7 myths of survival that can destroy you

28-09-2016, 14:59
It is not always the advice that you once heard in the programs about survival really work. Before you, there are 7 popular myths that you shouldn’t trust if your walk into the forest suddenly turned into a race for survival.
Myth: if a bear hits you, pretend to be dead
In actual fact:If, while walking in the forest, you suddenly saw a bear, the most common advice comes to your mind - slowly move backwards and leave. In fact, if the bear got into your yard or went to the tent, try to look more than you are, and make as much noise as possible - perhaps it will frighten the bear and it will go away. But in the case of a direct attack, it is necessary to act depending on the behavior of the bear and the type of attack. In no case do not pretend to be dead, if the bear in the open imposes on you - give him a rebuff. As a rule, a brown bear or a grizzly beats then when he needs to protect himself or his young.In this case, he first tries to scare away you, loudly snarling and demonstrating readiness to attack. From such a defensive attack you need to leave, slowly retreating backwards. If the bear enters into direct contact - pretend to be dead, lie on your stomach, hugging your neck. Finally, in rare cases of predatory attacks, when a bear acts without warning (or if the beast tries to chase you), beware of your life until the end.
 Myth: if a snake bites you, you can suck out the poison
In actual fact:When bitten, snake venom immediately enters the bloodstream. If you try to suck it, you will only carry more bacteria into the wound, and the poison can thus go into your mouth and then into the esophagus. If the snake has bitten one of your companions, it is necessary to make it so that on the way to the hospital the victim's heartbeat does not increase, and the bitten limb remains at the level below the heart.
 Myth: moss grows on the north side of the tree
In actual fact:Moss can grow on any side of the tree, depending on climatic conditions.So, being oriented in the forest, it is better not to worry about these grandmothers.
Myth: what animals feed on is edible for humans.
In actual fact:Some berries and mushrooms that are eaten by birds and squirrels are deadly dangerous for humans.
 Myth: to warm a frozen man, you need to wipe the skin and prepare him a hot bath
In actual fact:Scaling up you risk even more damage to frostbite skin, a hot water can cause shock in the victim of frostbite or hypothermia. Warm up a frozen person should be slow: it is desirable to cover him with blankets, and in the armpits to put bottles of hot water.
Myth: if you are on a napa akula, beat her on the nose
In actual fact:It is rather difficult to make a strong blow to the nose of the advancing vas of the shark. In those rare cases where the shark swims up to you, in order to bite, you must place some solid object between you and the predator. If this does not help, try spreading her eyes and gills.
Myth: if a vessel draws in a drain, swim parallel to the shore
In actual fact:The ebb-flow is a terrible thing, but the advice to sail parallel to the shore only works in those cases when the current is directed perpendicularly from the shore to the sea. Often so it happens, but it is better to keep in mind that often the tide currents are directed to the coast at an angle - so you really should move along the coast, but perpendicular to the drain, or, as advised by the US National Authority on the ocean and aerial and ocean and aerial and the ocean and the ocean and the aerial. "At the same angle, which is simultaneously directed from the current and towards the shore." It may be easier for you to choose only one of these two directions. And try not to overwork; you should not feel yourself as if you are moving against the current. If you do not manage to swim, just hold on to the river, while the current does not disappear, and you will not be able to start swimming again to the shore.

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