Azerbaijan (Gabala). Amazing resort with a wonderful climate

Many beginning travelers for some reason bypass such a beautiful country as Azerbaijan. Despite this, Gabala is simply teeming with tourists who have felt the taste of an unusual state. One of the most ancient and picturesque cities is located on the territory of Azerbaijan. It is surprising that this city is more than 2 thousand years old. This factor attracts a huge number of guests. The city of Gabala found its place in one of the gorges of the Bazar-Yurt and Tfan mountains.

Briefly about the resort

Azeri Habala

As it was already said before, the city is interesting both from the tourist and historical side. Here you can see ancient buildings, incredible monuments of architecture, temples and mosques. Nearby is the village where descendants of the ancient Albanians currently live. Guests in the city are a familiar affair, it is interesting for anyone to explore this ancient and mysterious area.

In addition to historical value, the city of Gabala in Azerbaijan has its own unique beauty. The resort is surrounded by high mountains and a huge amount of green space. On the shore of the lake for tourists all the conditions. You can relax in the fresh air, swim in the azure water and just enjoy the scenery. On the lake Seven beauties located waterfall, which attracts a huge number of tourists. The water here is always clean, it is a pleasure to swim in it. Azerbaijan is famous not only for its hot temper. Gabala is famous for its unique natural conditions.

The climate is very mild here, especially for old people and children. No abrupt changes in pressure and temperature. People who have problems with heart and pressure, especially to relax in this area. In summer, the temperature does not rise above +23, therefore, it is especially hot here. In winter, the temperature does not fall below -3 degrees. There is not a lot of precipitation, usually in the city dry weather and no strong winds.


resort gabala azerbaijan
If you delve into the history, then it was Gabala that was the capital of an ancient civilization. Even during the time of the Roman Empire, the city tried to capture the troops of Rome, but were defeated. The resort of Gabala (Azerbaijan) has a rich history.It is interesting not only to tourists, but also to historians. Monuments of architecture are strictly guarded, so they have come down to our times.

Main attractions

Places of interest to visit are:

  • the mosque of the 19th century, which is located in the village of Bum;
  • amazing Albanian church of 4-8 centuries, located in the village of Alim;
  • in the settlement of Khazra there are tombs of sheikhs, whose history is known to many.

City of Gabala in Azerbaijan

Today the city has become a center for tourists. This happened thanks to the preserved monuments of architecture. The warm climate and beauty of the region attract others. Behind the city is an amusement park where children are happy to go. It is there that there is a huge number of attractions, large swimming pools, a large skating rink, several race tracks, a cinema and much more.

How to get there

In 2012, an international airport was opened in the city. In order to get from Moscow, you need to spend 3 hours of time on the flight. In addition to the aircraft, you can use the bus. Of course, it will be longer, but financially more profitable.

hotels gabala azerbaijan

Every year new investments are made in the city, so the construction of institutions continues.There is a construction of new hotel complexes, tourist bases, bars and restaurants. Therefore, every tourist can easily choose for himself a hotel or tourist base. Those who come to admire the sights, it is best to stay in the city center. The hotels that Gabala (Azerbaijan) offers, have chic conditions, good service and affordable prices even in the heart of the resort. Those who come to enjoy the beautiful nature, it is best to stay at the tourist base. Fresh air and active entertainment - exactly what you need for active holidays.

Interesting events

Another interesting event is the annual music festival, which gathers a huge number of young people and connoisseurs of good music. Here are going to performers of different genres, as well as a piano competition. If you wish, you can listen to classical music as well as jazz and even rock music. Every year the festival is trying to develop, adding all new colors. A special innovation was the competition of piano performers, where you can hear the greatest classical works in different variations.The performers also demonstrate to the public their own work. It is here that there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with incredibly interesting people, to communicate with the performers themselves, it is even possible to master some instrument yourself. Due to such an interesting event for a while the whole city is filled with the sound of music. The authorities of Azerbaijan (Gabala) are planning to make this festival regular and to support it in every way.
Among the local attractions include the beautiful "Russian Forest" and no less picturesque "Chestnut Forest."

Ski resort

gabala azerbaijan ski resort

Gabala (Azerbaijan) is a ski resort, in the winter time a huge number of athletes and just lovers of skiing come here. Here are equipped with special trails. If a person wants to learn to ride professionally, then coaches with a lot of experience come to his services. Therefore, tourism is developed here not only in the summer. Winters are not cold here, so even children can be taken on the track. Since the temperature does not fall below -5 degrees, dress properly and according to the weather. All these nuances can be checked with the instructor.Each trainer has a certificate that confirms his right to engage in such activities, so a guest of the city can feel safe and fully immerse themselves in proper rest.

Gabala gives unforgettable emotions and excellent rest to everyone who comes to Azerbaijan.

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