Aquarium manicure: ideas, technique

Aquarium manicure is popular anddemanded design in nail art. It is performed on artificial and natural nails, when it is created various decorative elements are placed in the thickness of transparent acrylic. Implementation of this design requires special skills and skill.

aquarium manicure

What is an aquarium manicure?

This special kind of nail design, through which voluminous artworks are created and filled with gel.

From the outside it seems that the picture looks like"Under the glass", this, in turn, creates an amazing effect. Nails are like a glass vessel in which decorative elements are placed. That is why this technique was calledaquarium design.

Such a manicure is worn for a very long time, and all because,that the decorative elements are covered with gel and do not peel off when there are permanent grazes about various objects and damage to the nails. Although this phenomenon is observed very often in the performance of a more familiar design. Thanks to the use of the gel, the nails remain smooth and do not need to be afraid of puffing on pantyhose.

A beautiful gentle manicure in the form of an aquarium can be created both on artificial and natural nail plates. In both cases, the result looks compelling.Nail Art Aquarium

Advantages of aquarium design

The nail design "aquarium" is a very practical kind of manicure and lasts for a long time. In comparison with other types of design, its advantages are:

  • Long sock. The nails in combination with the aquarium design will last up to 2 months.
  • Increased safety of the picture. The design has reliable protection due to the fact that it is covered with a layer of transparent gel on top.
  • Practicality. Although in the execution of the manicure uses volumetric elements, they are covered with gel, so the nail is still smooth and does not interfere with everyday affairs.
  • The effect of a three-dimensional image.
  • Thanks to the use of the original design, there is no need for additional decorations. From bracelets and rings can be abandoned, it is beautiful handsome manicure will attract the attention of others.

What can I use for aquarium design?

Choosing the right design for your designAquarium manicure depends only on the imagination of the master. Under a transparent gel coating, you can draw a picture, paste a picture, spread out dried flowers, pebbles or beads. Most often, silver or gold threads, decorative mesh, mica, foil, lace, gold powder, sparkles, airy feathers, etc., are used.beautiful gentle manicure

Technique of execution and its features

As a result of creating a design,3D images, nails should be long enough. Wizards recommend doing this kind of decor on the gel surface. However, you need to understand that the creation of this manicure is a painstaking job, so in this case it is necessary to trust one's hands not just a master, but a professional with artistic skills. A specialist can be asked to show his work.

He must comply with safety regulations: The gel should not come in contact with the skin. It must be applied, not reaching the cuticle for half a millimeter. To avoid burns, the gel should not overheat in the UV lamp.

Aquarium on artificial nails

Aquarium Manicurepretty hard. The main principle is the gluing of two types and filling the space between them with all sorts of decorative elements. To perform this manicure you need to prepare:

  • sculptural gel;
  • tipsy;
  • nippers;
  • decor;
  • brushes for drawing;
  • a standard set for manicure.

Aquarium manicure step by step

First of all, the nails need to be put in order, manicure, move the cuticle and polish the nail plate.

Next, you need to match the two tips by placingsmaller than the larger (their bases need to be leveled). Then, along the perimeter of the larger plate, a gel is applied, the smaller is pressed from above in such a way that there is room for filling. Such a billet should be dried under a lamp.

When the workpiece is ready, the inside is placedvarious decor. It is more convenient to do with a toothpick, tweezers or other fine device. A syringe for injection injects water inside and closes the open edge with a gel. The billet is dried under a lamp. The finished aquarium manicure with gel-varnish is covered for a more visible effect (the vitreous gel-lacquers will look good). aquarium manicure with gel varnish

This technique is very complicated, it allows you to make a nova similar to an aquarium, because in the middle will float the water with decorations.

Nail design "aquarium" on natural nails

A similar manicure on a natural nail plateis not an aquarium in its pure form. But very similar to him. In this case, the technique of execution is much simpler than the aquarium on artificial nails, with the result no less impressive. The instruction will tell you how to execute this design:

  • First you need to conduct a standard procedure for the preparation of nails. It is necessary to make a manicure (podpilit, polish the nail plate and push the cuticle away).
  • Next, the nails must be degreased and apply a smoothing primer.
  • Then the plates are covered with a very thin layer of gel and dried under a UV lamp.
  • After that, they begin to decorate the nail surface with rhinestones, sand, glitter, etc.
  • As a result, a second layer of gel is applied. It should be so much that you can align the nail plate. In the end, it is polymerized in UV-rays.

aquarium manicure step by step

Aquarium manicure on natural nails can be considered complete, but it can be supplemented with external decorative elements.

Recent trends

Carrying out a similar design, you only need to calculateto your imagination. The most beautiful looks acrylic modeling, located in the thickness of the gel coating. Flowers, stones and other elements look beautiful, but the nail plate is too large in volume. This design is perfect for a special occasion. You can highlight the most vivid and beautiful ideas:

  • Aquarium and marine themes. Shells, fish and algae have long become a classic in creating aquarium design.

aquarium manicure on natural nails

  • With additional external elements. Nail can be decorated with rhinestones, but you need to do this in moderation so that the effect of the aquarium is also visible.
  • French in the form of an aquarium - this manicure is not so difficult. For the edge of the nail in this case, it is best to use a bright and effective gel-varnish.

beautiful gentle manicure

  • Abstraction, strokes and geometry. This option is suitable for both daily use and for special occasions. Aqua-design will make such a manicure more original.
  • Flowers on the nails. The flower theme in the aquarium performance looks fresh and unusual.

To aquarium manicure looked perfect,you need to train hard. However, having mastered this technique, you can create masterpieces on your nails. But still, if you want to put your hands in order with this type of manicure, it's best to turn to a professional.

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