Balsam "Rescue": instructions for use and reviews of doctors

Scratches, burns, frostbite, cuts and other injuries of the skin can themselves be not dangerous to human health, but they cause a lot of inconvenience. To quickly get rid of them, it is important to choose the right means. In recent years, the classic set of bandages, greens and iodine has faded into the background, as the modern man is familiar with such a tool as the Rescuer balm. What is this tool and in what cases it is used? Consider all these questions in this article.

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The composition of the balsam "Savior"

Unlike most external remedies that are used to quickly treat burns, frostbite, abrasions, scratches, sprains and bruises, Rescue-man balm can be used to treat a wide range of injuries. This was made possible thanks to its unique composition. Firstly, this remedy differs from its analogues by its naturalness, as it contains melted cow oil, fir essential oil, oil extracts of radioli rose,calendula, eleutherococcus, sea buckthorn and olive oils, vitamins A and E, methyl nicotinate, propyl paraben and methyl paraben, as well as refined turpentine oil, beeswax and naphthalan oil.

Balsam "Rescuer", the use of which is possible from the first days of a person's life, practically does not cause allergic reactions and begins to act within the first hours after application. The absence of antibiotic components in the composition of the drug makes it even safer to use.

Pharmacological properties

Various types of balm "Rescuer" affect the skin with a slight difference. Consider the impact of all drugs of this brand on the patient's body. First, melted butter, which is part of the usual and children's rescue balm, helps to soften the skin and also eliminate the phenomenon of dryness. This allows the skin on which the remedy is applied to regenerate much faster. Secondly, the sea buckthorn oil also has a regenerative effect. Beeswax forms a protective film on the damaged surface of the skin, which prevents various pathogenic microorganisms from penetrating into the wounds, and also reduces inflammation.

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Turpentine oil, despite the microscopic dosage, also makes the rescuer drug an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, as it directly affects inflammatory mediators and expands the small vessels of the skin, thereby increasing the flow of nutrients to it. Oil extracts of plants, which are also part of all types of balm, soothe the skin, soften and nourish it.

Due to the unique composition of the balm has many positive effects on the skin: soothing, protective, regenerating, healing, antibacterial, absorbable and analgesic.

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Indications and contraindications to the use of balm "rescuer"

Balsam can be used in some cases in patients of different ages, including for the care of the skin of newborns. "Rescue" (balm) instruction advises to apply in the following cases:

  • the appearance of diaper rash and irritation on the skin in children and bed patients, including with application under the diaper;
  • skin diseases in the acute stage, including acne, secondary infection and dermatitis;
  • inflammation in the acute stage on the mucous membranes;
  • injuries, including bruises, strains, abrasions, deep and superficial cuts (with and without suppuration);
  • thermal and chemical burns.

Contraindications to the use of the means is the individual sensitivity to some components of its composition, as well as in the presence of chronic inflammatory processes on the skin surface.

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Side effects

Regarding side effects with the use of "Rescue" balm, reviews of patients and doctors mention allergic reactions, which are expressed in the appearance of urticaria, slight reddening of the tissues and their edema. In most cases this occurs with a high degree of skin sensitivity, as well as with chronic skin inflammations. cover or mucous membranes.

How to use the drug

Balsam "Rescuer" should be applied to the previously cleansed skin directly on the site of damage. It can be applied to open wound surfaces, as it does not contain alcohol and other substances that irritate tissue. After applying the wound or hurt place, it is better to cover the bandage with an insulating layer, for example, a plaster or special compress paper. During the day, the bandage does not need to be removed, since the balm is absorbed for a long time.During the replacement of the bandage it is necessary to let the skin "breathe" for 10-15 minutes.

Balsam "Rescuer" children. Instruction

Children's balsam "Savior", unlike other types of drugs of this brand, can be used as a prophylactic. Regular application of balm on the skin of the perineum of the child helps to avoid the appearance of diaper rash and irritation from wearing the diaper. The product must be applied daily after the hygiene procedures performed with a very thin layer. In the presence of diaper rash balm should be applied to clean, dry skin after each change of diapers.

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"Lifeguard-Forte": how to apply

The action of an external remedy, known as Rescue-Forte balm, differs from other products of this range in that it has a warming effect, so it can be used not only for bruises and sprains, but also for such ailments as sciatica, neuralgia and myositis . In addition, it can be applied to the chest area for colds. The area of ​​the body, on which the “Lifeguard-Forte” is applied, must be covered with a bandage with an insulating layer for better absorption.On the first day after the start of treatment, it is important to update the dressing and reapply the balm immediately after the drug is completely absorbed.

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The interaction of balm with other drugs

According to experts, the balsam "Savior" a little weaker effect on the skin in the case of simultaneous use of it with glucocorticosteroid external means - creams and ointments. In addition, it is important not to combine the use of balsam with disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide or iodine alcohol tincture, since in this case a chemical reaction can occur between the components of the preparations, which can cause the skin to develop characteristic lesions.

Opinion of experts about the effectiveness of the drug

If the readers of this article still have doubts as to whether or not to use the rescuer balsam, the doctors' reviews will help them decide on the final decision. The first thing that experts pay attention to when drawing up the characteristics of a medicinal product is effectiveness. The external tool "Rescuer" has all the necessary qualities so that it can be recommended for use by patients of different ages.In addition, when used properly in accordance with the recommendations set out in the instructions for the preparation, the balm does not cause virtually any side effects.

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