The film "Beethoven": a breed of dog, character

"Beethoven" - a good and popular comedy of American cinema for viewing by the whole family. Many, watching the movie, think about what breed of dog Beethoven. And it is not surprising, because this dog is incredibly intelligent, kind and very big! As part of the article we study the St. Bernards (this is the breed of the Beethoven dog), let's remember the film.

A little about "Beethoven"

Beethoven dog

The first film appeared on the screens in 1992. In total there are 6 parts, and the name does not speak about the great composer, this is the nickname of the main character - St. Bernard named Beethoven. Photos of the dog’s breed and precisely the one that was filmed in the film can be viewed along the way. Of the 6 parts, the first two became really popular.

In the first part, the puppy accidentally enters the home of an ordinary Newtonian family. The children ask the father to leave the pet, and he, after much persuasion, agrees. The father of the family begins to hate Beethoven for the constant unrest, drooling, wants to get rid of him. This is where a good vet comes in.But in fact, he also works for arms dealers, who at one point make an order to check the weapons on a large dog. It would seem that here it is, the very moment when Newton can get rid of the hated dog, but no, he is the first to stand up for Beethoven (the St. Bernard dog breed).

In the second part, the hero has a pretty girlfriend named Missy, with whom Beethoven has "true love" and puppies appear. Everything would be fine, but the mistress Missy hates dogs, and keeps the animal only to get more money when she divorces her husband, who simply adores her dog. Thanks to the tricks of the children of Newtons, puppies fall into their house, where they are kept in the basement in secret from their father. Of course, it is not possible to keep secret for young St. Bernards for a long time, and the family does everything to prevent the puppies from falling into the hands of the evil hostess Missy, who decided to cash in on selling Chubby, Mo, Tchaikovsky and Dolly (this is how Beethoven puppies were called).

Breed of dog

St. Bernard puppy

St. Bernard is one of the most sought after giant breeds. This is a family dog, endowed with enormous size, kindness, patience, devotion and affection.

The progenitor of St. Bernard - Great Dane. Initially, huge dogs were used to carry weights and guard. But one monk once remarked that these animals can superbly take a mark on the snow, and since then St. Bernard have become lifeguards. For the most part, the talent of dogs was suitable for the search and rescue of travelers lost in the mountains. The animal found a man, if necessary, warmed him with his body, helping to come to the senses.

After the premiere, the described breed of dog became really popular among ordinary families. Beethoven from the movie won many hearts. But there is a real hero who saved more than 40 lives, this is St. Bernard named Barry. Before the death of this dog, the St. Bernards were called “rescue dogs”, and after that they began to be called Barrikhund in his honor.

St. Bernard's Intellect

what breed beethoven

Because of the enormous size and sad expression of the muzzle, the breed is considered by many not to be too clever. But this is not so, the St. Bernards are endowed with high intelligence, they are able to make lightning decisions, react to events vividly.

St. Bernards love their owners very much, try to please and please in every way.That is why dog ​​training is easy, it gives pleasure not only to humans, but also to animals.

High intelligence is manifested in excellent orientation to the terrain, which is incorporated in the breed at the genetic level. If you are going on a hike, you will not find a better companion who will lead you home in a difficult situation.


Beethoven and Missy

Strong and courageous - this is about St. Bernard. The character of the dog is solid, it does not panic even in the most difficult situations. St. Bernard is ready to help in trouble not only his masters, but also strangers.

These are obedient dogs that never disobey their man. Pranks appear only in childhood. Having matured, the St. Bernard behaves in an educated and calm manner. This balanced dog is suitable for a family, she loves children, becoming for them a real nanny. Kids can safely ride a dog, kissing her - St. Bernard is all for the soul!

St. Bernard perfectly gets along not only with children, but also with other animals. He is happy to talk with cats, dogs, even with horses. It is impossible to leave St. Bernard for a long time alone; he does not tolerate loneliness well.

The dog has a soft nature, he tries to avoid conflicts.If a dog started barking at him, most likely the huge dog would not even notice it. The St. Bernard will never show aggression in the direction of his family and their guests, but will become an invincible protector in case of danger (an attack on the owner, a robbery, etc.).


what a breed in the movie "Beethoven"

Despite its size, St. Bernard is endowed with innate self-control, restraint and discipline. Training, he gives in easily, most importantly, to feel the love of the owner. Toughness and cruelty with a dog are not acceptable! You can not punish and scold the St. Bernard, on this background his self-esteem will decrease, and the giant will fall into depression.


St. Bernard

Recall the breed of dog from the movie "Beethoven". St. Bernard lived in the house with his family, but Newton tried to teach him to live in the aviary, which he didn’t like very much.

St. Bernards do not tolerate loneliness, so Beethoven tried in every way to get into the house. In life as well: it is better to keep the dog with him, otherwise he will be depressed.

You can not keep the St. Bernards on the chain, it completely negates all his natural data and self-esteem. On a chain dog will be angry.

St. Bernards get along well in the apartment, but on the condition of stable walking.

From this article, you learned what breed of dog in the film "Beethoven" - is a big and kind, and most importantly - a smart St. Bernard!

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