"Caffeine sodium benzoate": indications and contraindications to the use of the drug

In our time, very few people are satisfied with the quality of their lives. Insomnia and drowsiness, irregular work schedules, a lot of tasks planned for the day, which are often lacking strength and energy ... And if earlier a coffee mug saved from daytime sleepiness, now this option has practically no effect. That is why many began to give preference to such a drug as "Caffeine sodium benzoate."caffeine sodium benzoate reviews

Composition and pharmacological action

The main active ingredient of the mentioned agent is caffeine methylxanthin. It has analeptic and psychostimulatory effects, blocks peripheral adenosine (A1, A2) and central receptors. In the heart, skeletal muscles, smooth muscle organs, the central nervous system, adipose tissue, it inhibits the action of PDE and contributes to a marked accumulation of cGMP and cAMP.But this effect is observed only if the patient takes an excessive dose of the drug “Caffeine sodium benzoate”. In addition to all of the above, its functions include the stimulation of the centers of the medulla oblongata (vasomotor and respiratory). High doses help to facilitate the interneuronal conduction in the spinal cord, enhancing the reflexes of the spinal section.

Action on the central nervous system

This drug is able to quickly increase physical / mental performance, stimulates the psyche, motor activity, significantly shortening the time allotted by the body to the reaction. It also reduces the feeling of tiredness and drowsiness. The effect of the drug on the human body is ambiguous. In small doses, the drug "Caffeine sodium benzoate" easily stimulates the nervous system. But it is necessary to increase the dosage, and the drug has the opposite effect - the central nervous system is inhibited. Breathing begins to increase and deepen, myocardium is stimulated, the most important parts of the central nervous system are affected.

Action on CCC

There is a stimulation of the vasomotor apparatus, but at the same time the walls of the vessels relax, which leads to a logical continuation of the processes. Among these are the subsequent reaction of individual organs: dilation of the renal vessels, skeletal muscles, heart, greater blood flow and saturation of cells with oxygen. But at the same time cerebral arteries experience increased tone, that is, the vessels in the brain narrow, reducing the cerebral blood flow and oxygen pressure. As a result of taking caffeine sodium benzoate, the blood pressure is also changed, which can increase in the normal version and normalize in arterial hypotension. In addition, the drug has an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscles, but on striated to a greater extent - stimulating. The secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract and renal filtration increase, histamine is released from mast cells, increased basal metabolism.

caffeine sodium benzoateIndications for use

Doctors prescribe the drug "Caffeine sodium benzoate", reviews of which speak of its effectiveness, while reducing mental activity,physical performance, drowsiness, headaches (including migraine type), with moderate arterial hypotension. Also, in case of depressed respiration from poisoning with narcotic or other similar drugs, asphyxia in newborns and in cases when restoration of ventilation of the lungs after anesthesia may be required. In ophthalmology, this drug is used with a marked decrease in Ophthalmotonus, retinal detachment, after surgical interventions and with glaucoma.


Contraindications are hypersensitivity, anxiety disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, tachycardia, arterial hypertension, ventricular extrasystoles. Very carefully the drug should be taken by older people, individuals with increased excitability, epilepsy, a tendency to convulsive seizures, during lactation and during pregnancy.

Medication "Caffeine sodium benzoate": side effects

With the usual use of the side effects distinguish: anxiety, irritability, anxiety, tremor and headaches, a marked increase in reflexes and insomnia.If the drug is suddenly canceled, the inhibition of the nervous system, the feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, and muscle tension increase.

Since the cardiovascular system were noted: arrhythmia, palpitations, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, in some cases, myocardial infarction is possible.

The gastrointestinal tract system may respond to the drug with nausea, vomiting, acute peptic ulcer disease, if it was in history.

There may also be nasal congestion, addiction, which is called caffeinism, complete dependence on the drug. In this case, addiction occurs quickly enough, as a result, many can no longer live a normal life without this drug.

"Caffeine sodium benzoate" for weight loss

Kréfeen sodium benzoate for weight lossParticularly enterprising people, knowing the caffeine's ability (to invigorate and dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen to the organs), decided to use the medicinal product as a fat burner. In fact, if you compare it with sports counterparts, then this option will be even safer. In sports fat burners, caffeine and geranamine are used, which in tandem can cause a stroke, stimulating the cardiovascular and nervous systems twice as much as a pharmacy remedy. In addition, these analogues and are more expensive.A drug "Caffeine sodium benzoate" is inexpensive, and the risk is lower. But again, it is addictive in a fairly short period of time. If a person who has taken this drug becomes irritable without it, goes constantly drowsy and cannot sleep at night, experiences headaches and feels hand tremor, this means that addiction is already taking place. And the stronger the symptoms - the more addictive. Therefore, before taking this tool, consult with your doctor, since the side effects are serious enough, and the consequences of its reception can be the most unpredictable.

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