Cappuccino at home: we can do it

What is cappuccino? They say that it was invented by the Franciscan monks, also called Capuchins, because it was customary to wear a hiding face in their order. And the name of this drink is translated as "hood". It is this “cap” - thick creamy foam - that distinguishes divine drink from simple coffee with milk. And since not many people succeed in achieving such a high and stable foam, a stable but erroneous opinion emerged that making cappuccino at homejust impossible. Say, not every bartender can do it. In fact, this art just needs to learn.

Cappuccino recipe at home

You can pour the contents of the bag into a cup, pour boiling water and stir. A sort of swirl with lumps floating in it would be considered an authentic drink unless it was ignorant. For real cappuccino you need the following products: natural coffee (beans or freshly ground), milk (preferably whole and fresh, and not long-term storage) or cream, cinnamon, sugar. Special kitchen utensils will also be required: an apparatus for espresso or jazz.If you are a gourmet, it is allowed to take grains or powder with a certain aroma - Ayrish cream, vanilla, chocolate. In general, experimenting with this drink is not only possible, but also necessary - every time you will pamper yourself with a completely different, but always with excellent taste.

Cappuccino at home

How to make cappuccino at home

If you do not have a professional cappuccino coffee maker, then you can make this drink at home with the help of a cezve (it is also called “Turkish”). This is such a vessel with a long handle, with a potted bottom and a tulip-shaped top. This configuration of the saucepan allows you to keep the aroma of coffee. Stashes are for one-, two-, three persons and more. It is better to use metal Turks, because clay gives an undesirable taste to espresso. Do you know how to make good, strong coffee? Pour freshly ground grain into a cezve, pour water on two thirds of the pot and set it on fire. Wait until the foam rises, and leave the Turk off the fire. Boil the drink can not be - he will lose all his taste.

Cappuccino at home: step two

Now, when the espresso is ready, we proceed to the creation of foam.Remember that only cappuccino is considered to be a real cappuccino, where dense creamy foam makes up a third of a cup. It keeps warm and aroma of coffee. Put the milk or cream on a small fire and heat to 70-80 C. Remove from heat and beat with a mixer until a thick foam is formed. It is advisable to prepare both espresso and milk at the same time: this way the black drink will not cool and disappear, and the white will not settle.

How to make cappuccino

Cappuccino at home: the third step

Now comes a very crucial moment - the connection of the two main components. Some drinkers advise to gently spread creamy foam on coffee with a spoon, while others use a sharp motion to pour out the milk. If pouring smoothly, only settled liquid will fall into the cup, while the froth will remain in the saucepan. Therefore, until you have filled your hand, it is better to resort to the first option: remove the foam from the top and carefully place it in the cup with an espresso, so that both components do not mix. How much milk do you need? This is for your taste. But supporters of the classics argue that the cream should only soften the bitterness of coffee, and not dominate the drink.

Cappuccino recipe at home

Cappuccino at home: the finishing touches

If you have not yet grasped the secrets of the art latte (as in Italy is called the art of working with milk and coffee), you probably will not be able to portray a heart or a flower from above. It does not matter: skill comes with age. For the first time, just a ruddy crust will do. Through a strainer gently sprinkle the foam with ground cinnamon, and then - with sugar. You can also experiment with honey, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, grated chocolate.

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Cappuccino at home: we can do it 56

Cappuccino at home: we can do it 56

Cappuccino at home: we can do it 66

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