Beautiful Islamic names for girls and boys

Any cultural-forming force, including religion, leaves its mark on the life of the people. No exception - and a set of personal names that reflect one or another side of the tradition. Muslim dogma in this sense is no exception. Islamic names, of which there are several thousand, is a noticeable phenomenon in the world and especially Eastern cultures. They will be the subject of our discussion.

Islamic names

The meaning of names in Islam

Among the followers of Islam, personal names have a special meaning. Great importance is attached to them, and supporters of this dogma believe that the name reflects the essence and character of the person, and also to some extent determines his fate. Islamic names are therefore often permeated with multifaceted symbolism. It is believed that the name should be peculiar to harmony and nobility. In addition, it should not have associative or semantic links with anything evil or condemned Sharia law.

Naming rules

In the Muslim community, special rules have been adopted according to which Islamic names are used for children. In addition to what has already been said about euphoria and semantic fullness, the name should not contain a very large number of letters, be quickly and easily remembered, and also fit into the general social and cultural context of the region.

Desirable names

The centuries-old traditions of Islam have formed a list of so-called desirable names. First of all, such Islamic names as Abdullah and Abdurrahman fall into this category. The first of these means "the servant of God," and the second - the "servant of the Most Merciful." Moreover, the Merciful also means God. Some Muslim theologians believe that these are the two most beloved names of Allah. It is known, for example, that among the companions of the Prophet Muhammad there were about three hundred people who took this name for themselves. And he called them his cousin, the son of Abas. After these two, all other Islamic names that begin with the word “slave” - “Abd”, followed by one of the names of God, are considered the most desirable. In fairness it should be mentioned that not all Muslims look at the described tradition in the same way.For example, Shiite rafidity consider it undesirable to give boys the following male Islamic names Abd al-Malik and Abd al-Aziz. There are no complaints about the forms themselves, but the reason for the negative attitude lies in the historical memory. The fact is that these male Islamic names were worn by the Umayyad caliphs, to whom Shiites have a disapproving attitude. Therefore, in order not to perpetuate the memory of them, these names are derived from the category of respectable in Shiite circles. The same applies, by the way, to the name Abdurrahman. His Shiites are shunned because they called the person who killed Ali ibn Abu Talib.

In general, after this category of honorable and desirable names, which were borne by the prophets and messengers of God. For the most part, these are the Islamic names of boys from the Quran. For example, Mohammed himself named his son (in Arabic Ibrahim) in honor of the prophet Abraham. Another example is the Yusuf form - the Arabized Joseph. With respect to this category, there was only one disagreement among Islamic scholars regarding the name Mohammed. But in general, it is allowed and desirable, and among many Muslims it is prestigious.However, it is prohibited for a person to combine the name of the prophet and his kunyu, that is, the second, special part of the name, starting with “Abu” and including the name of one of the children. Another group of names that are considered desirable are the names of the closest comrades of Mohammed and the Muslim righteous.

Forbidden names

But along with the revered desirable names in the Islamic circle, there are those whose attitude is rather negative, and it is undesirable to call them a child. First of all, they include words that have a negative meaning in terms of Sharia rules. If the name is associated with something bad, forbidden or sinful, it is considered undesirable. Even this list includes forms that have an incoherent pronunciation. In addition, the prohibition of those names, which can be traced praise, or, conversely, the humiliation of the person wearing it. It is believed that only God can exalt in the name of a person. For example, such forms as Abd Shams, which means "slave of the Sun" or Abd ar-Rasul, that is, "slave of the prophet." But among the forbidden, there are also quite quite decent Islamic names.And their meaning in Islam is such that they should not be called anyone at all but Allah. For example, al-Khalik, which means "Creator" or al-Mumit, that is, "The Dead One."

In addition, the category of unwanted includes almost all the names that are invented by people who do not belong to Islam and are common among them. Also, the use of names, which were called those or other pagan deities, even Arab. For example, Uzza or Manat. Close to the latter is a list of names that, according to Islamic mythology, are demons, that is, devils. This, for example, Hinzab or al-Walhan.

In some Islamic countries, such bans are not only a religious tradition, but also a state law. For example, Saudi Arabia has its own list of prohibited names, which includes 50 forms, divided into three categories:

1. Names that affect the feelings of believers (for example, Nabi - “prophet” or Iman - “faith”).

2. Semantically related to monarchical power (for example, Amir, that is, "prince" or Malik, which means "king").

3. Names are non-Islamic in essence and non-Arabic in origin.

Unwanted names

Above we talked about names that are banned in Islamic circles. But there is a certain amount of permitted names, but still undesirable. They occupy a borderline between the two categories described above. The reason for the ambiguous attitude towards them lies in their sound or meaning. For example, the name Harb, meaning "war," is undesirable. The same applies to such words as Khanjar, which means "dagger", or Khiyam, which refers to a disease characteristic of camels. It is also believed that Islamic female names should not cause associations with physical love. Thus, such forms as fatin are perceived negatively, because this word is a girl who seduces a man with her beauty. The name Gad has a similar meaning, hinting, however, at the grace and beauty of the gait. Names that are associated with sinful actions or negative qualities, such as Zalim - "tyrant" or Sarak - "thief", in the same way fall into the category of undesirable.

Another category of undesirable names is interesting, which consists of the names of animals and birds, considered unclean by the norms of Islam.These include, for example, such names as Hanash - "snake" and Kalb - "dog."

Such Islamic names of boys, which include the words “ad-Din” and “al-Islam”, are often negatively perceived. The meaning of the latter is obvious, and the first is translated as "religion." Thus, the name Rukn ad-Din ("pillar of religion") or Nur al-Islam ("the light of Islam") are undesirable because of their proud bombast.

In addition, it is considered undesirable to give your child a double name, as this causes confusion. The Islamic names of boys also cannot consist of the names of angels or repeat them. Therefore, Dzhabriil or Israfil are also extremely rare forms. A significant part of Islamic theologians tabooed the practice of calling children the names of suras of the Koran.

male islamic names

Name change

From an impressive list of forbidden and undesirable names, the practice of the reflex is quite logical. In the event that a person has been nicknamed the word as inconsistent and having a negative meaning or in any way falling into the category of forbidden or undesirable, then he is given a new name. This practice appeared under Muhammad and is now widely used, for example, when converting to Islam.

Popular names

If we talk about the most popular forms, then these will be Islamic names from the Koran. First of all, of course, it is Mohammed and his derivatives. It occupies top places even in some European countries. If we talk about women, then the most popular Islamic female names are probably Aya, Salma and Yasmin.

Islamic female names

List of names

We now turn to the traditional onomasticon, which is characteristic of Muslim states. We will list, of course, not all possible forms, since there are several thousand of them, but only the most beautiful Islamic names, both male and female.


Abbas It is translated as "gloomy", "strict".

Abdullah. A very respected name among Muslims, meaning "servant of God."

Adil. Often this option is chosen by parents who are looking for Islamic male names and their meanings related to peace and justice. Literally in Russian, it is translated by the word "justice."

Aydar Non-Arabic name with Turkic-Tatar roots. You can translate it like this: "beauty is like the moon." The second version of the translation is based on consonance with the Arabic root and presents it as an indication of a person occupying a high position in society.

Azalea.Although a popular female name among Muslims, it comes from Latin, which is used as the name of a flower.

Aliya Arabic version translated into Russian as "sublime" or "outstanding."

Alfia The Arabic word, which literally means "a poem in a thousand lines."

Anis. In Arabic it means close friend.


Badretdin. Arabic version, which is an allegory. Literally translated as "the full moon of religion." The meaning of this is as follows: the child must show his religiosity as brightly as the full moon illuminates the earth at night.

Baky. Arabic name. Means "eternal." Because of this is undesirable for Muslims. But it often acts as a component in compound names.

Bashir. In Arabic, this word means the same as “evangelist” in Greek - “evangelist” (Arabic) is a herald of joy.

Bella. This is not surprising, but some Islamic female names and their meanings come from Latin. This name is one of them and it means "beautiful."

Islamic boys names


Wazir In Arabic, this word denotes a dignitary, minister.

Vakil. Some Islamic names for boys and their meaning can be very vague.This option is a vivid example, because it can have four translations at the same time: 1. Ambassador. 2. Trustee. 3. The Vicar. 4. Patron.

Wafa Arabic male name. Which means "honest."

Veli Very significant word. It can be translated as "guardian" and as "owner". Another version of the translation - "holy."

Valid. This female name means just a girl.

Valia. Islamic names of girls, like boys, can simultaneously include several meanings. This, for example, can be understood both as a "mistress" and as a "holy one." In addition, he is sometimes translated as a “close friend.”


Gazi. This ancient word means warrior, going on a military campaign.

Ghalib. And in this case it means not just a warrior, but a winner.

Ghani. This name is called Allah, and therefore in relation to a person it is usually used only in compound names. In Arabic, it means the owner of incredible, huge treasures.

Gafur. The form of Gaffar is also known. As in the previous case, this name is assigned to Allah. It means "merciful."

Guzelia. Many Islamic girl names are associated with concepts of beauty and splendor.Is this one of them? and from the Tatar language it is translated as "the owner of indescribable beauty."

Guzel. Also Türkic-Tatar name. Means "the most beautiful."


Dalil. Beautiful Arabic name with two translation options. According to the first, this word correlates with such concepts as “exact” and “true”. And in a narrower sense, it is applied to the conductor - the person pointing the right path.

Damir. This name is the case when one word can be derived from two languages. Accordingly, it has two meanings: in Arabic "conscience" and in Turkic - "iron".

Danis. The word of Persian origin, denoting knowledge and scholarship.

Danif. Translated from the Arabic as "sunset sun."

Damira. Female version of the name "Damir." Accordingly, it means either “conscientious” or “iron”.

Denmark. Beautiful Islamic names for girls include on their list this wonderful name. It means "close." It can also be translated by the word "famous."


Zhamal. This hard-to-translate word literally means camel. But at the same time, unlike a simple reference to an animal, a certain complex of camel qualities is meant here.Namely endurance, strength and diligence.

Zhaudat By the first meaning this word should be translated as “excellent”. But it can also be understood as an indication of generosity and generosity.


Zaid. The Arabic word translated "growing".

Zakaria Arabized form of the Hebrew name Zechariah, which means "remembering about God." Sometimes, however, it is translated as "real man."

Zaire. In Arabic, this name means “guest”.

Zakia Comes from the root, which points to the intelligent and quick-witted woman.

Islamic names of girls


Idris. The Arabic word, the direct meaning of which is reduced to the concept of diligence in learning.

Ikram Literally, this name translates as "respect."

Iklima. This word is a geographical concept, similar in meaning to the Russian words "region", "district", "region" and so on.

Ilgiz. From the Persian language translated as "traveler."


Yoldyz. The name introduced to the Islamic culture from the Tatar language. Means "star".

Yosif. An alternative form of the name Yusuf, known in Russia as Joseph. It has Hebrew roots with the meaning "possessing beauty."


Kawi. One of the names of Allah.Means "strong", "powerful."

Kamal Another form is “Camille”. In Arabic it means mature. In a broader sense, it can be interpreted as "brought to a perfect state."

Kadriya. Arabic word. Translated as "dear."

Islamic male names and their meanings


Latif. In Arabic, this word means a person with an open, merciful heart. The second meaning is “cheerful.”

Lyaziz. Literally means "delicious."

Liana Name of French origin. It is a borrowed name of a tropical plant. As the name indicates the slimness of women.


Maxoud. This word has many shades and is difficult to translate in one word. Descriptively, it can be translated as an indication of something sought after, desired, something that is a deeper meaning, goal and absolute value.

Mansour. Literally means "victor".

Madinah Female name, derived from the name of the city of Medina.


Nadir. This word comes from the Arabic root, meaning "rare."

Nail This name translates as "gift." In addition, it can be interpreted more broadly as a "benefit."

Najia From the Arab "saved".


Ravil. It comes from the Hebrew word for youth.In addition, they are called the spring sun.

Ramadan. The second option is Ramazan. It is the name of the holy month in the Arab lunar calendar.

Rabia Female name with two meanings. First, it means snowdrop. Secondly, it says that the girl is the fourth in the family.


Sabir This name means "patient."

Salah. In the literal sense it speaks of the quality of utility and demand. In the figurative also implies the piety of man.

Saadat. Indicates concepts such as happiness, success and well-being.

Islamic names for boys and their meaning


Tabris Following the literal meaning, this name should be translated as "inheritance". In a broad sense, means fame, reputation, greatness of a person.

Tahir. In Arabic it means clean. It implies spiritual purity, not stained by sins.

Tabiba. In Arabic it means healing.


Umit. An alternative form - "Umid." In Arabic it means "desired."

Umida Female form of the previous name. Means, respectively, the same.


Fazil. Hints at talent giftedness.

Faiq. Translated as "superior."

Fatima. Scripture is one of the sources from which the Islamic names of girls can come.From the Koran, for example, this name was also taken. It is not known for certain what it means.

Farida. Literally means "sole." In a broader sense - "unique".


Habib. This word in Arabic is called a loved one, close friend or relative.

Hayretdin. The meaning of this name is reduced to the statement that the person wearing it is the best in serving and worshiping God.

Khalid Means "eternal" and "immortal."

Hanifa Literally means "straight." This refers to straightforwardness and veracity.


Shayzar. Initially, this name was a word that was called a large pure piece of gold.

Sharif. Translated as "venerable."

Shahriat. A feminine name that translates roughly as "looking at the crescent moon."


Elvir Name brought to Islam from Spain. Translated as "defender".

Elmir. Old English name, which also penetrated into the Muslim environment. Translated as "good" or "beautiful."

Ange. The word is from the ancient Turkic language. Translated as "pearl".


Javar Persian by origin, meaning "helper."

Yarullah Male name that comes from the Arab and Persian roots.Means the friend of God who follows the path of his commandments.

Yasir From the Arabic language is translated as "easy."
Yasmina. In this name, a woman is likened to a jasmine flower.

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