Astrologer Dragan Svetlana: biography, predictions and predictions

Many people associate astrology with magic and sorcery. But in reality this is not the case. Modern astrologers are not magicians and not magicians. These are people who have some archaeological knowledge, use special programs in their work, are familiar with the basics of interpersonal psychology and have extensive experience in making forecasts. But even a person who meets all these requirements does not always give accurate predictions of the future. The astrologer Dragan Svetlana stands out against the background of specialists involved in geopolitical forecasts. In our article we will tell everything that we know about this person and present forecasts and predictions for 2017 and 2018.

What is known about Svetlana Dragan?

Svetlana Dragan belongs to the category of public people who carefully conceal their personal life from others. In all interviews, she carefully avoids this topic.About Svetlana it is known that she was born in Moscow, she has been making forecasts for more than 10 years of her life and is considered one of the most serious astrologers who specialize in economics, finance, business, and politics.

astrologer dragan svetlana

On her website, which she called - “Svetlana Dragan. Looking to the future, the astrologer reports that he has many years of experience in predicting key events on the world stage. Her predictions are geopolitical and geosocial. They are especially popular with businessmen and those responsible for making strategic decisions. We can say that in this case Svetlana Dragan helps them make the final choice.

The astrologer, whose biography remains a secret for everyone, publishes all forecasts on his official website. In addition, she takes an active part in various television programs on central television.

Svetlana Dragan (astrologer): forecasts for 2017

The relative lull in the global military arena, where Russia takes an active part, will not last long. Already from the middle of the first month of winter, new problems await the country, requiring urgent solutions.We will have to act quickly and smoothly, which will allow Russia to intercept the leading role in the current situation.

Astrologer Dragan Svetlana predicts that at the end of winter military forces will unite. Strengthening the army will take place in several regions. This will strengthen the strength and status of Russia in the world. At the same time, the steps of the United States will be aimed at destroying this resilience.

svetlana dragan astrologer forecasts

A critical time for the country will be autumn. Extensive changes are expected, with regard to the fact that the political vector will undergo changes. Not only the system inside the country will change, but also political partners on the world stage.

The most significant months of 2017

It is in January that global restructuring will begin in the sphere of partnerships and relationships, not only in Russia itself, but also on a global scale. Some links and forms of partnership can greatly surprise. This will be especially clearly demonstrated in relation to partnership with Russia. Marked a new world leader. Due to this turn of events in the country can come new investments. There is a high probability that an invention will appear, possibly in the military sphere, which will shift all power accents.

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In addition to January, another significant month in 2017 will be March. Astrologer Dragan Svetlana does not exclude that this month there can be a real military threat with the use of terrible weapons. This may be due to changes in cosmic and natural laws. It is this month that Neptune will dock with Saturn. The uniqueness of such an event is that it takes place once every several hundred years. Interplanetary disputes can not pass by human relations, which would entail the onset of a whole series of various events.

Dollar forecast for 2017

In early 2017, there will be a strengthening of the dollar against the ruble. And this trend will last until about the end of winter. But the euro, by contrast, will be reduced next year. At the same time, there will be an increase in oil prices, but they will not be fully stabilized even by the end of the year.

svetlana dragan astrologer biography

Svetlana Dragan notes that 2017 will be successful for small and medium businesses. In many ways, this will contribute to state policy. Contrary to the predictions of some famous astrologers, Svetlana Dragan sees no prospects for cooperation in business with the People’s Republic of China.

Svetlana Dragan: a preliminary forecast for 2018

The forecast for 2017, as the situation in the country and in the world is clarified, can be adjusted by an astrologer in order to obtain more accurate information about the problem, as well as to find its solutions. But astrologer Dragan Svetlana is not afraid to make predictions for 2018.

According to the astrologer, 2018 for Russia will be one of the most significant in recent years. The country program will restart, a new round with new targets. Perhaps these processes will not proceed as smoothly as we would like. However, the astrologer boldly asserts that after this reboot, a new time will come for Russia.

svetlana dragan look to the future

In the process of restructuring within the country, there will be some changes in the economic sphere, which will entail changes in the country's credit policy. Many problems will arise from the interaction of the ruble and the dollar.

The prediction of the astrologer Svetlana Dragan in Ukraine

The astrologer does not provide clear forecasts for 2017 in Ukraine. Svetlana Dragan once again emphasizes that the rating of the leader of the state will fall rapidly from month to month. This is a person who does not have any leadership qualities.He is only a puppet in more capable hands.

As for the situation in the Ukrainian state as a whole, it will remain in a severe crisis. Ukraine will be overcome by social upheavals, economic and financial losses, and constant conflicts between political forces. In the same year, Svetlana Dragan predicts the election of a new president of the country.

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