Application of balm "Asterisk": instruction and composition

Balm "Star" was long established by scientists inVietnam. It is a complex homogeneous composition of the essential oils of a variety of plants. The use of balm "Asterisk" is recognized both in official and in folk medicine for the successful treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. This drug is loved and widely used by people of several generations.

Composition of balm

The substances that are part of Zvezdochka practically do not have a negative effect on the skin of a person. An exception is the individual intolerance of the drug.

So, the balm contains menthol crystalline, oils: mint, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, vaseline, camphor.

Pharmacological properties

The wide application of the "Star" balm is due to its actions and properties:

  • locally irritating;
  • antiseptic;
  • distracting.

Camphor, menthol irritate the nerve endingsskin, cause a slight tingling and burning, local anesthesia, have antiseptic properties. They also have cinnamon, clove, mint oil. Carnation also protects against various infections. Cinnamon is used to treat the upper respiratory tract.

Mint oil is used as the strongestantiseptic in case of flu, cold, inflammation, coughing, runny nose, bronchitis, skin irritations. Increases the protective properties of the body, repels insects, relieves headache.

Eucalyptus oil shows antisepticproperties. It primarily has antibacterial and antiviral effects. Used in the treatment of infections of the respiratory tract, cough, bronchitis, with a cold. Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

golden starlet balm application

What are the types

There are several different balms, and each of them is intended for the treatment of certain diseases:

  1. Cold.
  2. Universal.
  3. Anesthetic.
  4. Post-traumatic.
  5. Tender.

Consider each species. So, the "Golden Star" is a balm, the use of which is very common among people with ARI and ARVI. The cold is used to prevent and treat inflammatory, respiratory diseases, influenza.

Anesthetic balm is used to prevent and treat pain in the muscles, spine, joints, with injuries, sprains, bruises.

Universal - the name of this species speaks for itself. It is used for colds, pains, insect bites (relieves itching).

Post-traumatic heals swelling with bruises, injuries in athletes.

Gentle is designed for use with insect bites, burns, skin irritation.

balsam asterisk user manual

"Zvezdochka" balm: instructions for use

Ideal - application to active points. The most active place is the human auricle. When you lubricate certain points on it, you can cure a large number of diseases. It also helps with depression, fatigue, stress, strengthens the nervous system (rubbing the scalp, ears, back of the neck, temples). The balm will remove toxins from the skin and tighten it.

asterisk balm application for children

When biting an insect, it is necessary to apply balsamto this place, and if it itchs hard, then around it. Lubricate every 2 hours. Balm is applied to the earlobe, chin, whiskey, wings of the nose, the point between the fingers, the index and the large (on both hands), on the upper lip with the flu. If you suffer from a severe cough, you need to lubricate the pits under the collarbone, shoulder blades (both), whiskey, under the chin.

There is a runny nose - balm is applied to the upper lip, the wings of the nose (on both sides), to the wrists.

With a general malaise, a cough can be doneInhalation, provided that there is no elevated temperature. For this, a liter of water is boiled, a tablespoon of salt is added (preferably sea salt) and balsam (a small pea). The head is covered with a towel. Within 10 minutes breathe in pairs, eyes close. After the procedure immediately go to bed, drink herbal tea with lemon.

If joints hurt, you need to rub twice a day balm in their area around the perimeter (you can even not on the entire surface). Then, cover the joint with a towel or tie it with a cloth.

The backbone hurts - put point balsam on the sides of the spinal column.

"Asterisk" will help to soften, and then remove the dry callus. For this, after taking a hot bath, you need to rub it into the balm for the night every day.

If the "Asterisk" is applied after the foot contrasting tubs in the evening on the sole, the ankle joint region, then it will help to remove the swelling, relieve the pain in the legs.


The use of balsam "Asterisk" is very wide. It can be used in aromatic lamps. For this, it is necessary to place a balm as large as a pea, burn a candle. Lamp put in the room where the whole family in the collection. With balm it is better to use other oils. This will be a good prevention of respiratory diseases. However, aromatherapy can not be performed if there are children under the age of five, asthmatics, pregnant women, allergic people.


There are three forms of means: creamy, liquid, pencil (for inhalation). The way of using the drug depends on them. The pencil is in a plastic tube and a pack of cardboard. The can contains 4 g of balsam, and the bottle of balsam in liquid form - 5 ml.

application of balsam asterisk

The ideal option is to purchase a cream andpencil-inhaler, which is very convenient to carry around, take on a trip. It looks like lipstick. The screw cap prevents the drying of essential oils. Inhaling inhaler pairs, you can at any time to remove the stuffiness of the nose, to prevent discharge. The drug is also sold in liquid form. But this will be written below. It is worth noting that the most common is the use of balsam "Star" in the creamy state.

Liquid balm "Asterisk". Instructions for use

This preparation is abrownish-red liquid. Transparent, with a specific smell (thanks to essential oils that make up the composition). Balsam is poured into branded miniature bottles, on the back of which is a relief star.

In pharmacies, the drug is dispensed without a prescription. Store balsam is recommended in places dark, inaccessible to children. Storage temperature - 15-25 degrees (in other words, room). The drug is suitable for 5 years.

The volume of the vial into which the balm is bottled is 5 ml. This includes (according to the instructions):

  • crystalline menthol - 28 g;
  • peppermint oil - 22.9 g;
  • eucalyptus - 0.1 g;
  • cinnamon - 0.38 g;
  • clove - 0.46 g;
  • camphor - 8.88 g;
  • paraffin liquid.

Balm has antiseptic, distracting,irritating (local) action. Apply it in complex therapy as a symptomatic tool for headache, flu, respiratory diseases, insect bites, rhinitis (rhinitis). Balsam has general indications for use for all types. This was written above.

How to use the balsam "Zvezdochka" liquid? Its application must be only external. Apply a thin layer on the painful areas.

If the headache is painful, rub in whiskey, the runny nose into the wings of the nose. With a cold, rub the area of ​​the chest and back. Lubricate the bite of insects.

With regard to the use of balsam "Asterisk" whenpregnancy and lactation, then, as the manufacturer indicates in the instructions, such experience is absent. Therefore, it is not recommended to prescribe and use the drug to this group of people.

The use of balm with a cold

Rinit is a common problem both amongadults, and among children. In the pharmacy you can buy a large number of vasoconstrictive drops. However, they are undesirable to take a long time because of the possibility of addiction. Safer "Zvezdochka" - balm, which has been widely used for a cold for many years, will be safer to use.

 asterisk balsam for rhinitis

To treat rhinitis with balsam, it must be applied acupuncture to affect the biologically active points of the body. Do this every day several times (up to 6) and always at night.

To correctly identify active pointsit is necessary to press on a certain area. If there is a great soreness in this place, this is it. It is here that it is better to apply balm massaging movements.

With a common cold, "Asterisk" is applied:

  • on the lobes of the ears;
  • between the eyebrows;
  • on the chin;
  • on whiskey;
  • on the wings of the nose;
  • above the upper lip.

Applying to kids

Adults can safely use in the treatmentsuch a tool as "Star" (balm). The use of children is also possible, but it must be done cautiously. Kids react more sharply to the action of the oils that make up the product.

balm sprocket instruction for children

Each package contains a leaflet. Do not ignore it and throw it away. For security, it is better to read the information that it contains.

How can babies use Balm "Zvezdochka"? Instructions for use for children is simple. At the first use, a minimum amount is applied. It is necessary to watch, that children did not touch with hands balm, to not suppose its hit in eyes and on slimy. The product is not used for babies up to two years.

How to open a jar?

Strangely enough, but this issue periodicallyrises. A special study was conducted, during which it was found out that it is easiest to do this by placing it on the edge, pressing it, rolling it lightly (like a wheel of a machine). Option two - gently slip under the lid of the knife and raise it. Well, the main way - with the fingers of one hand we hold the bottom of the jar, and the other we twist the lid. For half a turn it can be easily removed.

balm asterisk liquid application

When you can not use the tool

There are a number of cases where it is better not touse the tool "Asterisk" (balm). The use of pregnancy and breast-feeding, as already mentioned, is undesirable. Also, children under 2 years of age, asthmatic patients, those who are allergic to the ingredients that are included in the composition should not be used. Apply balm to wounds, cracks, ulcers, mucous membranes, around the eyes is prohibited. To avoid a burn, a very thin layer of "Asterisks" must be applied to the skin.

Despite the widespread use of balsam alreadyseveral generations of people, it also has side effects when non-compliance with the recommendations for use. As for the nervous system, there may be dizziness, overexcitation, headache and even convulsions. Allergic reactions: itching, rashes, irritations, urticaria. Cases of increased frequency of bronchospasm have been documented.

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