Boy and girl: premarital relationship

Two sexes are not just two physically different types of people. These are also two kinds of visions of the world, masculine and feminine, they are equal, although very different. A healthy boy and girl need each other not because of the obligatory sexual needs attributed to us, but because only two can understand this world completely. The desire to create a pair is normal for a person. How to build a relationship before the wedding?

boy and girl

Private opinion

The author of this article adheres to strict Christian views. Irresponsible sex, infidelity, casual relationships - these are all phenomena of the same order. And in this row there are usually children's coffins, I mean abortions. True family is difficult to build on the basis of fornication. But do not despair, even the existing relationship can be replayed and the illegal sex can be terminated before marriage. If you can't get away from a guy who does not want to marry because of material circumstances, then this is very similar to prostitution. Only in bulk.Very many stories like: “a rich guy and a poor girl” imply the oldest profession.

rich guy and poor girl

Family and health

True love can always wait. Doctors who used to trumpet about the harm of abstinence now say that the ideal option is one regular partner, if not, then it is generally better without a couple. But where is the guarantee that the only partner today is the same, what will happen tomorrow? It is clear that confidence is never 100%. But if a man is married - this is an indicator of respect for you and responsibility, and the promise of loyalty. So marriage is also health.

Protect the mind

Due to the promotion of sex before marriage, the friendship between a boy and a girl becomes something ephemeral, unreal. It is clear that there is a need for intimate relationships, but if it is not plagued by eroticism, magazines, and obscene talk, then it is quite possible to keep yourself under control. The Holy Fathers said that both the boy and the girl should keep the mind first and foremost clean. Then you will not have to fight with sinful thoughts, and even more so you will not have to repent of prodigal sins.

Crowns is a reward

friendship boy and girl

The Lord especially helps in the relationships of people who have been able to maintain chastity before the wedding day, and ideally - weddings.After all, the crowns that are held at the rite above the head symbolize the victory over bodily desires and temptations. And what are the crowns for those who without sin The guy and the girl, who found the strength to wait for marriage, create stronger families. And the requirements for the morality of men are the same as for the premarital life of the girl. Double standards are unfair.

While breathing ...

Remember, no matter how we sinned while we are alive, there is an opportunity to fix it. Of course, it is difficult to move on to pure relationships if the boy and the girl did wrong, but it is possible if both are people of faith, or at least truly in love with each other. It is human nature to make mistakes, but the Lord knows how to forgive. Repent of the confession - and get ready for this marriage, and not cohabitation. Do you want to be respected or respected? Then do not blur your reputation and conscience with free relationships. They all leave a mark on the soul, and this is not a trace of dirt. These are bloody wounds and the pain of the soul, which sooner or later is felt by all those who commit fornication.

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