Girl, and you are not pregnant?

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Every day, the neighbor began to be more and more rounded at the waist. A couple of months later, when the addition was no longer hidden, I was quite sincerely going to congratulate her on a wonderful event. However, I almost fell into the ground with shame when it turned out -
no addition is planned, and the neighbor just overly carried away pastries from a nearby pastry shop.
Why did I remember this? But to what.
Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Vladimir Petrov prepared a package of bills that introduces fines of up to 1 million rubles for the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to pregnant women, as well as fines for pregnant women up to 5 thousand rubles for the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. - Reported RIA NEWS.
That is, when selling women alcohol and cigarettes, the seller will be entitled to demand a document confirming the “non-pregnancy” of the customer. Presumably, this will be a certificate valid for one month.
Now, when I briefed you on the "materiel", let's evaluate the bill sensibly.
Let's start with the fact that, from my point of view, Vladimir Petrov is a type of official already known to us - a white-opalist. The last time I come across them everywhere. Having, as I think, the best of intentions, he did not bother to really think over the details.
Here, for example, how to determine a pregnant woman “by eye”, or not, what to demand a certificate from her? What are the signs?
Up to 5 months for many women in general, the abdomen is not visible, and then you can mask outfits. On the other hand, in women with an “apple” type, the figure is always a little pregnant. For decades they walk with a suspicious tum. It turns out that you need to ask all fat women for help? Is there discrimination in this?
On the other hand, how to protect the seller from abuse, when will a woman come for a period of 3 weeks and substitute an office for a million?
And also - who will deal with the issuance of certificates? And how will they determine the absence of pregnancy? Test for hormones to take monthly, or what if the lady is full? Or rather unpleasant inspection?
In a word, the idea may be good, but it is painfully utopian. Implementing it is difficult and dreary, and also labor-intensive. And, which is the most unpleasant, they create a lot of difficulties for women - visiting clinics, updating references for each anniversary of their boss, and so on and so forth.
At the same time, men can safely do whatever they want. To plump the whole pregnancy of the wife, to blow smoke in public places to women in the face, to use drugs. Nobody will ask for their help, even if they have a 9-month belly. All the same, Petrov came up with a great idea - and he stood out with the initiative, and the white coat did not izvvazdal.

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