Bee Submor: treatment, use and recipes

Preparation of tincture on alcohol

Alcohol extract

  • Submor
  • Alcohol 40%

lechenie pchelinym podmorom

It is infused in the darkened area of ​​the kitchen for 3 weeks, sometimes shaking, and then filtered through gauze.

Alcohol tincture equalizes pressure, improves the cardiovascular system, improves the liver, kidney, thyroid diseases, removes excess cholesterol, etc. Also, this medicine cures pathology in men and in gynecology in women.


  • In order to improve overall health and cleanse the body of harmful toxic substances that accumulate over the years: you need to drink the drops of the infusion as much as you are. Submarine alcohol is dripped into a tablespoon of water and drunk in the morning and evening after meals. Special therapy lasts 1 month, then a break for six months and a repetition of the course.
  • To get rid of Giardia in the liver: 15-20 drops three times a day for 30 days. Use the medication a couple of minutes after a meal.
  • For diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, pathology of cerebral vessels: tincture is taken orally once a day for one month.
  • To clean the blood in the infusion add 2 grams of crushed eucalyptus and drink three times a day, 25 drops after eating the whole month. This recipe is suitable for external lubrication of deep cuts and wounds.

Concentrated tincture

  • Submor
  • Vodka 200 ml

You need to insist two weeks and filter through the gauze. Drinking is recommended for medicinal purposes once 10 drops daily for 2 months.

Dilute tincture should be in a spoonful of water and use an hour after dinner. Sometimes beekeepers supplement the tincture with royal jelly, which makes it even healthier.


Bee concentrate treats the lungs, liver, uterine myoma, prostate adenoma, varicose veins. In addition, it is used to increase immunity and restore vitality to older people. In France, psoriasis, skin diseases, streptococcal infections, and even epilepsy are treated with such a lowlight.

Alcohol tincture on bees can not be used for hypertensive patients, as it increases the pressure.

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