Best First Person Shooters

Features of the genre

So laid by nature that boys at any age want adrenaline. And the older they get, the more thirst for thrill. Now there is an opportunity to feel like a hero, not stuffing cones, not receiving fractures, physical injuries and scars adorning the man.
first person shootersHaving downloaded first-person shooters to your computer, you can easily become a soldier, a combat fighter pilot who destroys an enemy. The emphasis is on weapons, which will be seen constantly. Well, this is understandable. The game is a shooter! Special importance is attached to the environment. The created realistic environment virtually transfers it completely into the thick of things: on the battlefield, behind the wheel of a car or the wheel of a fighter. First-person shooters allow the main character to remain almost invisible. Sometimes it only flashes its own shadow or reflection in the game. Perhaps this is correct: after all, a person cannot see himself without a mirror. Included with the stereo effect, your speakers will add adrenaline from the hot shooting and realistic whistling of bullets flying alongside.
games first person shootersTypes of development

First-person shooters can be of two types:

• linear games in which you can complete the level to the end in any one and only concrete way and route;

• non-linear games that make you think logically, resort to tricks, tack, change tactics, adapt to situations that arise in the course of events, find the best way out of the rough and tumble combat actions, and this is more interesting!

Shooter genres

In the arsenal there are 2 game genres: rail and bloody first-person shooters. In rail shooters (eng. "Rail shooter") the goal of the game is just to shoot, reload, hide in time. You do not need to move independently.
The second name of this genre is a virtual shooting gallery.

Principle of play

After the destruction of enemies in a certain amount will be the opportunity to go to the next, more complex and even more exciting level. Usually zombies, terrorists, criminals are subject to execution in such games.

best first person shooterBloody shooters

In these games (their second name is “meat” shooters) the character moves freely through the levels, destroying hordes of monsters in incredible quantities. And the quantity of the enemy does not decrease, but on the contrary, everything increases and increases.They are not hiding! This is a psychological attack! Firepower! Each NPC murder is a dismemberment and a sea of ​​blood. In this genre there is no plot. Only the desire to diversify opponents, weapons. And see a sea of ​​blood.


First-person shooter games have become very popular today. Especially the multi-user or network option. In such FPS bouts, several players participate at the same time, and they already fight among themselves, and not with computer characters. The demand of gamers-shooters is satisfied with the game industry in full! In these games, graphics are constantly improved, new sound and 3D effects are added. Almost every month there is another exciting new masterpiece. And it’s very difficult to name the best first-person shooter this year. Everyone has different tastes. Let the players make this choice! However, among the most popular are the following: Half-Life, The New Order, Watch Dogs.

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