • Power Supply;
  • receiver;
  • User's Manual;
  • special fastening;
  • AAA batteries - 2 pcs .;
  • RCA cable;
  • remote IR receiver.

Car tv tuner

Newsmy ACTV 002 WI-FI is a universal model of the newest generation, designed for digital broadcasting.It has good signal quality and compact size.

This accessory receives on-air DVB-T2 / DVB-T, DTMB signals, and via Wi-Fi can transfer them to connected Smart devices - a computer, car music system, telephone, tablet. To connect to the device via Wi-Fi, you need to install Mobile TV Receiver from the App Store or Google Play.

The tuner does not require you to connect to the Internet and pay for data transfer, but when using it as a router, you only need to purchase a 3G / 4G USB modem. You can also connect two SMART devices to the device at the same time, and each of them can transmit its own individual signal. It is possible to use a USB drive.


  • tuner;
  • digital antenna;
  • power wire 12 V.

Cyclon T400 Tuner

This car DVB-T2 tuner with USB is compatible with 1-din and 2-din tape recorders, as well as with various devices that have a video input. High quality HD reception is digital and supports DVB-T2 format. The device has a multilingual menu that is convenient to use.

The model is equipped with an HD-media player that allows using the USB port to play various files in a variety of formats: photos, audio files, video files.

Modern TV devices


  • multilanguage menu;
  • 4-channel signal amplifier;
  • the ability to write to an external drive;
  • highly sensitive antennas;
  • playback from a USB-carrier photo, music, video;
  • electronic program guide.


  • signal reception standard - DVB-T2;
  • stable signal reception even at a speed of 160 km / h;
  • processor - MStar 7T01;
  • file system: FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS;
  • color system - PAL / NTSC;
  • 4 antennas;
  • power supply - DC + 10V.

Rolsen RDB-2020

The tuner of this model is equipped with a USB port that allows, with the PVR function, to record on-air television programs on external media in digital quality. And thanks to the built-in TimeShift “Pending Review” function, after clicking on “Pause”, you can continue viewing from a stopped place at any time.

Rolsen's DVB-T2 car TV tuner also allows you to play video and music content from external media, and most major media formats are supported. In addition, this model implements the function of automatic time synchronization and access to EPG - electronic program guide.

Universal TV Tuner Incar DTV-16

This model is distinguished by the ability to display a clear picture with high image quality, devoid of artifacts and flaws.As a signal source for video, data in popular MPEG-4, MPEG-2, HE-AAC for video and MPEG-1 formats are used for audio.

A weighty argument in favor of Incar is its versatility. The model is ideal for most head units of the same production, but at the same time it can be connected to any monitor or device that is equipped with a conventional analog AV input.


  • cable connection to a network of 12 V;
  • external IR sensor for remote control;
  • 4 active antennas with amplifiers of 20dB;
  • AV connection cables;
  • user guide;
  • Remote Control.


  • DVB-C and DVB-T2 standard;
  • screen guide;
  • the ability to update the firmware using USB;
  • USB recorder, PVR;
  • memory for more than 1000 channels;
  • after power off - saving settings;
  • teletext support;
  • 9 languages ​​support;
  • 3 video outputs;
  • Remote IR receiver for remote control.

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