Avsallar village (Turkey): photos, description of attractions and tourist reviews

Many people associate the word journey with exciting adventures, new exciting emotions, history and culture of faraway countries. Already crossing the threshold of the airport, the tourist feels the excitement, is in anticipation of amazing events from visiting places he has never known before. For many travelers, Turkey is considered to be one of the favorite countries for recreation. Avsallar is a small resort town that willingly opens its arms to tourists from all over the world.

Climatic conditions

A cozy place, immersed in greenery, with a beautiful bay, sheltered from strong winds, is popular with lovers of a quiet measured rest. The climate of the Mediterranean is quite warm even in the winter season. The average temperature on New Year's Eve is 12-18 degrees Celsius. The summer months are characterized by hot, sunny weather - constant companions of beach holidays.

The most attractive for tourists is May, September and October. It was at this time that the air temperature fluctuates between 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius. There is no suffocating heat, which is why many travelers are attracted by Alanya (Turkey). Avsallar and other cities of this region, in the popular months of rest are filled with tourists, but this does not interfere with a great time off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Transportation Services

To get to the cozy town, you can from the airport in Antalya, where daily charter and direct flights arrive from all over the globe. To the tourist who was attracted by Turkey, the village Avsallar will seem like a heavenly place, with picturesque nature and a luxurious beach area.

Beaches Avsallar

Directly from the airport to the desired location can be reached by bus, which regularly make the delivery of passengers to hotels and boarding houses. Also, tourists are offered a taxi, which will take you to any place on the coast. For a very reasonable price, you can comfortably reach the hotel, enjoying the magnificent views of the coast along the road.

What to see

Almost all of Turkey, and Avsallar in particular, are full of travelers at any time of the year. Unlike large cities, small towns do not abound with numerous attractions.However, a curious tourist will always find something to see, even in the smallest village. Among the most visited places of Avsallar, the mosque, a luxurious square with fountains and a unique clock, showing the time of different countries of the world, stand out in particular.

Central square Avsallar

Attracts tourists and the central square, which houses a monument to the tribes who founded this village. Numerous souvenir shops will not leave indifferent lovers of souvenirs. Ancient ruins, architecture and even the streets of the town themselves will appeal to lovers of historical events.


In itself, the building of the mosque has no historical value, however, it will show the life, culture and religion of Turkey to the tourist. The whole atmosphere of the institution is steeped in traditions originating in the distant past. The call to prayer, a small musical passage, can be heard from any end of Avsallar. Already from the first chords you can feel the religious spirit and fully satisfy your curiosity by visiting the mosque.

avsallar mosque

The current rule of the Muslim temple, be sure to take off your shoes on the threshold. Inside, visitors are greeted with luxurious stained glass windows and domes, decorated with mosaics, exquisite carved patterns, and traditionally decorated windows.The mosque is a real institution that allows you to fully penetrate the culture of the country.

How to spend time at the resort

Depending on their own preferences, each traveler may find something to do for himself. Lovers of passive recreation can spend time on the beautiful beaches with clean sand and clear water. Connoisseurs of extreme sports, you can try your hand at rafting, diving, water skiing and dizzying hills.

Those who wish to tickle your nerves will always come to the rescue of hospitable Turkey. In Avsallar, the photo of which can be seen in the article, for example, it is possible to dive under water in a special cage. With its help, you can see the inhabitants of the deep sea, in particular sharks and rays, live.

hotels avsallar

Children will enjoy the indescribable pleasure of visiting the dolphinarium, in which amazing fur seals perform among other artists. Fun and comfortable time help numerous cafeterias, restaurants and bars. Loud music, exquisite national dishes, an abundance of seafood will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Memorable souvenirs

Despite its small size, the resort town is just full of numerous souvenir and antique shops. You can buy a thing in memory of a wonderful trip, you can even just walk through the streets of the village. Here, right on the walls of the houses, there are stands equipped with bright trifles, traditional textiles, crafts made of shells, stones and jewelry.

avsallar view from the sea

In the souvenir shops you can find both modern copies of antique weapons, dishes and garments, as well as genuine antiques. Regardless of the price of a memento, every tourist will be able to purchase a beautiful and spectacular thing, which over the years will remind you of the wonderful time spent in Turkey. Avsallar, and travelers reviews about it are always diverse, offers its guests simple and affordable entertainment. The resort will surely appeal to those who are tired of the bustle of the metropolis with its polluted air, crowds of people, and endless bustle.

Where to stay

When planning a trip, many wonder where it is better to stay and what conditions Avsallar offers in Turkey."Top Hotel" - one of the popular places of a small town, which annually receives thousands of tourists from all over the globe. The hotel is located in a picturesque corner of the village, on the seafront. In half an hour there are more resort towns: Alanya and Side.

The hotel offers a variety of rooms that satisfy every guest requirement. Club suites, economy class rooms, single and double rooms. The hotel has a swimming pool, a children's area with animators and a private beach. In addition, visitors are offered a variety of beauty treatments, massage, sauna, Turkish bath. The hotel has a restaurant, a poolside bar, and a dining room for traditional meals.

avsallar hotels

The distance from the big resort megacities allows you to enjoy the clean air and the freshness of the sea breeze. Not far from the hotel there is a large shopping center, where you can make purchases paying with both cash and a card.

Hummingbird - a cozy holiday

One of the famous and popular hotels in the resort is considered a real gem of Avsallar - "Hummingbird". Turkey is famous for its hospitality, and this hotel is no exception.Its location away from the noisy city, allows you to fully appreciate the healing power of the sea air. The picturesque territory is decorated with numerous statues, fountains, decorative compositions.

The hotel offers family rooms, rooms for one guest or two with one double bed (two single beds if desired). The windows of the entire hotel offer a beautiful view of the endless expanses of the Mediterranean Sea. Rooms are equipped with balconies, TVs, minibars, baths and shower rooms.

Avsallar aerial view

A variety of entertainment and mass events are available on site. For children, animators are working near a specialized children's pool. A buffet restaurant is available. Bar and counter with refreshing and alcoholic drinks - directly at the adult pool.

On the hotel’s own beach there are sun loungers, wicker chairs, parasols, allowing you to spend time by the sea in the most comfortable conditions. At 30 km from the hotel is the waterfall Manavgat, beloved by many regular tourists. Stunning nature, the sound of falling water fills the hearts of travelers with peace and tranquility.

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