Beige color of your hair - inimitable tenderness

All the beautiful part of humanity - girls, girls, women and ladies of old age - wants to become more beautiful and brighter. Girls dream to grow up faster and use cosmetics, as their mothers, teenagers want to stand out among friends, to be bright and visible; older girls - to find their own style and highlight the beauty, women - to be beautiful always.

beige color

Choose your color

The most common way to transform the image - changing hair color. It should be noted that this is the least expensive way to change. We all want to become blondes at heart! Do not rush to object, but think and understand that this is the case. If this color just doesn't suit you, there's nothing you can do.

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Features of such an unusual color

A certain idea of ​​blondes has long and thoroughly ingrained in the mind of many. "You're a blonde, you can be forgiven!", - can be heard from loved ones and others.Therefore, we will talk about a small alternative, namely the pros and cons and features of beige hair. If you want to change your blonde to something quieter, then the beige color is exactly what you need. It remains only to find the right shade that suits you. If your hair color is naturally blond or light brown in nature, it will be easier to make up in a beige color. Easy to paint over and gray hair, it is generally perfectly painted in bright colors because of its deep structure. But brunettes and brown-haired women will have to go the hard way to the desired color. First you need to lighten up. Speaking in Russian, "burn" hair, which in the future will negatively affect their health. And only after this insidious procedure, you can begin to dye the exhausted hair in beige color. Consider: is it worth making such sacrifices?

Dye your hair correctly

Please note that you may not like your new, not so bright tone, so be prepared to accept calm beige color in your life. Have not changed your mind? Then go ahead. I will give an example of staining for dark-brown roots (about 2 cm) and what is left of the last staining with a reddish subtone. Take 2 packs of paint (3% for length, 6% for oxide on roots).When starting the coloring, be sure to add the HEC (chromo-energy complex) ampoules to the paint in order to add shine and protect the hair. Start from the roots. Gradually spread the paint over the entire length of the comb. The paint has a very sharp poisonous smell, when applied, you will feel a slight burning sensation on the skin, which will last no more than 1 minute. At 20 minutes the color will become noticeably darker and will resemble a chocolate bar. But do not rush to rinse, dosidite until the end of 35 minutes.

beige hair color

Summary of the procedure

As a rule, beige hair color is something between medium blond and ash-cream. After a couple of weeks, when the ashen shade comes down, repeat the dyeing again, now by 6%, for durability and fixation of the color along the entire length of the hair. To paint on different oxide, I would not advise (in order to avoid a difference of tones). Choose 3% only for previously bleached hair. Increasing the percentage of oxide makes lighter only natural (unpainted) hair. The result of your coloring entirely depends on the previous hair color. Be prepared for the fact that the paint will dry them a little. But it is easy to fix with a vitamin mask.In the end, it is worth noting that among most natural tones, it is the beige color that looks most natural and harmonious. Photographs showing models with such hair is a confirmation of this.

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Beige color of your hair - inimitable tenderness 64

Beige color of your hair - inimitable tenderness 20

Beige color of your hair - inimitable tenderness 24

Beige color of your hair - inimitable tenderness 12

Beige color of your hair - inimitable tenderness 21