Bruise on the face: how to get rid of?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 27, 2013
Bruise on the face: how to get rid of?

Kick or fall. And what do we have as a result? Yes, you are right, bruise and, with it, on the face. How quickly you get it depends on the strength of the blow and the sensitivity of the skin. And if you already have a bruise on your face, how to get rid of it, our article will tell.

Getting rid of bruise

Surrounding people notice such changes on the face, so it’s not very pleasant to go outside with bruises, which means you need to look for some remedy for bruises.

  • After a bruise on the face, you can always see the place where the blow hit, here first of all put a cold object in this place. It can be all that is on hand: metal objects, a bottle of cold water, or just a handkerchief dipped in cold water. At this time you will have only one thought in your head: how to remove a bruise from your face? But, we warn you that this is not a matter of one hour or even one day. Cool the damaged area for no more than five to seven minutes, because the skin on the face is tender and frostbite may occur. The vessels will narrow and the bruise will decrease.
  • Also in the pharmacy you can buy ointment from bruises. On the face, in the place of injury, it is applied with a thin layer and maintained for a certain time, as written in the instructions. "Rescuer", "Troxevazin" - these are the most common ointment against bruises. But no matter how safe they seem to you, be sure to read the instructions for these drugs, because some components may cause allergies or adverse reactions.
  • When bruises appear, they can also be affected by heat. This improves blood circulation, and the bruise will disappear faster. Pepper plaster, hot water bottle - this is something that can help you. But these items also do not hold for a long time, because a burn may occur. Warming up is allowed to be done only on the second day after the strike. Immediately warm not fit, because it can only bring harm.

Makeup will help us

Bruising on the face can also be treated with makeup. If all procedures for getting rid of bruises were performed, then the hematoma should decrease, but it cannot disappear immediately. This means that the traces of the blow must be hidden with the help of a tonal framework or powder. The color of her choose a yellowish tint.Paint your eyes beautifully and draw a pencil with your lips - it will distract the attention of others from your problem area. It will take three or four days and your bruise will disappear completely.

There are situations that bruises on the face do not appear from a bruise, but as a result of lack of sleep, heart disease or kidney problems. Therefore, such people are recommended a healthy sleep, load reduction, good rest. Everyday walking will give your face healthy paint. If these bruises do not go away for a long time, you should definitely consult a doctor to determine the true cause of this condition of the skin under the eyes.

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Bruise on the face: how to get rid 64

Bruise on the face: how to get rid 89

Bruise on the face: how to get rid 15

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Bruise on the face: how to get rid 61

Bruise on the face: how to get rid 89