Canned fish How to cook canned fish at home. Recipe

Today in supermarkets it is quite difficult to find tasty and at the same time safe canned food. After all, manufacturers often sell us goods from low-quality raw materials and with a high content of preservatives. In this article you will learn how to cook canned fish at home. And also some tricks that experienced housewives use.

Homemade canned fish: basic cooking rules

For cooking homemade canned food, you need to take only fresh fish, which has no defects or damage. In this case, you can choose both sea and river. Everything will depend only on your personal preferences.

As a fill, you should use only oils of plant origin. It can be sunflower, as well as olive or corn oil. You can use tomato sauce, the recipe of which will be described in detail below.

canned fish

Homemade canned food (fish) should be rolled up only in glass jars. This will ensure not only high tightness, but also allow to evaluate the appearance of the product after long storage. It is better to choose banks with a volume of from 0.5 to 1 liter. Such a volume is not only convenient for serving, but also allows you to evenly boil the fish in the oven.

Canned fish in a slow cooker

Such a modern kitchen appliance, as a multicooker, also allows you to cook home canning. In this case, do not need to lay out the fish on the banks. It is enough to flavor it with spices and put it in the bowl of the slow cooker. For full preparation, it is enough to use the “Quenching” mode for 20-30 minutes. Only after that the fish is laid out in sterilized jars and filled with oil or sauce.

Canned fish in a slow cooker are superior to the traditional method of cooking only if you have a small amount of fish. After all, the bowl of this kitchen gadget is rarely more than 4-5 liters.

canned fish in a slow cooker

What fish to choose for home canning?

For cooking canned food at home, you can use almost any fish.If we talk about freshwater species, it can be bream, crucian carp, carp, roach, and even pike. However, experienced housewives are very praised canned, made from mackerel. After all, this fish is traditionally associated with canned food stores, which are so popular in our country. But this does not mean that you should limit yourself in the choice of raw materials. For example, canned fish from river fish, although they are characterized by a high content of bones, but they are prepared several times faster than marine species.

To reveal the taste of fish will help such ingredients as carrots, garlic, dill, parsley and other types of greens. Therefore, you can safely experiment in search of the most successful combination of products.

homemade canned fish

Canned fish in oil

The easiest recipe for homemade canned food involves the use of large quantities of oil. For cooking you will need:

The fish should be cleaned, cut into pieces 4-6 centimeters long. In sterilized jars need to put the pieces so that the distance between them was minimal. In a bowl, mix the salt, black pepper, oil and some water. Pour over the canned sauce and add the bay leaf.Preheat oven to 120 degrees and place jars of fish on a baking sheet. To glass jars do not burst, you should constantly monitor the cooking process. After 3 hours, you can remove the canned food from the oven and roll it up with an airtight lid. Before sending the jars to a cool place, they should be completely cooled at room temperature.

canned fish from river fish

Canned fish based on oil will appeal to everyone without exception. After all, this product will be reminded of the fact that it was produced in the former Soviet Union and answered with increased requirements for quality and safety.

Canned fish in tomato sauce

To give the canned food a more savory taste, you can make a pot based tomato. Cooking technology will be similar to the recipe using oil. However, in this case, you must first make the sauce. To make it you will need:

  • 500 grams of tomato paste;
  • 2-3 large onions;
  • 300 grams of carrots;
  • salt, pepper and spices to taste;
  • 300 ml of water.

Onions and carrots should be cut into small cubes and fry in a pan. After golden crust, add tomato paste and water.Salt and flavor with spices. Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Lay out the fish in sterilized cans and pour the resulting tomato sauce into the oven for 3 hours. Such canned food will have a rich taste and very soft fish fillets.

how to cook canned fish

How long can homemade canned food be stored?

Unlike the store product, home preservation is not stored for so long. This is due to the fact that no preservatives are added to the fish, as is the case in plants and factories. Therefore, the homemade process of producing a delicious delicacy requires maximum sterility.

After cooking canned fish can be stored no more than 6 months in a cool place. Well, if it is a basement, where a constant temperature is maintained. Before you open the jar, be sure to evaluate the appearance of the fish. If you notice the formation of plaque or discoloration, it means that during the cooking process the tightness was broken. Such canned food unsuitable for consumption. It is better to dispose of the product and not allow it to fall on the table. That is why it is very important to mark the preservation labeling with the date of manufacture.This will help to avoid poisoning and other troubles that may be associated with expired products.

Canned fish cooked at home is a great way to diversify your diet, not only delicious, but also extremely healthy dish. After all, this product can be served on the table as a snack or used to make festive salads.

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