Autonomous cabin heater for 12 volt diesel: models, operating principle, installation

A working stove in the car is very good, especially if it is winter outside. After all, driving a car when it’s cold in the cabin is very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. But often ordinary regular stoves require large amounts of electrical energy and fuel for efficient operation. To reduce fuel consumption, car owners began to use a 12-volt diesel autonomous cabin heater. These devices have a number of serious advantages over regular stoves. One of the advantages is saving battery and fuel.

What is this device

Autonomous heaters are units designed to heat the air in a car or process fluids in a car with the engine off. Depending on what the heater should heat up, it is divided into several types:

  • Air devices.
  • Liquid.
  • Oily.

The autonomous cabin air heater is designed for heating cabin air only.autonomous cabin heater 12 volt diesel webastoThis is an ordinary fan heater that pumps hot flow. Heaters for heating a liquid can heat up antifreeze in the cooling system even when it is not active, as well as the fuel system. This is important for diesel powertrains. Also, the autonomous heater liquid will also be used for interior heating, including the windshield. Oil heaters are designed to heat the lubrication lines in the system. This greatly simplifies the launch of the engine in extreme cold.

Should I install

If we talk about the rationality of installing such equipment, it depends on how often the car is operated in winter. If the owner leaves the car only a few times during the month, then a 12-volt diesel independent heater is not needed.autonomous cabin heater 12 volt diesel do it yourselfTo warm up the working units, you can also use standard standard tools. If you have to drive every day, then the additional heating system will significantly help save money, as well as allow you to maintain health.Particularly relevant autonomous heater 12 volt diesel for truck drivers and for those who work in a taxi.

How much can you save

If freestanding stoves are used intensively, you can save from 25 to 100 liters of fuel during the season. But the interest savings each has its own. It depends on how the car is operated, on the manner of driving, as well as on the type of equipment installed.

Avtomatok classification by type of fuel

Car heaters are distinguished by functionality. But they can also be classified by the type of fuel on which this equipment operates. Also distinguish devices by power. So, there is an autonomous cabin heater for 12 volts diesel, there are electrical devices, and equipment on gasoline.

Electrical equipment for 12 and 24 V

Most of all modern salon avtonomok, which are in operation with modern motorists, designed to work at a voltage of 12 or 24 V. For many, it is not entirely clear what to get, and what will be more efficient and safer.autonomous cabin heater 12 volt diesel priceHowever, everything is very simple. Low-power 12-volt devices are intended for installation in passenger cars. They are ideal for incorporating them into the onboard network.At the same time, the power is quite enough to warm a small cabin space. 24-volt equipment is designed for operation in trucks.

Gas heater

This group of equipment operates on liquefied gas. Due to its combustion, a special fan is activated. The latter provides the natural processes of air circulation in the cabin. The air is heated to certain temperatures. To make this process faster, many devices have additional fans.

These devices can work even if the engine is turned off. The device also does not need electrical energy, which is not the case with a regular stove. So, even if you need to stand in one place for a long time, the battery will not sit down and the driver will not freeze.autonomous cabin heater for 12 volt diesel planarAmong the advantages of this equipment are the complete lack of electronics and high reliability of the design. In addition, the devices are not dangerous for the driver. In the process of combustion air is drawn from the street. Exhaust gases are also vented to the atmosphere. To provide this heater with the opportunity to work, it is only necessary to equip it with cylinders.If we take into account the price difference between liquefied gas, gasoline and diesel fuel, then this is a fairly cost-effective solution.

Among the shortcomings - the possibility of heating only the cabin. On which car can I install such an autonomous cabin heater?autonomous cabin heater for 12 volt dieselOn the "Gazelle" such units put very often. The device is installed in the cabin, under the passenger seat.

Petrol Heaters

In this category of equipment, saloon rather than engine heaters are more common. The devices are compact, and due to the fact that they are often placed under the hood, their work is silent. Such equipment can defrost the windshield. As for fuel consumption, it is about 0.5 l / h.autonomous cabin air heaterCabin gasoline heaters are advisable if it is necessary to heat only large salons. For small cars, the effect of gasoline combustion will be too high. It is better in this case to use an autonomous cabin heater for 12 volt diesel.

Diesel autonomous

On the device and the principle of action, such equipment practically does not differ from petrol. The disadvantage is that a diesel engine can burn badly in severe frost.Therefore, sometimes there may be difficulties with the launch of such devices. But modern equipment, such as the German autonomous cabin heater for 12 volt diesel “Webasto”, is protected from such problems.

The principle of the autonomous stove

It does not matter on which fuel a particular device works, because the principle of operation of the heaters is the same. Fuel that is supplied using an electromagnetic pump, which is embedded in the line near the fuel tank, in certain doses is fed into the combustion chamber - to a special evaporator.

As the latter, a high-temperature resistant body with a large surface area can be used. In some models, this is a stainless steel mesh package. If we consider an autonomous cabin heater for 12 volts diesel “Planar”, here a plate heat exchanger is used as an evaporator.autonomous cabin heater for gazelleBefore him is a candle glow. The air will enter the combustion chamber of the heater through a special blower. The edges of the evaporator are blown by a fan, due to which the cabin is heated. Modern devices are equipped with electronic control units.They protect the stove from overheating, automatically regulate the temperature.

When the driver turns on the autonomous cabin heater for a 12 volt diesel “Planar” (or any other), the electronics diagnoses and starts. The tension on the glow plug increases. Next, the fuel mixture is fed into the chamber. The combustion process is controlled by electronics and sensors. When burning becomes stable, the glow plug will turn off.

Planar 4D

These are diesel cabin air heaters with a power of 4 kW. It is possible to adjust the temperature and flow rate. Model 4D-12 is suitable for cars whose onboard network is designed for 12 V. "Planar 4D-24" is intended for trucks, as well as for buses.

In maximum power mode, the heater is able to warm the air in the cabin of small buses. In the process of work, the level of energy consumption is up to 4 A / h, which is not critical.


Under this brand, some of the most popular heaters with up to 2 kW are produced. Feature of the Air Top 2000 ST series is that the equipment can work with different types of fuel. There are adjustments of temperature conditions and air supply. In the process, the system consumes no more than 4 A / h of energy.For those who wish to purchase such an autonomous cabin heater for 12 volt diesel, the average price is 50 thousand rubles.installation of autonomous cabin heaterProducts "Webasto" is considered the reference. The peculiarity of this particular equipment in the all-cast aluminum heat exchanger, which contributes to almost maximum efficiency. The design is such that the heater can be conveniently installed under the hood of the car.

Autonomous heating in the cabin with their own hands - is it possible

If you look at the principle of operation of diesel and gasoline equipment, we can say that the device is quite simple. In fact, having a certain experience, you can assemble a self-contained cabin heater for 12 volt diesel with your own hands. But it will not be an electronic control unit. And if it is, then without all the functions that are in systems from well-known manufacturers. If you do not need electronics, then the assembly of the structure is not difficult.

How to install a heater

The installation process is a simple operation. It is necessary to find a place for the device, connect the system to the fuel line, then make piping for air intake and exhaust.The latter will go out. Then it remains only to connect the electronics and electrical wires.

Installation of an autonomous cabin heater is possible with your own hands. To do this, do not need to contact specialists. However, there will also be no guarantee for the installation


So, we found out what this heater is. Avtonomka is a very useful thing, especially if you often use a car in the winter. Its use does not require the operation of the engine and the standard stove. The equipment is fully autonomous. Installation of "turnkey" in specialized services will cost about 50-70 thousand rubles. The cheapest option is the 12 volt Planar. The device is suitable for passenger cars and minibuses.

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