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It's warmer at last! There is a whole host of May holidays ahead, and if you don’t traditionally drove off to some warm country, then on May Day you’ll choose for sure. Do not relax much. Rather, relax on health, but do not forget that with you the sun pulled and all sorts of animals - there are various spider bugs, and mosquitoes. Well, and less harmless creatures - snakes, for example. Alas, this is a fact - with May heat the risk of being bitten by some reptile increases in proportion to the amount of clothing removed. We clarify - a non-harmful buzzing insect may well turn out to be a reptile, but also a friend who went through a keener-kebab and decided to demonstrate how cool Brad Pitt was in the film “Interview with the Vampire”. Or even a friend, impressed by your biceps, caressed by the May sun, and did not calculate the strength of their teeth. In this case, of course, the situation will be very piquant ... But more about that another time. And now it will not be superfluous to read, and adopt a memo that we have compiled specifically for the opening season of kebabs.

Mosquito bite. Well, if you thought in advance and sprayed all the open parts of the body with special anti-mosquito sprays - the so-called repellents. And if not, walk for two weeks in a speck, and even scratch the bitten place endlessly and fiercely. And if you are allergic, then, in general, extinguish candles. Therefore, if you are well eaten by mosquitoes, first aid will be this:

1. wash bites with soap and water; 2. wipe with alcohol-based lotions; 3. make a cold compress - you can make it from any vegetable oil or lemon juice, it relieves itching and pain well; 4. lubricate the bite with essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint; 5. take an antihistamine.

The tick bite is more detailed on the website tick does not squeak nastyly over the ear, warning about its attack, but creeps under the clothes and, using its sharp little proboscis and anesthetic, contained in saliva sticks into the body - most often in the groin area, in the armpits, in the neck, in the clavicle, in the abdomen and in the back. Disgusting in this tiny parasite is that it suffers from such an unpleasant and terrible disease as encephalitis.

In some countries, fortunately, an encephalitic tick is not a frequent visitor, but it still occurs, therefore, after finding after a picnic that you have “caught” the tick, take the following measures: 1. remove the tick by grasping with tweezers and slowly pulling it up with twisting movements. Check the wound - there should not be a head and mouth of the tick in it; 2. disinfect the wound with an alcohol-containing agent; 3. Call your doctor immediately if after several hours or days the following symptoms appear:

- rash; - fever; - stiff neck muscles; - muscle pain; - joint pain in the sternum, severe headache; - difficulty swallowing; - lymph node enlargement; - flu-like symptoms; - paralysis.

A spider bite. It is necessary, of course, to try very hard to find a tarantula or a scorpion in the grass somewhere a couple dozen kilometers from Moscow, but you never know what happens in life ... More often in our latitudes such a creature like a centipede . Biting this reptile, fortunately, is not fatal, but sensitive. So if you are attacked by an unpleasant-looking spider and snatch you, do not get confused - you will live.Of course, two or three days of pain in the bitten limb, temperature, weakness will be.

In this case, take: 1. antipyretic; 2. antihistamine; 3. drink plenty of fluids.

The bite of a bee or wasp. Honey-bearing insects and their wild relatives sting is very painful. The pain is burning, gives to nearby tissues, itching and swelling appear around the bite site. A couple of tips will help to avoid numerous bites, well, and recommendations on what to do if the bee still left her sorry: 1. if you are surrounded by a swarm of bees or wasps, don't wave your hands. Hide in a dark place - it disorients the bees, do not kill the bee that bit you or the wasp. This will bring the swarm into an aggressive state - when the body is crushed, special substances are released that give a signal for "war."

2. immediately after the bite, gently pull out the sting and squeeze poison out of the wound; 3. take an antihistamine; 4. Attach a gauze pad moistened with vodka or any alcohol-containing solution. in case of multiple bites of the victim, it is necessary to lay down and give him approximately 50 g of vodka. Shows copious drinking.

Snake bite. We hope that the most poisonous viper in your life will be some harmful neighbor.But from the real viper so do not get rid of. Advice, if you have brought you somewhere in the forest, wear high rubber boots and do not kick all the branches on the way, for one of them may turn out to be the very viper.

Remember the following: 1. The bite of a non-venomous snake leaves two strips of fine small scratches on the body. From the bite of a poisonous snake also two strips of scratches remain, but at the end of each of them a puncture from the canines is visible; 2. Do not suck poison, cauterize or incise the wound, as they do in movies; 3. place the victim, do not let him walk and move; 4. wash the bitten area with warm soapy water and apply a bandage5. give the bitten limb an elevated position in relation to the trunk.6. urgently to the doctor!

The bite of a woman. Hm ... Well, what can I say ... Perhaps this is the sweetest bite that has fallen to you in your whole life.

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