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Lyudmila Makarova is a talented actress, onceadmitted that her novel with the cinema did not take place. Indeed, the world knows this amazing woman primarily in terms of her theatrical roles. However, many of her works in the cinema deserve attention. Lyudmila did not become in May 2014, but the memory of her continues to live in the hearts of the fans. What are the creative achievements of the star, what is known about her life behind the scenes?

Lyudmila Makarova: childhood

The future actress was born inSt. Petersburg, which was then called Petrograd. There was a joyful event in October 1921. As a child, a talented girl dreamed of the future of a great ballerina. Unfortunately, this dream could not be realized, since the child had leg disease.

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Wishing to distract her beloved daughter, her mother gave her toA dramatic circle that functioned at the Teacher's House. Lyudmila Makarova enthusiastically discovered the world of the theater, the teachers of the circle celebrated her artistic talent. It's no wonder that after finishing school the girl decided to become an actress.

First successes

The future star became the student of the studio workingat the Bolshoi Drama Theater, in 1938. At the beginning of the training, the teachers, subjugated by the talent of the girl, invited her to become a member of the theater troupe. At first it was registered in the auxiliary structure, in 1941 it was finally approved in the main.

It is interesting that the first role that LyudmilaMakarova played on the "adult" stage, she assumed her reincarnation as a boy. The debut for the beginning actress was the play "Kuban", staged by Boris Babochkin. The plot of the production was borrowed from the popular in those years plays by Victor Rothko.

First love

Yefim Kopelyan became the first man in whomwas destined to fall in love with such a wonderful actress as Lyudmila Makarova. Young people met in the theater of the BDT, where both performed. The first meeting helped them to understand that they were literally born for each other. Nevertheless, during the next two years Luda and Efim simply met.

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One of Makarova's favorite memories is alwayswas how, originally, Kopelyan invited her to marry him. Once the actor simply told his beloved to take a passport and drive up to the registry office located on the Fontanka. The wedding took place in May 1941. In 1948, Luda and Yefim had a long-awaited child, the parents chose the name before his birth - Kirill. It is interesting that he also achieved success in the acting profession.

Years of War

Lyudmila Makarova is an actress whose life is scarcelycan be called cloudless. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War volunteer went to the front of her beloved husband. The BDT theater troupe was transported to Kirov, but Luda did not join her team, as she did not want to leave the city where she was born.

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Lyudmila, not imagining a life without a stage,temporarily settled in the Theater of the Baltic Front, whose performances raised the morale of the inhabitants of Leningrad. In this theater, the actress played until the end of hostilities, and then BDT re-entered her life. Her husband Yefim returned from the front, life began to rebuild.

It is interesting that it is on the heavy post-waryears came the peak of popularity of the talented actress. It was not easy to get to the performances in which Makarova played, because of the huge number of people who want to see her. Lyudmila easily changed the images embodied on the stage. Careful mother, frivolous lover, the heroine of the war - there were no roles with which she could not cope.

Shooting at the cinema

Which film presented the popular recognition of sucha wonderful actress, like Lyudmila Makarova. Biography of the prima donna says that the glory fell on her after the release of the TV show "Hanuma", in which the woman was assigned one of the central roles. Ludmila looked inimitable in the image of a sharp-tongued matchmaker who tries to make the lovers happy. Few people know that before the shooting of the TV performance actress almost did not make up.

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Theatrical actress - so throughoutLife was positioned by Lyudmila Makarova. The films, in which she played small roles from time to time, practically did not remember the star. Nevertheless, the prima donna always noted the painting "Stepan Kolchugin," which she liked very much. Most of the proposals of the directors, she simply rejected. But the fans were able to see the star in such tapes as "The Secret of the Snow Queen", "The Street is full of surprises", "Fathers and Sons", "Two Captains".


Up until the last day of my life,on the stage of native BDT Lyudmila Makarova. Personal life went to the actress for second place, when in 1975 her beloved husband disappeared. In 2005, another tragedy had to be experienced - an only son died who did not even have time to celebrate his fiftieth birthday. The work helped her survive all the misfortunes.

Lyudmila left this world at the age of 92,it happened in May 2014. The grave of the star BDT is located at the Volkov cemetery, where she was buried with honors. All the actors of her theater came to see her colleague in the last way.

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Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life Actress Lyudmila Makarova: biography, personal life