Cake "Natasha": a classic recipe

Once the recipe for the cake “Natasha” with sour cream was extremely popular, and all because it is not expensive at all and can be easily obtained even with the beginning hostesses. True, over time, this extraordinary dessert has undergone many culinary experiments. Each cook tried to bring something unusual and memorable into the classic recipe of the “Natasha” cake of the Soviet time. Some cooked a pie with savory fillings, others baked the usual cakes, but they were smeared with other creams. So there were numerous variations of all your favorite dessert.

The recipe for homemade cake “Natasha” cannot be called absolutely simple, but with the help of detailed instructions it will be quite easy even for a beginner in cooking to cope with cooking.Cake Natasha recipe

Dessert Description

This wonderful cake consists of three cakes, supplemented with poppy seeds, nuts and raisins. Traditionally, this dessert is smeared with sour cream. This is exactly the classic recipe of the “Natasha” cake from the Soviet era.However, dessert cakes, you can complement a variety of fillings that correspond to your preferences. Now, for example, the recipe for the Natasha cake with four shortcakes is very popular, in which, in addition to the main ingredients, cocoa powder, prunes or candied fruits are added. Such baking is smeared with cream prepared on the basis of boiled condensed milk and butter. Cakes themselves among themselves except the fillers are no different. The result is an excellent, incredibly sweet and delicious dessert, which is perfect for family tea and festive table.

It is noteworthy that this cake is often called otherwise. For example, to many Soviet residents, this pastry is known as the Ural Mountains, Ladies' Whim, Korolevsky, Ural Gems. Perhaps the first name is more suited to this amazing dessert. Indeed, in itself sour cream is very similar to real mountains, and its layers resemble rubble, sand, gravel and soil. Whatever it was, the classic recipe for cake “Natasha” has been known for more than twenty years, tested by many Russian housewives and is able to bring divine aroma and insanely tasty pastries to your home.

Step-by-step recipe cake "Natasha"

Today, there are several options for making this dessert. But if you first took up baking, then for starters, be sure to try to make a cake according to the classic recipe of the cake "Natasha" with sour cream, known since Soviet times. This dessert will turn out very sweet and high, as befits a real cake.

Cake Natasha classic recipe

It is desirable to bake the cake before the planned holiday, so that the cakes are really well soaked. In addition, experienced hostesses claim that on the day of direct preparation the cake may seem too sweet and even cloying. But after the cakes are thoroughly soaked, the obsessive aftertaste disappears.

Baking Ingredients

A set of products for cooking dessert recipe cake "Natasha" is actually quite small. Usually such ingredients can be found in every home. So, in order to bake a beautiful and hearty cake, you will need:

  • 1 egg;
  • 200 g of flour;
  • 300 g sour cream;
  • 400 g of sugar;
  • 150 g raisins and nuts;
  • 50 g of candied fruit and poppy;
  • soda and vinegar.

Cake Natasha recipe classic Soviet

Armed with all the necessary products and a few hours of free time, you can start baking a culinary miracle according to the recipe of the Natasha cake.

Cooking Soviet Dessert

The recipe for the Natasha cake is also interesting because its components can be easily changed according to your own preferences. Every time you can bake dessert with various fillings.

First and foremost, of course, make the dough. In a sufficiently deep container, place the egg, add sugar and a little salt. All this must be whipped with a mixer, pastry corolla or ordinary fork. Then add here sour cream and soda, previously slaked with vinegar. By the way, it is quite possible to replace the last ingredient with a baking powder more familiar to modern hostesses. After sift the flour and begin to add it to the mixture. Do not stop stirring, bring the dough to the state of sour cream.

Knead the dough into four equal parts. In each of them add the selected filler and mix thoroughly. For example, add the first part with chopped nuts, the second - pre-washed and dried candied fruits, the third - steamed raisins, and add the poppy to the fourth.Cake Natasha recipe classic Soviet time

Carefully grease the baking dish with butter or simply cover it with special paper. Each cake should be baked for about half an hour.After baking, leave the biscuit to cool aside, and in the meantime proceed to the preparation of sour cream.

Cream cake

Cream cream "Natasha" can be cooked literally any. For example, if you are an ardent fan of custard, it will also fit. But the classic Soviet recipe for this extraordinary dessert implies sour cream mixture. By the way, it is prepared insanely simple. It is only necessary to combine the sour cream, sugar and a little vanillin, and then all this must be thoroughly whipped.

After the biscuit has cooled, you can proceed to the formation of the future cake. Cakes in any order need to generously grease the cooked cream. Formed cake on the top and sides can also be spread with sour cream and decorated with nuts or candied fruits. On this preparation can be considered finished. It is advisable to let the finished cake stand for at least 3-4 hours, and it is best to leave it alone for half a day or all night.

Cake "Natasha" with custard

One of the most popular options for everyone's favorite dessert is a cake with a gentle cream. To make one cake, you need:

  • egg;
  • half a cup of flour and sour cream;
  • a teaspoon of starch;
  • soda and vinegar;
  • half a cup of sugar.

Cake Natasha step by step recipe

For filling each cake will also need half a cup of poppy, nuts and raisins. And sour cream in this recipe, you can replace kefir in the same amount. In addition, for the cream you will need to buy boiled condensed milk and 200 grams of butter. If you have only ordinary condensed milk, you can use it, because you can cook it to the desired state with your own hands. To do this, condensed milk should be cooked on low heat for about 40 minutes.

Cooking delicious dessert

As in the classic version, you should start making the future cake with dough. To do this, eggs, sugar, starch, soda or baking powder, sour cream and flour must be thoroughly whipped. Of course, you can prepare the dough for each cake separately. However, in practice, to make the whole mass, and then divide it into several parts - much easier and faster. Whichever option you choose, remember, in each part of the test you need to add the selected filling. Cakes should be baked alternately for half an hour in an oven heated to 200 degrees.A baked biscuit must be cooled.

Begin to make the custard while the bread is cooling. Beat the boiled condensed milk with softened butter. You will not be able to do this manually, so do not forget to prepare the mixer or blender in advance. Finally add some vanilla sugar to the mixture. Then, as usual, form a cake that can be unusual to decorate with sugar and cocoa powder. To do this, simply sprinkle dessert with a mixture of ingredients. The top of the product can be further decorated with nuts, candied fruits and canned fruits. As a result, your pastry will look really beautiful and interesting.Cake recipe Natasha with sour cream

Cake recipe with different creams

More experienced hostesses can cope with the task more difficult and prepare a four-layer cake with two types of cream - for decoration and impregnation. So, to bake such a miracle, you will need:

  • 2 cups sour cream and sugar;
  • as much flour;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 2 tablespoons of starch;
  • soda and vinegar.

Fillers in this recipe are nuts, poppy seeds, raisins and cocoa. The last ingredient you need 2 tablespoons, and all the rest - half a glass.As an impregnation cream, a mixture of two glasses of sour cream and one sugar is used. But to decorate the cake will need to cook a thick custard of two eggs, a glass of sugar, 50 ml of milk and 200 g of butter.

Cooking Luxury Dessert

As in the case with the previous recipes, knead the dough for several cakes at once, then divide it into four equal parts. In each of them add a filler and put in the oven. By the way, you can add not only cocoa powder to the chocolate dough, but also a bit of all the other fillings. For one of the cakes, you can take walnuts, almonds, or cashews, which you need to grind with a knife. And if you absolutely do not like raisins, in this recipe you can change it to a more piquant prune. Only this component should be finely chopped before adding to the dough. So the cake will turn out both tastier and more interesting.Homemade cake Natasha recipe

For the impregnation of the cake, you must beat the sour cream and sugar. Dairy product should be quite fatty, so the mixture will be more dense. Biscuit very quickly absorbs such a cream. By the way, the greased cakes are best left in the baking dish, which will not allow the excess paste to slide down.In order for your cake to turn out really beautiful, put the crusts in order: first, the poppy layer, then the layer with nuts, after it - with raisins or prunes, and put chocolate sponge on top. Place the greased cake in the refrigerator for impregnation.

Cake decorating

In the meantime, start making decorating cream. Pound eggs with sugar and milk and set the mixture on a slow fire. Continuing to stir, wait until the mass thickens, then remove it from the stove. Cool the cooked pasta and mix with softened butter. Custard grease the top and sides of the formed cake and proceed to the decoration. To do this, you can use slices of fruit, berries, nuts, icing sugar and cocoa, frosting or purchased sweets.

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