Beautiful earrings from beads: weaving patterns

To what tricks do not resort to women of fashion,to look stunning in any situation! But, despite the variety of jewelry and costume jewelry, ornaments created with their own hands, look unusual, stylish and original. Business meeting, romantic date or a merry party - decorations from beads are able to complement your image in accordance with the subject. The brightest are obtained from beads exactly earrings.

earrings beaded circuit

History of occurrence

Beading is a pretty old lookcreativity. After the appearance of beads and its wide distribution in products from this material, the whole history of mankind was reflected. All the fashion trends are certainly reproduced in the products of this remarkable material.

The creation of jewelry appeared, probably, together withthe appearance of people. Even in the oldest excavations, they found drilled stones, teeth and tusks of animals that people wore on themselves. Also very often the primitive people decorated themselves with natural material - nuts, pods, shells. Probably, these attempts can be safely attributed to the birth of jewelry from beads ...

Since then, much has changed. Now the needlewomen have a huge selection of materials for making beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other ornaments. For these purposes, used bugles, beads of various felling, decorative stones, feathers, etc. Special tools have been created, in which you can easily find the same bracelets, necklaces and earrings from beads with patterns.

beaded bracelet earrings

Advantages of jewelry made of beads

If you decide to diversify your image, pay attention to the weaving of beads. Earrings, the schemes of which are quite simple and accessible, can be produced in a very short time.

Despite the wide distribution of jewelryproducts and cheap jewelry, beads remains one of the most popular materials for creating jewelry. Judge for yourself: the cost of beads (even very high-quality Czech) is much less than more or less high-quality jewelry. Cheap products, especially with gilding, can quickly peel off or fade in the sun. With beads, such problems do not arise.

In addition, modern technologies allowproduce beads and beads of different colors and shades, shapes and diameters, so from a small amount you can create several pairs of different ornaments or a whole set. The color variety will allow you to select jewelry for every outfit that is present in your wardrobe, which, undoubtedly, will make your image vivid and memorable.

earrings from beads with patterns

Choice of materials

So, you decided to create earrings from beads. Schemes of their weaving can be found in special beadwork manuals, some of them, relatively simple, are given below. Required materials are purchased in specialized stores.

In order for the product to look harmonious,choose quality material. In this art, Czech and Japanese beads stand in the first place. Although not less quality can be cheap Chinese material. Depending on the scheme and the size of the product, the size of the bead is also selected. To make one pair of small earrings, 10-20 grams of material of the required color is enough.

To create jewelry, you also need a needlefor beads (or a regular thin needle), hook-hooks and rings for connecting parts (depending on the shape of the product), monofilament or fishing line for work. Depending on which scheme of weaving of earrings from beads you chose, you may need additional elements, which will be discussed in the description.

Forms and colors: essence and meaning

In decorations from beads can be reproducedliterally everything, starting with the favorite geometric patterns, up to the national symbolism. Due to the unique structure of the material and various techniques of weaving, unusual earrings from beads are obtained. Schemes for their creation can vary according to the wish of the master.

light beaded earrings

Bright and colorful decorations will be relevant inspring-summer period, when the clothes are dominated by light colors, and even at parties and costumed celebrations. Classic black and white colors, as well as their shades are suitable for ceremonial events, business meetings and cultural leisure.

A woven canvas can display a nationalbelonging, if it is executed from the colors of the national flag or the corresponding form. In addition, often decorations are created by craftsmen under the mood. If the window is bad weather, the product will be dominated by dark colors, if the summer and the sun are fiery red.

It is worth noting that the color of jewelry also affectsthe mood of a person. Bright earrings will certainly raise the tone even on a gloomy day. Therefore, creating earrings from beads, the scheme must be carefully worked out and adjusted to suit themselves or the person to whom the product is intended.

Simple schemes

If it seems to you that making earrings is a complicated matter, this may mean that you simply never made them. After all, the product itself is small, so it will not take much time and effort.

Some earrings are very simple.the technique of stringing is predominant. To create them, simply string beads or beads of the necessary color on the line, thread or even wire (if necessary, to keep the product in shape) and fasten it.

earrings beaded circuit

Others require a more careful approach andscrupulous work. Consider how to create light earrings from beads. Schemes can be changed both in the color plan, and in terms of the number of rows or beads. If you look closely at the diagrams shown, you can see that the product is flailing in both directions - from left to right and from right to left.

light beaded earrings

Weaving technique is the upper part of the main triangle.

light beaded earrings

Similarly, the upper part of the decoration is created. The diamonds are interwoven together, after which they are sewn together, concealing the hardware.

beaded bracelet earrings

Here is such a cute and cheerful set is obtained by this scheme.

earrings from beads with patterns

And thanks to the next photo circuit you can weave a cute simple summer version of earrings. To make it, you need to take a round beads and bugles, a line or thread, as well as accessories.

earrings beaded circuit

As you can see, the work is done by a single thread, on which beads are threaded.scheme of weaving earrings from beads

Accurate compliance with the scheme and the amount of stringed material will create an amazing set of earrings.

light beaded earrings

Long earrings - trend of the season

Do you want to shine on any holiday and be in the spotlight? Then add your image, including in it long earrings from beads. Schemes for their creation are often not even required.

Do not go out of fashion earrings, brushes, which are certainly present in the fashion world shows.

long earrings from beaded designs

To create this decoration, it is necessary tosatin ribbon of small length (approximately 20 cm) through the same intervals - 3-5 mm - sew low beads of the chosen color. After that, tighten the tape tightly, stitching so that the edges remain flat and do not sag low.

Further in the weaving technique a braid is created, which gradually decreases and eventually joins the pin with the schwenz. Such earrings can easily be created in a couple of hours.

If you masterly master different techniquesbeadwork, then you can create other, more complex ornaments. So, the flower shape of earrings perfectly complements the holiday image, and the bright coloring will be to the liking of party lovers.

long earrings from beaded designs

Instead of an epilogue

Despite the fact that beadwork is an ancientart, it is very popular among needlewomen. From multi-colored beads, you can create adorable ornaments, one of which is beaded earrings. Schemes of these products are quite diverse, vary in complexity and color characteristics. It is enough to show a little imagination and creativity, and your image will play in a completely new way, will be remembered for a long time and will certainly impress those around you.

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