As Kiev celebrated the anniversary of Euromaidan (photo).

The other day in Kiev, an action was held dedicated to the anniversary of the beginning of Euromaidan, it began at the end of November 2013 - time flies quickly, 4 years have passed since then. Since 2014, November 21 is celebrated in Ukraine as the Day of Dignity and Freedom - this day is remembered for the start of two revolutions - the Orange Revolution of 2004 and Euromaidan (Revolution of Dignity) of 2013-2014.
Several hundred people came to the center of Kiev to this action, and it was not without minor clashes between activists and the police. So, in today's post - a story about how Kiev celebrated the fourth anniversary of Euromaidan, as well as the question.
02. First, a little history. Euromaidan began in Kiev on November 21, 2013 because of the refusal of the Yanukovych government to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union, and most of all Ukrainians were angry that Yanukovych promised this association for a long time and refused to sign it at the very last moment. After that,as the security forces of Yanukovych brutally dispersed the first (student) protest, the rally quickly turned into mass protests across the country, and the center of Kiev turned into an arena of fierce confrontation between the security forces of Yanukovich and the protesters.
During the confrontation, dozens of protesters were killed, hundreds were injured, and Yanukovich and his inner circle eventually fled the country, the investigation of everything that happened on the Maidan continues in Ukraine so far.
02. On the action of November 21, several hundred people gathered in the center of Kiev. On the stands right on the Independence Square, photographs and textual stories about the events of those days were set.

03. The action of memory. Speakers who criticize the actions of the current government speak on Independence — they do not correspond to the ideals of Maidan.

04. Right on the Maidan, activists set up tents:

05. There are many journalists and cameramen around:

06. Tent and flag of Ukraine:

07. Activists handed out leaflets, which were demands to speed up the investigation of murders during Euromaidan, as well as demands for the extradition and arrest of Yanukovych.

08. At the rally there were a lot of police who did not block the passage of people to the square, but tried not to miss activists with tents and sound-amplifying equipment.

09. Discussion of the activist and the police:

ten.As a result, two green bolonium tents were installed on the Maidan:

11. Posters "I was not killed on the Maidan":

12. During the rally, there were several clashes with the police - the police tried to drag off one tent, the activists beat it back.

13. Clash of activists and police:

14. Some helmets were pounded around the helmets with some foam:

15. An activist with glasses, very similar to Rustem Adagamov.drugoi:)

16. More activists chanted into a megaphone "Kiev, get up!" (one of the slogans of the Euromaidan 2013-2014), but this appeal was not particularly supported.

17. And some tires were lit — a smoke screen from chasing such tires on Euromaidan protesters defended from security officials; now it looked more like a cargo cult — it is not clear why they needed to be lit against them.

18. Two burning tires quickly put out firefighters:

19. Flag of Ukraine over the Maidan. By the wayin 2015I rented an apartment in the house, which is the second under the flag.

20. This is the action that took place the other day in Kiev.

Well, the traditional question at the end - how do you now, after 4 years, assess the events of the Euromaidan 2013/2014?
Write in the comments, interesting.

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As Kiev celebrated the anniversary of Euromaidan (photo) image, picture
As Kiev celebrated the anniversary of Euromaidan (photo) 4

As Kiev celebrated the anniversary of Euromaidan (photo) 68

As Kiev celebrated the anniversary of Euromaidan (photo) 1

As Kiev celebrated the anniversary of Euromaidan (photo) 48