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All is decided! I want to go to the next opposition rally in Moscow. It is necessary, how to help them with attendance. And I also want to see for myself what they say and how, sometimes it is interesting ...
In particular, the libertarian party began to flash at rallies. Libertarianism is a complex political philosophy that maximizes individual freedom and minimizes state power.
On July 29, the Libertarian Party held a rally against pension reform. According to estimates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the action was attended by 6 thousand participants. Moreover, Alexey Navalny came to the rally with his wife Yulia.
Here Ilya Ukhov asks the question: how does this whole virtual army of political warriors, adherents of total lustration and supporters of the fight against corruption ever get converted into real, physical people if there are millions of subscribers on social networks? at rallies.

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