10 bestsellers in the epistolary genre

10 bestsellers in the epistolary genre

Epistolary novel- a novel in letters. The techniques of the epistolary genre were used, for example, in “War and Peace” by Tolstoy and in the novel “Lady Susan” by Jane Austen.

Our selection includes 10 bestsellers in the epistolary genre.

1. "Letters from the Isle of Skye", Jessica Brockmole

Edinburgh, 1940, Europe in the war. A random bomb, which has broken the wall of a house, opens a cache of heaps of old letters, seemingly lost forever. And the feeling that a quarter of a century ago connected two hearts, separated first by the ocean, then by nightmares of world war, reborn in Elspeth Dunn and pushes the already young woman to a crazy adventure. She goes to London in search of her beloved ... Two wars, two love, two separations ... And hope, without which life has no meaning. The book of J. Brockmole received a well-deserved reading recognition and translated into many languages ​​of the world.

2. "Up the stairs leading down", Bel Kaufman

The novel, which glorified the American teacher Bel Kaufman to the whole world. This is a story full of love and absurdity about the difficult life of the school.Despite the fact that the book was written more than half a century ago in the United States, the problems that it touches are relevant to the modern Russian school. The book corrected some minor inaccuracies and omissions in previous editions.

3. “Flowers for Algernon”, Daniel Keyes

Forty years ago it was considered fantasy. Forty years ago it read like science fiction. Exploring and expanding the boundaries of the genre, eagerly absorbing all sorts of new trends, trying on a human face, bravely ignoring the Cain print of the “genre ghetto”. Now it is perceived as one of the most humane works of modern times, as a novel of piercing psychological power, as a delicate development of the theme of love and responsibility. It was not for nothing that the book of memoirs, already published in the 1990s, Keese called “Algernon, Charlie and I”.

10 bestsellers in the epistolary genre

4. “Loneliness on the Net”, Janusz Leon Vishnevsky

One of the most poignant love novels published in Russia lately. “Of all that is forever, the shortest term of love” is the leitmotif of the European bestseller J. L. Vishnevsky. The heroes of “Loneliness on the Web” are found in Internet chat rooms, exchange erotic fantasies, tell stories from their lives that turn out to be worse than any fiction.They will meet in Paris, having passed not through one test, but the meeting itself will be the main test for love ...

5. “Letter of a stranger”, Stefan Zweig

Before you is a very unusual book at first glance. The book reveals to the reader the talent of the great Stefan Zweig from a completely new side. Is it possible that the brilliant Austrian master of psychological novelty, who presented the world with desperate, scary and beautiful “Letter to a Stranger” and “Street in the Moonlight”, managed to write more truly legendary stylizations under medieval legends? .. Perhaps. Because Stefan Zweig is always good in any literary genre, and true talent is not subject to time - by definition ...

6. “The Fifth Character,” Robertson Davis

Canadian writer and playwright Robertson Davis is one of the best narrators of English-language literature, a master of subject intricacies and riddles. In the novel "The Fifth Character" traced the fate of three young people, people from one town. The first will become a millionaire and politician, the second will become a world famous magician, the third will become an hagiographer ... One of them will die under mysterious circumstances.The other two - to solve the riddle.

10 bestsellers in the epistolary genre

7. “Leonardo's Handwriting” by Dean Rubin

She writes in a mirror-like handwriting, from which the uninitiated are dizzy. She has brilliant abilities to mathematics and physics, she is a brilliant circus artist, an incredible stuntman, she knows everything you can know about mirrors. She knows how to see the past and see the future. Kiev, Moscow, Frankfurt, Indiana-polis, Montreal - it flies through life, restless and unfree, sees more than an ordinary person can imagine - and hates for this itself and the one who has endowed her with this ability. Dina Rubina's mystical novel "Leonardo's Handwriting" is the story of a man who did not want to be a demiurge. The story of a woman who, with magnificent disgust, rejects the gift of heaven.

8. “Letters to a Stranger,” by Andre Maurois

"Letters to a stranger" - the best of the creative heritage of Morois. Works that embody the beauty of his subtle, ironic talent of comprehending human psychology. Brilliant, paradoxical, full of subtle humor and lyricism, they are still considered a kind of “benchmark of the genre” and raise many questions.Was there a mysterious stranger to whom Morua gave advice worthy of Laclos and Ovid? Perhaps it is not so important? ..

9. “It's good to be quiet”, Stephen Chboski

For the first time in Russian - an amazing bestseller of Steven Chbosky, a touching novel of growing up (“Over the precipice in the rye” for new times, ”according to critics), sold over a million copies and filmed by the author himself, and one of the main roles in the film was played by Emma Watson - she's Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films. Charlie goes to high school. Fearing that he is waiting there after a recent nervous breakdown, he begins to write letters to someone he has never seen in his life, but who, he is sure, must understand him well. Charlie does not like to go to the dances, because he usually likes those songs that you can't dance to. Each new book, read by him on the advice of Bill, a teacher of literature, immediately becomes Charlie's most beloved: “Kill a Mockingbird”, “Peter Pan”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Above the Catcher in the Rye”, “On the Road”, “Naked breakfast ”... Bill advises Charlie“ to be not a sponge, but a filter, ”and he honestly tries.Even Charlie is trying not to remember the hard-forgotten childhood injuries and understand her feelings for high school student Sam, sister of his friend Patrick named No ... "This book became an immediate sensation and rightfully acquired a cult status."

10. “The Secret Diary of Adrian Moul”, Sue Townsend

Life is not easy when you are 13 years old - especially if a volcanic pimple jumped up on your chin, you cannot decide with whom of careless parents to live on, around the corner of school an evil hooligan lurks, you do not know who to become - a rural veterinarian or a great writer , a wonderful classmate Pandora didn’t look at you today, and in the evening you have to go cut your nails to an old, ill-tempered disabled person ... And his name became a household word. Sue Townsend makes us laugh at our characters and turns every absurd situation into which they are driving themselves, whether it is parents' divorce, publication in a literary magazine or an unsuccessful school exam.But, having laughed, the reader realizes that “The Diaries” is first of all a book about loneliness and its overcoming, about love and devotion, about how to find yourself in this world. And it becomes clear why Adrian Mole is so popular all over the world - any of us could subscribe to his Diaries.

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